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All abstracts by Yaron Katzir in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Magmatic Volatiles Episodically Flush Oceanic Hydrothermal Systems: Evidence from the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Katzir Y, Fox S, Bach W, Schlicht L & Glessner J

(2022) The Timing of Migmatization in the Northern Arabian-Nubian Shield: Evidence for a Juvenile Sedimentary Component in Collision-Related Batholiths
Elisha B, Katzir Y & Haviv I

(2020) From Roots to Vents: Magmatic Fluids Episodically Flush Oceanic Hydrothermal Systems
Fox S, Katzir Y, Bach W, Schlicht L & Glessner J

(2020) Sediment-Hosted Cu Mineralization and Dolomitization by Deep Basinal Fluids in the Timna-Faynan Ore Deposits, S Israel and Jordan
ElIyahu A, Katzir Y & Muchez P

(2019) Examining 87Sr/86Sr Isotope Ratios Using LA-MC-ICP-MS in Biogenic and Hydrothermally Derived Minerals: Analytical Challenges and New Insights
Glessner J, Willmes M, Griffin J, Zierenberg R, Fox S, Katzir Y, Montanez I & Lesher C

(2019) The Origin of Oceanic Granites: A View from Zircon of the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Katzir Y, Morag N, Golan T, Coble M, Kitajima K & Valley J

(2018) Hot Early Intra-Oceanic Subduction beneath the Troodos Ophiolite: Rutile Petrochronology of the Agia Varvara Formation, Western Cyprus
Katzir Y, Golan T, Haviv I, Elisha B & Kylander-Clark A

(2018) The Influence of Exsolved Magmatic Fluids in Back-Arc Crust: Epidosites and Base Metals
Fox S, Katzir Y, Bach W & Schlicht L

(2018) Syn-Metamorphic Fluids as Sources of Rare Element Pegmatites: B Isotopes, Fluid Inclusions and U-Pb Petrochronology of the Late Pan-African Elat Metamorphic Complex, S Israel
Elisha B, Katzir Y, Vapnik Y, Williams L, Kylander-Clark A & Dvir O

(2017) U-Pb Ages of Fault-Related Calcite from Mt. Hermon: Prominent Mid-Miocene Faulting along a Newly-Formed Plate Boundary
Oren O, Nuriel P, Haviv I & Katzir Y

(2017) Tracking Crustal Melting with Monazite and Xenotime: Migmatites of the Northern Arabian-Nubian Shield
Katzir Y, Elisha B, Kylander-Clark A & Eyal Y

(2016) Rutile (U-Th)/He Thermochronology Constrains the Initial Emplacement of the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Golan T, Haviv I & Katzir Y

(2013) B and O Isotopes as Tracers of Serpentinization along Fossil Oceanic Detachments, Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Elisha B, Katzir Y, Abelson M, Agostini S, Valley J & Spikuzza M

(2013) Syn-Variscan Anorogenic Volcanism in Northern Gondwana: SIMS U-Pb Ages and REE Patterns of Zircon from Deep Borehole in Coastal Israel
Golan T, Katzir Y & Coble M

(2012) Anatexis in K-Poor and Si-Rich Migmatites
Anenburg M & Katzir Y

(2011) The Origin of Naxos Migmatites: SIMS U-Pb and O Isotope Analysis of Zircon
Katzir Y, Be'eri-Shlevin Y, Wooden J, Valley J, Kitajima K & Grimes C

(2010) Oxygen Isotope Ratios in Mantle Xenoliths (Mt. Carmel, Israel): Implications for Thermometry and Sources of Alkaline Mafic Magmas
Kaminchik J, Katzir Y, Spicuzza MJ, Valley JW & Segev A

(2009) A Fossil Oceanic Core Complex in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus: Field and Isotope Evidence
Katzir Y, Nuriel P, Abelson M, Valley JW, Matthews A, Spicuzza MJ & Ayalon A

(2008) Oxygen Isotope Evidence for Diverse Origins of Post Pan-African A-Type Granites in Southern Israel (Arabian Nubian Shield)
Steinitz A, Katzir Y, Valley J & Spicuzza M

(2007) Single-Grain Bulk Hf and in situ O Isotopes as Indicators of Crustal Recyling in Magmas of the Northern Arabian-Nubian Shield
Be'eri-Shlevin Y, Katzir Y, Blichert-Toft J & Whitehouse M

(2002) Oxygen Isotope Variations in Cycladic Eclogites: Assessing the Significance of Zircon Ages
Katzir Y, Bröcker M, Valley JW & Spicuzza MJ

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