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All abstracts by Sergei Katsev in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Ferruginous vs. Euxinic Conditions Through Ocean History as Regulated by the Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Competition of Microbial Pathways
Katsev S & Halevy I

(2023) Ferruginous Conditions in Different Lacustrine Basins in China
Liang X, Katsev S, Jin Z, Liu Q, Zhu R, Shen B & Gao J

(2021) Stability of Stratification and its Effect on the Accumulation of Ferrous Iron in Meromictic Lake Towuti
Pu T, Crowe S & Katsev S

(2021) Siderite Precipitation from a Carbonate Green-Rust Precursor in Ferruginous Canyon Lake
Wittkop C, Grengs A, Ledema G, Xiong Y, Poulton SW, Katsev S & Swanner E

(2020) Sulfide, Sulfite, and Sulfate Production from Organic Sulfur in Archean Oceans and Modern Lakes
Katsev S, Fakhraee M, Hyde E, Petersen M, Sheik C & Schreiner K

(2019) Could Negative Carbonate Carbon Isotope Excursions be a Primary Signal in Ferruginous Environments?
Wittkop C, Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Grengs A & Katsev S

(2019) Energetics-Based Modeling of Cryptic Sulfur Cycling in Sediments
Katsev S & Crowe S

(2018) Ferruginous Conditions and the Collapse of the Early Cretaceous Seawater Sulphate Reservoir
Bauer K, Bottini C, Katsev S, Jellinek M, Francois R, Erba E & Crowe S

(2018) Sub-Mm Levels of Sulfate and Inefficient AOM in Proterozoic Oceans
Fakhraee M, Hancisse O, Canfield DE, Crowe SA & Katsev S

(2018) Two Ferruginous Midwestern Lakes Exhibit Vastly Different Fluxes of Methane
Lambrecht N, Wittkop C, Katsev S, Fakraee M & Swanner E

(2018) Low Sulfate Systems: Does Organic Sulfur Affect Isotopic Fractionations?
Fakhraee M, Crowe SA, Toner BM & Katsev S

(2018) Manganese Carbonates Linked to Methane Oxidation in Ferruginous Environments
Wittkop C, Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Grengs A, Myrbo A & Katsev S

(2018) Microbes and Minerals from Two Ferruginous Lakes on a Spectrum of Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Fakhraee M, Sheik C, Katsev S & Wittkop C

(2016) Does Organic Sulfur Make a Significant and Overlooked Contribution to Sedimentary S Cycling in Low Sulfate Environments?
Katsev S, Fakhraee M, Li J, Schreiner K & Sheik C

(2015) N Cycling in Deeply Oxygenated Sediments: Rates, Sensitivities, and Lacustrine-Marine Connections
Katsev S & Li J

(2014) Anaerobic Methane Oxidation Promotes Deep Diagenesis and Blurs Manganese Based Geochronology in Arctic Ocean Sediments
Sundby B, Lecroart P, Anschutz P, Katsev S & Mucci A

(2013) Mineralization Rates of Organic Carbon in Freshwater vs Marine Environments and Implications for Carbon Burial Efficiencies
Katsev S, Crowe S, Kistner M & Li J

(2012) Redox Oscillations in a Freshwater Analogue of Marine Pelagic Sediments: Lake Superior
Katsev S, Li J, Crowe S, Miklesh D, Kistner M & Canfield D

(2011) Diagenetic Mobility of Mn and Fe Crusts in Organic-Poor Sediments of Lake Superior
Li J, Crowe S, Brown E, Dittrich M, Miklesh D & Katsev S

(2011) Origin of Iron Layer in Sediment of Lake Superior: Abiotic vs. Biotic
Dittrich M, Gordon J, Raoof B, Chesnyuk A, Quazi S, Fulthorpe R, Bollmann J & Katsev S

(2010) Migrations of Sediment Redox Boundaries as Indicators of Change in Oligotrophic Systems
Li J, Crowe S, Miklesh D, Canfield D & Katsev S

(2010) Biogeochemistry of Mn Oxidation in Lake Matano, Indonesia
Jones C, Crowe S, Canfield D, Sturm A, Fowle D, Katsev S, Mucci A, Sundby B & Nomosatryo S

(2010) Geochemistry of Major Elements in Lake Matano, Indonesia
Sturm A, Crowe S, Jones C, Fowle D, Canfield D, Katsev S, Mucci A & Nomosatryo S

(2010) Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology of a Modern, Ferruginous Chemocline
Crowe S, Canfield D, Fowle D, Jones C, Sturm A, Katsev S, Mucci A, Sundby B, Nomosatryo S & Haffner D

(2009) Diagenesis in Organic-Poor Systems: Sediment Geochemistry and Nutrient Fluxes in Lake Superior
Katsev S, Li J & Miklesh D

(2008) Modeling Biogeochemisty in an Early Ocean Analogue
Katsev S, Crowe SA, Haffner D, Mucci A, Sundby B & Fowle D

(2008) Geochemistry of Mo in a Modern Archean Ocean Analogue
Crowe SA, Fowle D, Katsev S, Sundby B, Mucci A & Haffner D

(2004) Model of Oscillatory Zoning in the (Ba, Sr)SO4 Solid Solution System
L'heureux I & Katsev S

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