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All abstracts by Yasuhiro Kato in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Marine Osmium Isotope Record in the Upper Triassic Deep-Sea Deposits from Japan: The Middle to Upper Norian Transition
Sato H, Nozaki T, Onoue T, Kimura J-I, Chang Q, Takaya Y, Kato Y & Suzuki K

(2016) Dissolution Characteristics of Altered Tuffceous Rocks Under High CO2 Pressure: Implications for the Site Selection of CO2 Geological Storage
Takaya Y, Nakamura K & Kato Y

(2016) Spatiotemporal Distribution of Independent Components Constituting Deep-Sea Sediments
Yasukawa K, Nakamura K, Fujinaga K, Iwamori H & Kato Y

(2016) Chemostratigraphic Correlation of Deep-Sea Sediments in the Western North Pacific Ocean and its Implication for the Origin of the Extremely REY-Rich Mud
Mimura K, Nakamura K, Yasukawa K, Ohta J, Fujinaga K, Machida S & Kato Y

(2016) The Origin of Seafloor Surface Sediment in the Western North Pacific Ocean
Tanaka E, Yasukawa K, Nakamura K, Miyazaki T, Ohta J, Fujinaga K, Iwamori H & Kato Y

(2016) Geochemical Features and Distribution of the Extremely REY-Rich Mud in the Minamitorishima EEZ
Fujinaga K, Yasukawa K, Ohta J, Nakamura K, Takaya Y, Nozaki T, Machida S, Iijima K & Kato Y

(2016) REY-Rich Mud: A Perspective on Science and Engineering of the New REY Resource
Kato Y, Fujinaga K, Yasukawa K, Ohta J, Takaya Y, Nozaki T, Machida S, Nakamura K & Iwamori H

(2016) Pb Isotope Ratios of the Akeshi Au Deposit, Kagoshima, Japan: Implication for Gold Mineralization
Murakami S, Fujinaga K, Araki S, Ohta J, Yasukawa K, Nakamura K, Kato Y, Kurokawa K, Iwamori H, Nagaishi K & Ishikawa T

(2016) Origins of Transition Elements of the BIFs: Implications for the Archean Seawater Chemistry
Aoki S, Sakata S, Kato Y, Hirata T & Komiya T

(2016) Rapid Growth of Mineral Deposits at Artificial Seafloor Hydrothermal Vents
Nozaki T, Ishibashi J-I, Shimada K, Nagase T, Takaya Y, Kato Y, Kawagucci S, Watsuji T, Shibuya T, Yamada R, Saruhashi T, Kyo M & Takai K

(2016) REE and Y Distribution in Deep Submarine Ferromanganese Crusts
Azami K, Hirano N, Machida S, Yasukawa K & Kato Y

(2016) A Distribution of Cretaceous to Paleogene Deep-Water Agglutinated Foraminifers in the Western North Pacific Ocean
Ohta J, Nakamura K, Yasukawa K, Fujinaga K, Iijima K, Iwamori H & Kato Y

(2015) Grain Size Distributions of Extremely REY-Enriched Pelagic Sediments in the Western North Pacific Ocean
Ohta J, Yasukawa K, Machida S, Fujinaga K, Nakamura K, Takaya Y, Iijima K & Kato Y

(2015) Decoding Geochemical Signals: Independent Components Constituting Deep-Sea Sediments
Yasukawa K, Nakamura K, Fujinaga K, Iwamori H & Kato Y

(2015) Geology and Geochemistry of Fe-Mn Nodules in the Japanese Exclusive Economic Zone Around Minamitorishima Island, W Pacific
Machida S, Fujinaga K, Ishii T, Nakamura K, Hirano N & Kato Y

(2015) Late Jurassic Ocean Anoxic Event: Evidence from Voluminous Sulfide Deposition and Preservation in the Panthalassa Ocean
Nozaki T, Kato Y & Suzuki K

(2013) Geochemical Variations of Basalts from Petit-Spot Volcanoes in the Northwestern Pacific
Machida S, Hirano N, Kato Y, Tamura A & Arai S

(2013) An Insight into Negative Feedback Mechanisms in a Recovery Phase of the PETM
Yasukawa K & Kato Y

(2012) Temporal and Depth Variation of Os Isotope Composition in Ferromanganese Crusts from the Takuyo Daigo Seamount (#5 Takuyo Smt), Northwestern Pacific Ocean
Tokumaru A, Nozaki T, Goto KT, Takaya Y, Suzuki K, Chang Q, Kato Y, Usui A & Urabe T

(2011) Analysis and Application of Water-Rock-CO2 Reaction Using Basalt to Underground CO2 Sequestration
Katayama T, Shikazono N, Takaya Y & Kato Y

(2011) Re-Os Ages of Besshi-Type Massive Sulfide Deposits Associated with in situ Basalt as a New Age Constraint for Ridge Subduction
Nozaki T, Kato Y, Suzuki K, Takaya Y & Nakayama K

(2009) Re-Os Geochronology of the Iimori Besshi-Type Massive Sulfide Deposit in the Sanbagawa Belt, Japan
Nozaki T, Kato Y & Suzuki K

(2009) REE+Y Geochemistry of the 3.46 Ga Marble Bar Chert Recovered by the Archean Biosphere Drilling Project (ABDP)
Yamaguchi K, Kato Y, Nakamura K, Suzuki K, Watanabe Y, Nedachi M & Ohmoto H

(2008) Glacial-Interglacial Oceanographic Variations over the Past 340, 000 Years at the Mid-Latitude of Southwest Pacific Based on a Multi-Proxy Approach
Ho S-L, Nuita M, Yamamoto M, Minagawa M, Sagawa T, Horikawa K, Murayama M & Kato Y

(2004) Validity of Obducted Umbers as a Recorder of Os Isotopic Composition of Ancient Seawater
Kato Y, Fujinaga K & Suzuki K

(2003) Re-Os Isotope Systematics of 3.8-Ga Banded Iron Formation and Cherts from Isua Supracrustal Belt, SW Greenland
Suzuki K & Kato Y

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