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All abstracts by Niko Kampman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Waterflooding for Improved Oil Recovery: Cation Exchange Makes the Difference
Tambach T, Fadili A, Gdanski R, Kampman N, Koot W, Snippe J & de Zwart B-R

(2018) Reactive Transport Modelling of 87Sr/86Sr and ╬┤234Ui Evolution in a CO2 Rich Aquifer: Constraint from Modern Fluids and Fossil Veins
Scott P, Maskell A, Bohlin M, Condon D, Sadekov A, Horstwood M, Sahy D, Chapman H, Kampman N & Bickle M

(2015) How Old are CO2 Reservoirs? A New Method to Determine Directly the Emplacement Time of CO2 Through Noble Gas and Stable Isotope Diffusion Profiles
Zwahlen C, Holland G, Kampman N & Dennis P

(2015) U-Th Age Constraints on Leakage Rate and Fluid-Rock Reaction at Green River (UT): An Analogue for CCS
Scott P, Kampman N, Condon D & Bickle M

(2015) Understanding Carbon Dioxide Emplacement Processes Using Noble Gases and Stable Isotopes
Holland G, Zwahlen C, Kampman N, Zhou Z, Ballentine C & Dennis P

(2014) Natural Analogues for Carbon Capture and Storage: U-Th Age Constraints on Fault Fluid Flow at Green River (UT)
Scott P, Kampman N, Condon D, Sahy D, Maskell A & Bickle M

(2013) Downhole Fluid Sampling of a Natural CO2 Reservoir, Green River, Utah: Implications for Fault-Hosted Fluid Flow and Reservoir Caprock Performance
Kampman N, Bickle M, Chapman H, Maskell A, Evans J & Busch A

(2013) Strontium Isotopes Map Fluid Flow in a Natural CO2 Reservoir, Green River, Utah, USA
Chapman H, Kampman N, Bickle M, Busch A & Evans JP

(2013) Modelling Gas-Fluid-Mineral Interactions in a CO2 Injection Analogue Site with Noble Gases
Zhou Z, Bickle M, Galy A, Chapman H, Kampman N, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O, Sirikitputtisak T, Hannah P & Ballentine C

(2013) Long-Term Effects of CO2-Charged Brine on Caprock Integrity and Existing Heterogeneities within the Entrada Sandstone, Green River, Utah
Maskell A, Kampman N, Bickle M, Chapman H, Daniels K, Busch A, Schaller M & Evans J

(2013) CO2 Dissolution Rates during CO2 Injection: A Consequence and Measure of Reservoir Heterogeneities
Bickle M, Daniels K, Neufeld J, Kampman N, Galy A, Chapman H, Zhou Z, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O & Ballentine C

(2013) Modelling the Propagation and Dissolution of Carbon Dioxide into Reservoir Brines: Implications for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
Daniels K, Bickle M, Waterton P, Hewitt D, Neufeld J, Kampman N, Maskell A & Chapman H

(2011) Short-Term CO2-Fluid-Mineral Interactions in a CO2 Injection Experiment, Wyoming
Kampman N, Bickle M, Galy A, Chapman H, Zhou Z, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O, Sirikitputtisak T & Ballentine C

(2011) CO2 Degassing and Groundwater Mixing in the Navajo Aquifer, Green River, Utah
Dubacq B, Kampman N, Assayag N, Wigley M & Bickle M

(2011) Trace Element Mobilisation in a Natural Analogue CO2 Storage Site
Wigley M, Bickle M, Kampman N, Dubacq B & Champan H

(2011) Predicting CO2 EOR and Geological Sequestration Processes with Artificial Noble Gas Tracers
Zhou Z, Bickle M, Galy A, Chapman H, Kampman N, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O, Sirikitputtisak T, Hannah P & Ballentine C

(2010) Coupled CO2-leakage and in situ Fluid-Mineral Reactions in a Natural CO2 Reservoir, Green River, Utah
Kampman N, Burnside N, Bickle M, Shipton Z, Ellam R & Chapman H

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