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All abstracts by Jens Kallmeyer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) The Deep Biosphere in Bengal Fan Sediments (IODP Exp. 354)
Adhikari RR, Heuer VB, Elvert M, Hoshino T, Inagaki F, Kallmeyer J, Kitte A, Wörmer L & Hinrichs K-U

(2017) Biogeochemistry of Sediments from Ferruginous Lake Towuti
Vuillemin A, Kallmeyer J, Friese A, Simister R, Bauer K, Crowe S, Nomosatryo S, Henny C & Dianto A

(2017) Biogeochemistry of Lakes in Western Papua, Indonesia – First Results of a Pilot Study
Kallmeyer J, Nomosatryo S, Wagner D, Henny C & Kopalit H

(2017) The Metabolic Potential of Freshwater Bathyarchaeota
Crowe S, Zhou C, Simister R, Glass J, Bray M, Morgan-Lang C, Hahn A, Vuillemin A, Henny C, Stewart F, Kallmeyer J & Hallam S

(2016) Biogeochemistry of Ferruginous Sediments from Lake Towuti, Indonesia
Simister R, Bauer K, Vuillemin A, Fowle D, Russell J, Kallmeyer J, Hallam S & Crowe S

(2014) Organic Geochemistry of Kenyan Rift Valley Lake Sediments
Grewe S, Sachse D & Kallmeyer J

(2013) Putting Age into the Equation: A New Look at Microbial Distribution in Subseafloor Sediments
Kallmeyer J

(2013) Viruses Outnumber Prokaryotes in Marine Subsurface Sediments
Engelhardt T, Kallmeyer J, Cypionka H & Engelen B

(2012) Geomicrobiological and Geochemical Study on Pockmarks in the SW Barents Sea
Nickel J, Mangelsdorf K, Kallmeyer J, di Primio R & Stoddart D

(2011) Effects of Non-Supercritical CO2 on Leaching of Potential Microbial Substrates from Macromolecular Organic Matter
Sauer P, Glombitza C & Kallmeyer J

(2011) Sulfate Reduction and Microbial Abundance in Saline, Alkaline Lake Van (Turkey)
Glombitza C & Kallmeyer J

(2011) Hydrogenase Enzyme Assay for the Quantification of Microbial Activity in Subsurface Environments
Adhikari RR & Kallmeyer J

(2011) Paleoproductivity Controls on Microbical Abundance in Marine Subsurface Sediments
Kallmeyer J, Liebrand D, Lyle MW & Westerhold T

(2009) Quantifying Global Subseafloor Microbial Abundance: Method and Implications
Kallmeyer J, Pockalny R & D'Hondt S

(2007) Cell Enumeration in Extremely Nutrient-Poor Sediments
Kallmeyer J & D'Hondt S

(2004) S and O Isotope Fractionation in the Western Black Sea
Böttcher M, Jorgensen B, Kallmeyer J & Wehausen R

(2004) Temperature and Pressure Regulation of Sulfate Reduction and Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in Hydrothermal Sediments of Guaymas Basin
Kallmeyer J & Boetius A

(2004) Deep Biosphere in Terrestrial Systems (DEBITS): The New Zealand Coal Band
Horsfield B, Sykes R, Parkes J, Mangelsdorf K, Kallmeyer J, Dieckmann V & Edbrook S

(2003) Organic Carbon Turnover due to Sulfate Reduction in Peru Margin Sediments
Kallmeyer J, Ferdelman T & Jørgensen B

(2002) Sediments in the Peruvian Upwelling Region: Organic Matter Composition and Sulfate Reduction Rates
Niggemann J, Kallmeyer J & Schubert C

(2002) Sulfate Reduction Rates in Deeply Buried Marine Sediments
Kallmeyer J, Ferdelman TG, Joergensen BB &  OL2SP

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