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All abstracts by Stefan Jung in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Correlated Chemical and Temporal Evolution of Cenozoic Magmatism in SE-Germany (Heldburg Region)
Pfänder J, Klügel A, Jung S & Rohrmüller J

(2012) Pb and Hf Isotope Composition of Hornblende-Bearing Lavas (Central European Volcanic Province): A Lithospheric Mantle Source?
Mayer B, Jung S, Romer RL & Munker C

(2012) Petrology of Syn-Orogenic S-Type Leucogranites (Damara Orogen; Namibia): Constraints from Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes
Paul A, Jung S, Romer RL & Stracke A

(2012) Sr and Nd Isotopes from Diorites and Granites (Damara Orogen, Namibia): Partial Melting of Juvenile Mafic Crust?
Kastek N, Jung S, Berndt J & Stracke A

(2012) Petrology of Two Pre-Orogenic Granites, Damara Orogen, Namibia
Bergemann C, Jung S, Berndt J & Stracke A

(2011) Petrogenesis of Syn-Orogenic Leucogranites (Damara Orogen, Namibia)
Ostendorf J & Jung S

(2011) Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Cenozoic Hornblende-Bearing Basalts from the Rhön Area (Germany)
Mayer B, Jung S & Stracke A

(2008) Sources of Alkaline and Tholeiitic Volcanic Rocks from the CEVP (Vogelsberg, Germany) Inferred from Hf, Pb, and Os Isotopes
Jung S, Pfänder J, Brauns M & Maas R

(2007) Trace Element SIMS Investigation of Multistage Garnet – Constraints on Partial Melting Processes in Crustal Rocks
Jung C, Jung S, Hellebrand E & Hoffer E

(2007) High-Field Strength Elements (Nb, Ta, Zr, Hf) in Continental Basalts from the CEVP – Implications for the HFSE Budget of the Lithospheric Mantle and the Global Nb Budget
Pfänder J, Jung S, Münker C & Mezger K

(2007) High-Precision Lu-Hf Garnet Ages from Granulite-Facies Migmatites (Damara Orogen, Namibia)
Jung S & Scherer E

(2002) U-Pb Zircon, Sphene and Apatite Ages from Shear Zone-Hosted Syenites: Implications on Pb Retentivity in Magmatic and Metamorphic Sphene
Jung S

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