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All abstracts by Haemyeong Jung in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Microstructural Evolution of the Yugu Peridotites in the Gyeonggi Massif, Korea: Implications for Olivine Fabric Transition in Mantle Shear Zones
Park M & Jung H

(2017) Fluid Infiltration in the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Western Margin of Rio Grande Rift, USA: A Fluid Inclusion Study
Park M, Berkesi M, Jung H & Kil Y

(2017) Experimental Study on the Deformation Fabrics of Epidote Blueschist and Implications for Seismic Anisotropy
Park Y & Jung H

(2016) Metamorphic History of the Paleoproterozoic Salma Eclogite in the Kola Peninsula, Russia
Imayama T, Oh C-W, Baltybaev S, Park C-S, Yi K & Jung H

(2015) Geochemistry of Upper Mantle Xenoliths from Huangsongpu, Jilin Province, China
Choi J, Kil Y, Jung H, Yang K, Jung W, Seol J & Nguyen TC

(2013) Natural Type-C Olivine Fabrics in Garnet Peridotites in North Qaidam UHP Collision Belt, NW China
Jung H, Lee J, Ko B, Jung S, Park M, Cao Y & Song S

(2011) Coexistent Aqueous Fluid Phase and Melt in Lherzolites from Bultfontein, South Africa
Purchase M, Sommer H, Regenauer-Lieb K, Jung H & Gasharova B

(2011) Microstructure of Yuka Eclogite, North Qaidam HP/UHP Terrane, Northwestern China
Park M & Jung H

(2011) “WEERTMAN” Cracks: A Possible Mechanism for Near Sonic Speed Diamond Extraction from the Earth´s Mantle
Sommer H, Regenauer-Lieb K, Gaede O, Jung H & Gasharova B

(2011) The Formation of Micro-Diamonds in Cracks Caused by a C-O-H Rich Fluid Under Medium to Low Pressure Conditions
Potgieter J, Sommer H, Regenauer-Lieb K, Jung H & Gasharova B

(2011) Seismic Anisotropy Produced by Serpentine in the Mantle Wedge
Jung H

(2011) The Legacy of Plastic Deformation and Pre-Existing Microstructures during Olivine Serpentinization
Plümper O, Austrheim H, Piazolo S & Jung H

(2010) Lithium Isotopic Fractionation in the Spinel Lherzolite Xenoliths from Boeun, Korea
Kil Y, Jung H & Shin HJ

(2009) The Role of Crystal-Plastic Deformation in the Serpentinization of Olivine
Plümper O, Austrheim H & Jung H

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