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All abstracts by Scott Johnston in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Detrital Titanite Petrochonology of Sierra Nevada Modern Sands: Tracing Local and Regional-Scale Arc Processes
Kylander-Clark A & Johnston S

(2018) Dynamic Interactions between Phosphate and Schwertmannite
Schoepfer V, Burton E, Johnston S & Kraal P

(2016) Extreme Redox Oscillations in Fresh Water Re-flooded Acid Sulfate Soil Wetlands: Effects on Fe, S and Trace Metals Speciation
Karimian N, Johnston S & Burton E

(2016) Deoxygenation Processes of Model Humic Substances Under Simulated Solar Irradiation
Saina X, Rose A & Johnston S

(2015) Impact of Fe(II) Concentration and pH on Transformation of As/Sb Bearing Jarosite
Karimian N, Johnston S & Burton E

(2013) Coupling of Arsenic Mobility to Microbial Sulfate Reduction in Subsurface Environments
Burton E, Johnston S & Adams D

(2013) Iron Geochemistry in Redox-Dynamic Coastal Wetlands: Consequences for Trace Element Cycling in the Environment
Johnston S

(2011) The Role of Microbial Sulfidogenesis in Shaping Iron-Sulfur-Arsenic Interactions within Floodplain Soils
Burton E, Johnston S & Bush R

(2011) Episodic Estuarine Hypoxic Events: Integrating the Biogeochemistry, Hydrology and Climate on a Sub-Tropical Floodplain, Eastern Australia
Wong V, Johnston S, Walsh S, Morris S, Burton E, Bush R, Sullivan L & Slavich P

(2011) As, Fe and S Cycling during Reductive Biomineralisation of Pedogenic Jarosite
Keene A, Johnston S, Burton E & Bush R

(2010) Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Lowland Acid Sulfate Soil Landscapes
Bush R, Sullivan L, Burton E, Johnston S, Keene A, Wong V & Mosley L

(2010) Sulfur Biomineralisation Across a Spatio-Temporal Hydrogeochemical Gradient in an Acid Sulfate Soil Wetland
Burton E, Bush R, Johnston S, Keene A & Sullivan L

(2010) Seawater Inundation of Fe-Rich Coastal Lowlands – Hydrogeochemical Coupling and Hysteresis at the Tidal Fringe
Johnston S, Keene A, Bush R, Burton E & Sullivan L

(2009) Iron-Sulfur Biomineralisation and Arsenic Mobility in Acid Sulfate Wetlands
Burton E, Johnston S, Bush R, Sullivan L, Keene A & Watling K

(2009) Biomineralisation of nano-Fe(III) Phases in Inland Waterways
Isaacson L, Burton E, Bush R, Sullivan L & Johnston S

(2005) First Evidence for Exhumation of UHP Garnet Peridotite in the North American Cordillera
Canil D, MacKenzie J, Charnell C, Mihalynuk M, Johnston S & English J

(2005) Geochronology of the Western Gneiss Region UHP Terrane
Hacker B, Gehrels G, Grove M, Johnston S, Mattinson J, Root D, Walsh E & Young D

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