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All abstracts by David T. Johnston in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Pyrite Oxidation and Sulfur (Re)cycling in Erosive Landscapes as Revealed by Sulfate Triple-Oxygen Isotopes
Hemingway JD, Bufe A, Hovius N & Johnston DT

(2022) The Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments Project (SGP): A Collaborative Approach to Statistical Analyses of Deep-Time Data
Farrell UC, Johnston DT, Planavsky NJ, Lau KV, Anjanappa S, Sperling EA & Collaborative Team S

(2015) Mechanisms Underlying Control of Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Sulfate Reduction
Bradley A, Leavitt W & Johnston D

(2015) Can Oxygen Isotopes in Sulphate be Used to Track the Extent of Euxinia in Ancient Oceans? – Insights from Modern Euxinic Systems
Gomes M & Johnston D

(2015) Sulfur Cycling in Oceanic and Continental Ultramafic-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems
Schwarzenbach E, Gill B & Johnston D

(2015) The Triple Oxygen Isootope Composition of Marine Sulfate
Johnston D, Cowie B & Bradley A

(2014) Extracting Environmental Information from Phanerozoic Sulfur Isotope Records
Johnston DT, Leavitt WD, Bradley AS, Halevy I & Cowie BR

(2014) Extreme Environmental Changes Accompanying the Marinoan Deglaciation: Multiple O and S Isotope Evidence from NW Canada
Crockford PW, Cowie BR, Bui TH, Pellerin A, Sugiyama I, Hayles J, Hoffman PF, Macdonald FA, Halverson GP, Johnston DT & Wing BA

(2014) Quantifying the Cryptic Marine Sulfur Cycle
Johnston DT, Gill BC, Masterson A, Beirne E, Casciotti KL & Berelson WM

(2014) Isotopic Consequences of Metabolic Inefficiency during Microbial Sulfate Reduction
Leavitt W, Bradley A, Venceslau S, Pereira I & Johnston D

(2014) Authigenic Carbonate and the History of the Global Carbon Cycle: Why Diagenesis Matters Even More
Schrag D, Higgins J, Macdonald F & Johnston D

(2013) Enzymatic Contraints on the Global S Cycle: The Fractionation Factors of Dsr
Leavitt W, Pereira I, Bradley A, Guo W & Johnston D

(2013) Microbial Sulfur Cycling in the Modern Black Sea
Gilhooly W, Johnston D, Farquhar J, Severmann S, Böttcher M, Gill B, Kamyshny A & Lyons T

(2013) Deconstructing the Dissimilatory Sulfate Reduction Pathway: Isotope Fractionation of a Mutant Unable to Grow on Sulfate
Bertran E, Leavitt W, Pellerin A, Zane G, Wall J, Johnston D & Wing B

(2013) The Isotopic Composition and Controls on Modern Seawater Sulfate
Johnston DT, Gill B, Masterson A, Beirne E & Berelson W

(2013) Oxygen Isotope Equilibrium between Sulfite and Water
Wankel S, Bradley A, Eldridge D & Johnston D

(2013) Neoproterozoic Ocean Chemistry and Redox Evolution as Inferred Through Sulfur Isotope Records
Johnston DT

(2013) The Global Record of Local Iron Geochemical Data from Proterozoic Through Paleozoic Basins
Sperling E, Wolock C, Knoll A & Johnston D

(2013) The 15N and 18O Isotopic Signature of Abiotic Reduction of Nitrite by Iron
Buchwald C, Hansel C, Johnston D & Wankel S

(2013) Multiple Sulfur Isotopic Evaluation of Porewater Sulfate Profiles
Masterson A, Berelson W & Johnston D

(2012) New Insights from FOAM: Iron and Trace Metal Cycling in Highly Sulfidic Pore Waters beneath an Oxic Water Column
Hardisty D, Riedinger N, Gill B, Johnston D, Reinhard C, Planavsky N, Asael D & Lyons T

(2012) The Sulfur Isotope Fractionation of Dissimilatory Sulfite Reductase (Dsr)
Leavitt W, Bradley A, Pereira I, Cummins R & Johnston D

(2012) Interrogating the Mechanisms Controlling Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Sulfate Reduction
Johnston DT, Leavitt WD, Schmidt M, Wankel SD, Bradley AS & Girguis PR

(2011) The Anatomy of the Great Oxidation Event
Poulton S, Bekker A, Farquhar J, Zerkle A, Johnston D & Canfield D

(2011) Calibrating S Isotope Fractionation in Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
Johnston DT, Bradley AS, Cummins R, Leavitt WD & Girguis PR

(2010) Understanding Ediacaran Environmental Change
Johnston DT, Macdonald FA, Poulton SW, Gill BC, Petach T, Halverson GP, Schrag DP & Knoll AH

(2010) Explaining the Structure of the Archean Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotope Record
Halevy I, Johnston D & Schrag D

(2009) Diverse Pathways of Sulfur Cycling in the Modern Black Sea Captured in Rare Sulfur Isotope Signatures
Gilhooly W, Johnston D, Farquhar J, Severmann S & Lyons T

(2008) Fractionation of Multiple Sulfur Isotopes during Phototrophic S Oxidation
Zerkle A, Farquhar J, Johnston D, Cox RP & Canfield D

(2007) Late Archean Biospheric Oxygenation and Atmospheric Evolution
Kaufman A, Johnston D, Farquhar J, Masterson A, Lyons T, Bates S, Anbar A, Arnold G, Garvin J & Buick R

(2007) Isotopic Evidence for Mid-Archean Anoxia
Farquhar J, Peters M, Johnston D, Strauss H, Masterson A, Wiechert U & Kaufman J

(2007) Multiple Sulphur Isotopes Reflecting Compositional Changes in Earth's Early Atmosphere
Strauss H, Peters M, Farquhar J, Johnston D, Wiechert U & Stögbauer A

(2006) Insight into the variability within the Proterozoic sulphur cycle
Johnston D, Poulton SW, Fralick PW, Wing BA, Canfield DE & Farquhar J

(2006) Bioavailability of Mo in the Palaeoproterozoic ocean
Archer C, Poulton S, Vance D, Johnston D & Canfield D

(2005) Multiple Isotope Effects Associated with Biogeochemical Networks
Farquhar J, Johnston D, Wing B, Ono S, Canfield D & Habicht K

(2005) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Constraints on Sulfur Cycle in the Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
Ono S, Scott J, Rumble D, Wing B, Johnston D, Farquhar J & Voight J

(2005) Before the Rise of Oxygen: Multiple Sulfur Isotope Systematics in the Late Archean Basins in South Africa and Australia
Ono S, Beukes N, Sumner D, Eigenbrode J, Wing B, Johnston D, Farquhar J & Rumble D

(2005) Using the Multiple Isotopes of Sulfur to Constrain Microbial Processes in the Proterozoic Ocean
Johnston D, Farquhar J, Wing B, Lyons T, Kah L, Strauss H & Canfield D

(2005) Sulfur Multiple Isotope Constraints on the Cenozoic-Cretaceous Sulfur Cycle
Wing B, Johnston D, Ono S, Farquhar J & Paytan A

(2004) Significance of Archean D36S/D33S
Farquhar J, Johnston D, Wing B, Calvin C & Condie K

(2004) Using 33S to Differentiate Biotic and Abiotic Suflur Isotope Signatures
Johnston D, Farquhar J, Wing B, Canfield D & Habicht K

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