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All abstracts by Francisco J. Jimenez-Espejo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Sedimentary Osmium Isotopic Records of Mediterranean Basins
Kuroda J, Jimenez-Espejo F, Nozaki T & Suzuki K

(2013) Elemental Ratios as Proxies for Paleoclimate Reconstruction in the Western Mediterranean
Martinez-Ruiz F, Rodrigo-Gamiz M, Nieto-Moreno V, Jimenez-Espejo FJ, Gallego-Torres D & Ortega-Huertas M

(2011) High-Frequency Climate Cycles in the Westernmost Mediterranean during the Last 20, 000 yrs
Rodrigo-Gámiz M, Martínez-Ruiz F, Rodríguez-Tovar FJ, Jiménez-Espejo FJ & Pardo-Igúzquiza E

(2010) Paleoenvironmental Changes during Marine Isotopic Stage 5e in the Central Okhotsk Sea: High Resolution Multiproxy Record
Jimenez-Espejo FJ, Sakamoto T, Sakai S, Martinez-Ruiz F, Chang Q, Sato K & Suzuki K

(2010) Microbial Communities and Carbon Cycling within Deep Sea Marine Sediments off Eastern Antarctica
Carr S, Jimenez-Espejo‎ FJ, van de Flierdt T, Dunbar R, Escutia C, Brinkhuis H & Klaus A

(2010) Reconstruction of Redox Condition during the Early Aptian Ocean Anoxic Event (OAE) Ia, “Goguel”, in the Vocontian Basin by Geochemical and Lithological Approach
Sakamoto T, Nifuki K, Iijima K, Sakai S, Ogawa N, Jimenez-Espejo FJ, Suzuki K, Maeda H, Takashima R, Nishi H & Okada H

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