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All abstracts by Andrew P. Jephcoat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Iodine at High Pressures and Temperatures: Implications for the Earth’s Core
Armytage R, Jephcoat A, Bouhifd MA & Porcelli D

(2010) Nitrogen Solubility in a Molten Assemblage of an (Fe, Ni) Alloy and a CI Chondritic Silicate up to 18 GPa
Bouhifd A, Roskosz M, Jephcoat A & Mysen B

(2009) Noble Gas Partitioning at Magma Ocean Conditions in the LHDAC and the Earth’s He/Ne Budget
Bouhifd MA, Jephcoat A, Kelley S & Porcelli D

(2008) Ni/Co Chondritic Ratio in a Deep Magma-Ocean: Partitioning Experiments up to 60 GPa
Bouhifd MA & Jephcoat AP

(2008) Metal-Silicate Element Partitioning at Ultrahigh Pressures: He to I
Jephcoat AP, Bouhifd MA & Porcelli D

(2004) A High-Pressure Transformation in Chlorite
Welch M, Kleppe A & Jephcoat A

(2004) Solubility of Ar into Silicate and Fe-Rich Alloy Liquids up to 22 GPa: Implications for the Earth’s Core
Bouhifd M & Jephcoat A

(2002) Questioning the Evidence for Earth's Oldest Fossils
Brasier M, Green O, Jephcoat A, Kleppe A, Van Kranendonk M & Lindsay J

(2000) Raman Observations of the OH Stretching Region in Hydrous ß-Mg2SiO4 (Wadsleyite) to 50 GPa
Kleppe AK, Jephcoat AP, Olijnyk H, Slesinger AE, Wood BJ & Kohn SC

(2000) Chemistry and Physics of the Earth's Core
Jephcoat A

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