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All abstracts by Hugh C. Jenkyns in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Natural and Artificial Thermal Maturation: Effect on Mercury Distributions in Lower Jurassic Organic-Rich Sediments
Indraswari AO, Frieling J, Mather TA, Dickson AJ, Idiz E, Jenkyns HC & Robinson SA

(2023) No Volcanic Trigger for Late Cambrian Carbon Cycle Perturbations?
Frieling J, Mather TA, Fendley IM, Bergquist BA, Cheng K, Jenkyns HC, Zhao Z, Dahl TW, Nielsen AT & Dickson AJ

(2023) Mercury (Hg) Isotope Evidence for Enhanced Importance of Terrestrial Hg to the Global Ocean during the Early Jurassic Oceanic Anoxic Event (Toarcian OAE)
Zheng X, Percival L, Yin R, Al Suwaidi A, Storm M, Ruhl M, Xu W, Hesselbo SP & Jenkyns HC

(2023) Redox-sensitive Metals and δ238U in Red and Grey Shales: Exploring a New Archive for Palaeo-Redox Studies
Gangl SK, Stirling CH, Moy CM, Jenkyns HC, Crampton JS, Clarkson MO & Porcelli D

(2023) Orbitally Forced Variability in Early Jurassic Mercury Deposition
Fendley IM, Neilson O, Frieling J, Robinson SA, Mather TA, Jenkyns HC & Weedon GP

(2019) Sedimentary Markers of Ocean Plateau Volcanism during the Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
Percival L, Tedeschi L, Creaser R, van Helmond N, Snoeck C, Debaille V, Mattielli N, Bottini C, Erba E, Goderis S, Mather T, Jenkyns H & Claeys P

(2019) Limited Molybdenum Isotope Change in the Oceans Associated with Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Dickson A, Jenkyns H, Porcelli D, Idiz E, Sweere T, Murphy M, Ruhl M, Eldrett J & van den Boorn S

(2019) The Uranium-Isotope Proxy of Oxygenation Changes in the Ancient Oceans: Global Versus Local Controls on 238U/235U in Black Shales
Stirling C, Gangl S, Preston W, Jenkyns H, Clarkson M, Moy C & Porcelli D

(2019) Neodymium Isotopic Evidence for Oceanographic Change during the Collapse of the Cretaceous Hothouse
Batenburg SJ, Drage E, Gao EY, O'Connor LK, Jenkyns HC, Gale AS & Robinson SA

(2019) New Evidence for Widespread Extreme Warmth at Southern High Latitudes during the Late Cretaceous
O'Connor L, Robinson S, Jenkyns H, Naafs D, Pancost R, Bogus K & Tierney J

(2018) Isotopic Constraints on the Molybdenum Cycle in the Late Cretaceous
Dickson A, Sweere T, Ruhl M, Murphy M, Jenkyns H, Idiz E, Porcelli D, Henderson G, van den Boorn S & Eldrett J

(2018) A High-Precision Numerical Time Scale for the Toarcian Stage: Implications for Timing of the Marine Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (TOAE) and Karoo-Ferrar Volcanism
Ruhl M, Hesselbo SP, Xu W, Thibault N, Jenkyns HC, Mac Niocaill C, Riding JB & Ullmann CV

(2018) Environmental and Organic-Matter Characterisation of the Toarcian Lacustrine Da’anzhai Member, Sichuan Basin, China
Xu W, Weijers JWH, Idiz EF, Ruhl M, Gorbanenko O, Tegelaar EW, Jenkyns HC, Riding JB & Hesselbo SP

(2016) Lacustrine Expansion and Carbon Drawdown during the Early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Xu W, Ruhl M, Jenkyns HC, Hesselbo SP, Riding JB, Selby D, Naafs BDA, Weijers JWH, Pancost RD, Tegelaar EW & Idiz EF

(2016) δ238U Reconstructions of Global Ocean Oxygenation during OAE 2
Murphy M, Hsieh Y-T, Dickson A, Sweere T, Van Den Boorn S, Porcelli D, Jenkyns H, Henderson G & Stirling C

(2016) High-resolution δ13Corg and TOC Records for the palaeo-Pacific Ocean during ‘OAE-2’: Insights into the Global Extent of Ocean Anoxia
Gangl S, Stirling C, Moy C, Jenkyns H, Crampton J, Clarkson M & Porcelli D

(2016) Zn Isotopes from Carbonates as a Tracer for Nutrient Dynamics during OAE-2
Sweere TC, Dickson AJ, Jenkyns HC, Henderson GM, Porcelli D & van den Boorn S

(2016) Unravelling ‘Oceanic Anoxic Events’ Using High-Resolution δ238U
Clarkson M, Stirling C, Jenkyns H, Cooke I, Dickson A, Porcelli D & Moy C

(2016) Molybdenum-Isotope Chemostratigraphy of the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Dickson A, Gill B, Al-Suwaidi A, Ruhl M, Jenkyns H, Porcelli D, Lyons T & van den Boorn S

(2016) Sedimentary Mercury Signals from Large Igneous Province Volcanism: Insights from the End-Triassic and End-Cretaceous
Percival L, Mather T, Hesselbo S, Jenkyns H, Ruhl M, Whiteside J & Woelders L

(2015) Tracing Palaeo-Weathering via Lithium Isotopes
Pogge von Strandmann P, Ridgwell A, Jenkyns H, Lechler M, Metzger G, Kasemann S & Desrochers A

(2015) Early Jurassic (Toarcian) Palaeo-Environmental Change: New Proxy Data from the Mochras Borehole, Wales, UK
Xu W, Ruhl M, Hesselbo S, Jenkyns H, Riding J, Storm M, Huggett J, Ullmann C & Leng M

(2015) Records of Organically Bound Iodine during the Cenomanian–Turonian OAE 2
Zhou X, Jenkyns H & Lu Z

(2015) Global Ocean Anoxia during Ancient 'Greenhouse' Climates: Prospects for a Warming World
Clarkson M, Stirling C, Jenkyns H, Cooke I, Dickson A & Gangl S

(2013) Direct Link between End-Triassic CAMP Volcanism, C-Cycle Perturbation and Mass Extinction
Marzoli A, Dal Corso J, Tateo F, Jenkyns H, Bertrand H & Youbi N

(2013) The Carnian Pluvial Event Negative CIE at Cave del Predil (Early Late Triassic, Italy): A New Link to Wrangellia Volcanism
Dal Corso J, Roghi G, Rigo M, Gianolla P, Caggiati M, Gattolin G, Newton RJ, Jenkyns HC & Preto N

(2013) A History of Inhibition: Thresholds and Echinoderm Mg/Ca
Rickaby R, Vickers M, Jenkyns H, Gale A, Bots P & Shaw S

(2012) Interpreting the Trace Metal Records of Ancient Epeiric Seaways: Lessons from the Toarcian (Jurassic) Black Shales of Europe
Gill B, Lyons T, Owens J, Bates S, Brumsack H-J & Jenkyns H

(2011) Changes in Global Weathering Indicated by the Ca-Isotope Record of Oceanic Anoxic Events 1a and 2
Blättler CL, Jenkyns HC, Reynard LM & Henderson GM

(2011) Nd-Isotope Evolution in the Cretaceous Gault and Chalk Seas (Albian–Maastrichtian)
Zheng X, Jenkyns H, Henderson G, Ward D & Gale A

(2010) I/Ca Ratios in Marine Carbonate as a Palaeo-Redox Proxy during Oceanic Anoxic Events
Lu Z, Jenkyns H & Rickaby R

(2009) Evidence for the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event in the Southern Hemisphere (Neuquèn Basin, Argentina)
Al-Suwaidi A, Damborenea S, Hesselbo S, Jenkyns H, Manceñido M & Riccardi A

(2009) Indications for the Global Character of the Early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Evidence from the Pindos Zone, Western Greece
Kafousia N, Karakitsios V & Jenkyns H

(2009) Chromium Isotope Data for the Yorkshire ‘Jet Rock’: Transition Metal Isotope Analysis of the Toarcian OAE from NE England
Amor K, Al-Suwaidi A, Hesselbo S, Jenkyns H & Porcelli D

(2007) Nitrate Reduction, Sulfate Reduction and Sedimentary Iron-Isotope Evolution during the Cenomanian-Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE2)
Jenkyns H, Matthews A, Tsikos H & Erel Y

(2003) Biogeochemical Controls of Iron Isotope Fractionation in Organic-Rich Sediments
Matthews A, Morgans-Bell H, Emmanuel S, Jenkyns H, Halicz L & Erel Y

(2002) Cyclic Variations of Iron Isotope Composition during Diagenesis: The Kimmeridge Clay Formation (UK)
Matthews A, Morgans-Bell H, Emmanuel S, Jenkyns HC & Halicz L

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