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All abstracts by Teresa Jeffries in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Trace Element Partitioning between Carbonate Globules and Silicate Glass in Volcanic Carbonatites
McMahon S, Humphreys-Williams E, Gilder C, Brooker R, Jeffries T & Walter M

(2013) Clinopyroxene and its Relationship to Rapidly Erupted, Carbonate-Rich Magmas in Calatrava, Spain
Humphreys-Williams E, Jeffries T & Bailey K

(2013) Partitioning of Trace Elements between Na-Bearing Majoritic Garnet and Melt at 8.5 GPa and 1500‒1900℃
Bobrov A, Litvin Y, Kuzyura A, Dymshits A & Jeffries T

(2013) Wehrlitization Processes within the Upper Mantle beneath the Northern Pannonian Basin (Hungary)
Patko L, Aradi LE, Liptai N, Bodnar RJ, Fedele L, Kovács Z, Cesare B, Vaselli O, Fioretti AM, Jeffries T & Szabó C

(2012) El Nino Impact on Mollusk Shell Biomineralization
Perez-Huerta A, Etayo-Cadavid M, Andrus F & Jeffries T

(2011) Experimental Study of Partition of Rare Elements between Minerals and Melts of Diamond Forming Eclogite-Carbonatite and Peridotite-Carbonatite Systems
Okoemova V, Vasiliev P, Kuzyura A, Litvin Y, Wall F & Jeffries T

(2007) Trace Element Fractionation during Exsolution of Garnet from Clinopyroxene in an Eclogite Xenolith from Obnazhennaya (Siberia)
Dobosi G, Kurat G, Wall F & Jeffries T

(2006) Light Element Distribution in an Amphibolite-Facies Metapelite
Gieré R, Jeffries T, Garcia-Sanchez R & Williams T

(2006) Advances in in-situ U-Pb dating of accessory minerals by LA-ICP-MS
Storey C, Jeffries T & Fernandez-Suarez J

(2004) Trace Element Incorporation into Garnet as a Tracer of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow and Crystal Growth
Smith M, Henderson P & Jeffries T

(2004) LA-ICPMS Common Pb Corrected U-Th-Pb Dating of Titanite
Storey C, Jeffries T & Smith M

(2002) REEs in Al-Rich Chondrules: Clues to their Origin
Russell S, Gounelle M, Jeffries T & Alard O

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