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All abstracts by Emmanuelle J. Javaux in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Paleobiology of an Ediacaran Acanthomorphic Acritarch
Domino SFV, Loron CC, Sforna MC, Calers V & Javaux EJ

(2021) In situ Detection of Bound Ni-Tetrapyrrole Moieties in ~1 Gyr-Old Eukaryote Microfossil Suggesting its Phototrophy
Sforna MC, Loron CC, Demoulin CF, François C, Cornet Y, Lara YJ, Grolimund D, Ferreira Sanchez D, Medjoubi K, Somogyi A, Addad A, Fadel A, Compère P, Baudet D, Brocks JJ & Javaux EJ

(2021) Integrative Paleontological and Geochemical Study of the Microfossil Polysphaeroides Filiformis and its Implication for Deep Time Cyanobacterial Evolution
Demoulin CF, Sforna MC, Lara YJ, Loron CC, Cornet Y, Tucoulou Tachoueres R, Grolimund D, Ferreira Sanchez D, Addad A, Fadel A, Compère P & Javaux EJ

(2021) UV-Screening Pigment Enabling Ancient Photosynthesis
Lara YJ, McCann A, Malherbe C, François C, Demoulin CF, Sforna MC, Eppe G, De Pauw E, Wilmotte A, Jacques P & Javaux EJ

(2021) Testing the Cellular Nature of Large (>10 µm) Spheroids in the ~3.4 Ga Strelley Pool Formation
Coutant M, Lepot K, Fadel A, Addad A, Richard E, Troadec D, Ventalon S, Sugitani K & Javaux EJ

(2021) New Assemblages of Paleoproterozoic Organic-Walled Microfossils and Implications for Eukaryogenesis and the Early Evolution of Eukaryotes
Javaux EJ, Spinks S & Kunzmann M

(2020) Nickel as Tracer of Oxygenic Phototrophy in the Fossil Record
Sforna MC, Loron CC, Demoulin CF, François C, Cornet Y, Lara YJ, Grolimund D, Sanchez D, Medjoubi K, Somogyi A, Addad A, Fadel A, Compère P & Javaux EJ

(2017) Different Geochronological Approaches to Better Constrain the Diagenesis and Sediment Sources in the Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup, (Proterozoic, DRCongo)
François C, Baludikay BK, Baudet D, Birck J-L, Storme J-Y, Paquette J-L, Fialin M, Debaille V & Javaux EJ

(2017) Thermal Maturity Estimation of Carbonaceous Material from Proterozoic Organic-Walled Microfossil Assemblages (DRCongo, Mauritania and Australia) by Using Raman Spectroscopy
Baludikay BK, François C, Sforna M-C, Beghin J, Cornet Y, Storme J-Y, Fagel N, Fontaine F, Krooss B, Baudet D, Delvaux D & Javaux EJ

(2017) Redox-Sensitive Proxies to Reconstruct Detailed Palaeoecological Conditions in the 1.1 Ga Taoudeni Basin, Mauritania
Sforna MC, Beghin J, Debaille V, Guilbaud R, Poulton SW, Gueneli N, Brocks JJ, Blanpied C & Javaux EJ

(2017) Mesoproterozoic Eukaryotes Diversification or the Miscalled “Boring Billion”
Javaux EJ, Baludikay BK, Beghin J, Cornet Y, Francois C, Loron C & Sforna M-C

(2015) Raman Characterization of the UV-Protective Pigment Gloeocapsin- Potential Biosignatures of Early Earth Records
Storme J, Golubic S, Wilmotte A, Kleinteich J, Velazquez D & Javaux E

(2015) Ultrastructural and Chemical Characterization of the Cryogenian Acritarch Cerebrosphaera
Cornet Y, Storme J-Y, Compère P, Butterfield N & Javaux EJ

(2015) Biostratigraphy Constraints on Chemostratigraphy of the Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup, Democratic Republic of Congo: Evidence for a Late Mesoproterozoic-Early Neoproterozoic Age
Baludikay BK, Storme J-Y, Baudet D, François C & Javaux E

(2015) Geochronological Constraints on the Diagenesis of the Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Francois C, Baludikay B, Storme JY, Baudet D & Javaux E

(2015) Towards a Palaeoecological Model of the Mesoproterozoic Taoudeni Basin
Beghin J, Poulton S, Gueneli N, Brocks J, Storme J-Y, Blanpied C & Javaux E

(2015) Micropaleontology of the Lower Mesoproterozoic Roper Group, Australia, and Implications for Early Eukaryotic Evolution
Javaux EJ & Knoll AH

(2015) Species-Specific Intracellular Iron Biomineralization in a 1.9-Ga Microfossil Assemblage
Lepot K, Addad A, Knoll AH, Béché A & Javaux EJ

(2015) Porphyrins from 1.1 Gyr Benthic Mats
Gueneli N, McKenna AM, Krajewski LC, Che H, Boreham C, Ohkouchi N, Poulton SW, Beghin J, Javaux EJ & Brocks JJ

(2013) The “Boring Billion”: An Exciting Time for Early Eukaryotes!
Javaux EJ, Beghin J, Houzay J-P & Blanpied C

(2007) Deciphering the Record of Early Life in Precambrian Oceans Using Combined Microscopy and Microchemistry of Organic-Walled Microfossils
Javaux E & Marshall C

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