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All abstracts by Albert Jambon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Néma 001 – A Fragment of the Crust of the Acapulcoite-Lodranite Parent Body?
Tartese R, Gattacceca J, Devouard B, Debaille V, Joy KH, Sonzogni C & Jambon A

(2023) Northwest Africa 13188: A Possible Meteorite... From Earth!
Gattacceca J, Debaille V, Devouard B, Leya I, Jourdan F, Braucher R, Roland J, Pourkhorsandi H, Goderis S & Jambon A

(2021) Tardi-Magmatic Precipitation of Cl-Bearing Fe/Mg Clay Minerals on Mars
Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Sautter V, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Gregoire B, Jambon A, Pont S, Beyssac O, Zanda B, Hewins R & Remusat L

(2008) Laboratory Shock-Synthesized Diamond vs. Carbons from a Differentiated Meteorite
Le Guillou C, Rouzaud JN, Bourot-Denise M, Remusat L & Jambon A

(2002) High-Pressure Silicates in Martian Meteorites
Beck P, Gillet P, Barrat J-A, Jambon A & El Goresy A

(2002) High Pressure Investigation of Xe-Compounds Relevant for the Earth
Sanloup C, Hemley RJ, Mao H-K & Jambon A

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