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All abstracts by Oliver Jagoutz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Novel Insights into the Volatile Content of Arc Magmas Recorded in the Deep Roots of Kohistan Arc
Urann B, Le Roux V, Jagoutz O, Chin E, Behn M & Müntener O

(2018) Long-Term Climate Change due to the Paleogeographic Distribution of LIPs and Ophiolite-Bearing Sutures
Macdonald F, Swanson-Hysell N, Park Y & Jagoutz O

(2018) What Controls the Stratification and Thickness of Arc Crust?
Klein B & Jagoutz O

(2018) Origin and Tectonic Implications of the Megacrystic Gore Mountain Garnet Granulites
Shinevar W & Jagoutz O

(2017) Low-Latitude Arc–continent Collision as a Driver for Global Cooling
Jagoutz O, Royden L & Macdonald F

(2015) Why do Intermediate Magmas Stall?
Jagoutz O & Caricchi L

(2014) Why do Melts Stall?
Jagoutz O

(2014) Many Roads Lead to Granite: A Field Study of a High-K LLD
Bucholz C, Jagoutz O & Schmidt M

(2013) Constraints on the Composition of the Lower Continental Crust from Joint Inversion of P- and S-Wave Seismic Velocity Data
Behn M, Jagoutz O, Shillington D & Kelemen P

(2013) Were Ancient Granitoid Compositions Influenced by Contemporaneous Atmospheric and Hydrosphere Oxidation States?
Jagoutz O

(2013) Geochemistry and Petrology of the Khantaishir Ophiolite (Central Mongolia)
Gianola O, Schmidt MW, Jagoutz O & Oyungerel S

(2012) The Arc Delaminate: A Geochemical Reservoir Twice the Size of the Continental Crust
Schmidt M & Jagoutz O

(2012) Ongoing Formation of Continental Crust: Batholiths Are Forever
Kelemen P, Hacker B, Behn M & Jagoutz O

(2012) The Differentiation of Continental Crust in Arcs
Jagoutz O & Schmidt MW

(2011) 2D Geochemical-Thermomechanical Modelling of Pb, Hf, Sr and Nd Isotopes Evolution in Intra-Ocean Subduction Zones
Baitsch Ghirardello B, Nikolaeva K, Jagoutz O & Gerya T

(2011) The Magnitude and Composition of the Delamination Flux in Arcs during Continental Crust Formation
Jagoutz O & Schmidt MW

(2009) The Link between the Kohistan Arc Granitoids and Processes in the Lower Kohistan Arc Crust
Jagoutz O & Burg J-P

(2009) Geochemical Transport in Intra-Oceanic Subduction: Numerical Predictions
Baitsch-Ghirardello B, Gerya T, Jagoutz O & Burg J-P

(2008) Epidote Forming Reactions in Calc-Alkaline Rocks Monitored by Trace Elements
Dessimoz M, Müntener O, Jagoutz O & Hussein D

(2007) Magmatic Paragonite: Vapour Saturation of Hydrous Arc Magmas at High Pressure ?
Müntener O, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P & Jagoutz O

(2007) Differences between Preserved vs. Delaminated Lower Crust: Evidences from the Kohistan Arc
Jagoutz O, Müntener O, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P & Burg J-P

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