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All abstracts by Andrew D. Jacobson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Calcium Isotope Response of Morozovella spp. To Paleocene-Eocene Ocean Acidification
Kitch GD, Jacobson AD, Hurtgen MT, Sageman BB, Harper DT & Zachos JC

(2019) Calcium Isotope Composition (δ44/40Ca) of Bulk Carbonate Spanning Ocean Anoxic Event 2: Kinetic Effects or Diagenesis?
Kitch GD, Jacobson AD, Ankney ME, Masterson AL, Hurtgen MT & Sageman BB

(2019) Large Fractionations of Ca Isotopes by Zeolite Minerals from Iceland
Nelson CA, Jacobson A & Weisenberger T

(2019) Stable Strontium Isotope (δ88/86Sr) Record of pre-Sturtian Carbonate Rocks Spanning a Large δ13C Anomaly
Sarvian N, Hurtgen M, Jacobson A & Maloof A

(2019) Calcium Isotope Evidence for Environmental Change Before and Across the K-Pg Extinction
Linzmeier B, Jacobson A, Sageman B, Hurtgen M, Ankney M, Petersen S & Tobin T

(2019) Thermal and Paleoceanographic Responses to OAE2 from Δ47 Geochemistry and a Refined Chronostratigraphy
Jones MM, Petersen SV, Sageman BB, Selby D, Jacobson AD, Singer BS & Jicha BR

(2018) Linking Deccan Volcanism and the Bolide Impact with Ca Isotope Stratigraphy from the Late Maastrichtian of Seymour Island, Antarctica
Linzmeier BJ, Jacobson AD, Sageman BB, Hurtgen MT, Ankney ME, Petersen SV & Tobin TS

(2018) Deciphering the Unexpected Response of the Cr Isotope Proxy to OAE 2
Holmden C, Jacobson A, Sageman B, Hurtgen M & Dickson A

(2014) Response of the Cr Isotope Proxy to Ocean Anoxic Event 2
Holmden C, Jacobson AD, Sageman BB & Hurtgen M

(2013) Perturbation to the Marine Ca Isotope Cycle Across Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Du Vivier A, Jacobson A, Lehn G, Selby D & Sageman B

(2013) Characterizing the Pb Isotopic Contribution of Dust to Seawater
Erhardt A, Chen C-T, Jacobson A, Moy C & Paytan A

(2013) Detection of Non-Stoichiometric Silicate Mineral Dissolution in Rivers Draining Alpine Glaciers Using δ44/40Ca
Moore J, Jacobson AD, Holmden C & Craw D

(2012) A Multiproxy Approach (87Sr/86Sr, S44Ca, S13CDIC) for Tracking Seasonal Changes in Permafrost Dynamics
Lehn GO, Jacobson AD, Douglas TA, McClelland JW, Barker AJ, Khosh MS & Holmden C

(2011) Permafrost Active Layer Dynamics Inferred from Major Element Geochemical Signatures in Six Arctic Alaskan Rivers
Douglas T, Jacobson A, McClelland J, Barker A, Khosh M & Lehn G

(2011) CO2 Evasion from the Greenland Ice Sheet: A New Carbon-Climate Feedback
Jacobson A & Ryu J-S

(2009) δ44Ca Traces Chemical Weathering of Hydrothermal Calcite in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
Moore J, Jacobson A, Holmden C & Craw D

(2008) An Experimental Perspective on Microbial Weathering Mechanisms and their Role in the Long-Term Carbon Cycle
Jacobson AD

(2007) <delta>44Ca Evolution during Water-Rock Interaction in a Carbonate Aquifer
Jacobson A & Holmden C

(2007) Characterization of Elemental Release during Interaction of Bacteria with Basalt and Granite
Wu L, Jacobson A & Hausner M

(2007) Steady State Chemical Weathering in an Eroding Landscape
Chamberlain P, Hilley G, Hren M, Porder S & Jacobson A

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