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All abstracts by Stein B. Jacobsen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Growth Model Interpretation of Planet Size Distribution
Zeng L, Jacobsen S, Sasselov D, Vanderburg A, Lopez-Morales M, Perez-Mercader J, Petaev M & Mattsson T

(2018) Origin and Significance of Melilitites in the Oslo Rift Using Mg Isotopes
Hyung E, Sedaghatpour F, Larsen B, Neumann E-R & Jacobsen S

(2018) Tandem LA-ICP-MS & LIBS; A New Micro-Analytical Technique for the Measurement of Every Element in the Periodic Table
Colucci MT, Jacobsen SB, Gonzalez J, Torres M, Lee C-T, Savard D, Neumann R & Boyce JW

(2018) C, N, H, O, S and Trace Element Determinations in Organic-Rich Sediments and Some Igneous Rocks Types by Tandem LA-Libs ICP-MS
Gonzalez J, Torres M, Colucci MT, Jacobsen SB & Lee C-T

(2018) Oslo Rift Geochemistry: The Earliest Intrusives
Eriksen ZT, Jacobsen SB & Larsen BT

(2018) Atom Probe Tomography of Allende CAI Opaque Assemblage
Parman S, Jacobsen S, Petaev M & Akey A

(2018) K and Sr Isotope Variations in Boninite-Series Lavas from the Izu-Bonin Forearc
Parendo C, Jacobsen S, Yamashita K & Okano O

(2018) Testing Models of Lunar Origin
Jacobsen S, Petaev M, Stewart S & Lock S

(2018) Testing the Proposed K Isotopic Composition of the Bulk Silicate Earth
Ku Y & Jacobsen S

(2018) A New FUN CAI
Sedaghatpour F, Peto M & Jacobsen SB

(2015) Calcium Isotopes, the Moon’s Origin and Magmatic Evolution
Sedaghatpour F, Parendo C & Jacobsen SB

(2014) Deriving an Empirical Expression for the Partitioning of Iron between Mg-Perovskite and Ferropericlase
Hyung E & Jacobsen S

(2014) High-Precision Al-Mg Systematics in Forsterite-Bearing Type B CAIs
Bullock E, Nakashima D, Tenner T, Kita N, MacPherson G, Ivanova M, Krot A, Petaev M & Jacobsen S

(2014) Lack of Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Magma Differentiation
Zhang H, Huang S, Teng F-Z, Helz RT & Jacobsen SB

(2014) Extinct Nuclide Heterogeneities in the Earth: Their Creation and Destruction
Jacobsen S

(2013) Early Solar System 87Rb-87Sr Chronology
Parai R, Huang S & Jacobsen SB

(2013) An Isotopically Homogeneous Inner Terrestrial Planet Region
Jacobsen S, Petaev M, Huang S & Sasselov D

(2013) Sm/Nd Ratio of the Earth
Huang S, Jacobsen S & Mukhopadhyay S

(2012) Relationship between the Isotopic Compositions of Earth and Chondrites: Constraints from Calcium Isotopes
Huang S & Jacobsen S

(2012) Enstatite Chondrites and the Composition of the Earth
Jacobsen S, Petaev M & Huang S

(2011) Isotope Constraints on the Biogeochemical Cycling of Calcium (Ca) in a Base-Poor Forest Ecosystem
Farkaš J, Déjeant A, Novák M & Jacobsen S

(2010) The Geochemistry of the Brent Impact Structure, Ontario, Canada
Goderis S, Vleminckx B, Paquay F, Chakrabarti R, Renson V, Debaille V, Sluyts W, Vanhaecke F, Spray J, Jacobsen S & Claeys P

(2009) Ca and Mg Isotope Variations of Paleoproterozoic (~2 Ga) Carbonates: Implications for Positive δ13C Event
Farkas J, Chakrabarti R, Melezhik V, Kump L, Medvedev P & Jacobsen S

(2009) The First Law of Cosmochemistry
Jacobsen S, Remo J, Petaev M & Sasselov D

(2009) Pu-I-Xe and the Timing of Early Mantle Degassing
Pető M & Jacobsen S

(2009) Sampling of Geochemical Heterogeneities within the Hawaiian Plume: A Case Study of 143Nd/144Nd
Huang S & Jacobsen S

(2009) Silicon Isotopic Variability in Proterozoic Cherts
Chakrabarti R, Knoll A & Jacobsen S

(2009) The Growth of the Continental Crust: Isotopic Constraints on Timing and Rates
Jacobsen S

(2008) A Multi-Proxy Perspective on Isotope Evolution of Phanerozoic Seawater
Farkaš J, Jacobsen S & Veizer J

(2008) Origin and Evolution of Mantle Heterogeneities
O'Connell R, Jacobsen S & Kellogg J

(2008) Mg and Si Isotopes in the Solar System
Chakrabarti R & Jacobsen S

(2008) Incomplete Mixing in the Solar Nebula: Implications for Early Earth
Ranen M & Jacobsen S

(2008) Hf-W Equilibration in a Magma Ocean at Very High P and T
Jacobsen S, Remo J, Petaev M & Sasselov D

(2007) Accretion and Early Differentiation History of the Earth Based on Extinct and Long-Lived Chronometers
Jacobsen S, Ranen M, Petaev M, Remo J & Yin Q

(2006) The timing of core formation in the terrestrial planets
Jacobsen S

(2006) Barium isotopes and incomplete mixing in the solar nebula
Jacobsen S & Ranen M

(2005) The Hf-W Isotopic System and the Origin of the Earth and Moon
Jacobsen S

(2004) Detecting Hydration in the Earth’s Interior
Smyth J, Jacobsen S & Holl C

(2004) Heterogeneity and Geochemical Reservoirs in the Mantle
O'Connell R, Kellogg J & Jacobsen S

(2004) Isotopic Heterogeneity in the Mantle: In Search of the Final Explanation
Jacobsen S, Kellogg J & O'Connell R

(2002) Relating Mixing in the Mantle to Nd, Sr, and Pb Ratios in Oceanic Basalts
Kellogg J, Jacobsen S & O'Connell R

(2002) 182Hf-182W, Accretion of the Earth and Origin of the Moon
Jacobsen S & Yin Q

(2002) 182Hf-182W in Meteorites and the Timescale for Planetary Formation
Yin Q-Z, Jacobsen SB, Yamashita K, Blichert-Toft J, Telouk P & Albarede F

(2000) The Role of Lithospheric Mantle in Continent Stability: Re-Os Isotopic Mapping of the Upper Mantle in Southwestern USA
Lee C, Yin Q, Rudnick R & Jacobsen S

(2000) Supernova Isotopic Signatures in Carbonaceous Chondrites: Implications for CHUR Parameters
Yin Q & Jacobsen S

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