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All abstracts by Simon Edward Jackson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Trace Element Composition of Gahnite in Broken Hill-Type Mineralization in and Near the Broken Hill Pb-Zn-Ag Deposit, Australia: Implications for Exploration
O'Brien J, Spry P, Teale G, Jackson S & Rogers D

(2012) Electron Microprobe and LA-ICP-MS Analyses of Ilmenite from Lunar Samples
Morisset C-E, Jackson S, Williamson M-C, Hipkin V & Tait K

(2012) Mapping Element Concentrations and Ce4+/Ce3+ Ratios in Zircon by LA-ICP-MS
Jackson S & Chapman J

(2012) Methods for the Determination of Te Isotope Compositions of Minerals in the System Au-Ag-Te by MC-ICP-MS
Fornadel A, Spry P, Mathur R, Jackson S, Chapman J & Girard I

(2012) Anomalous Zircon Ce4+/Ce3+ Ratios from Early Jurassic Plutons in Yukon: Implications for Porphyry Exploration
Chapman J, Jackson S & Ryan J

(2012) Using Garnet to Record Mineralization in a BIF Hosted Orogenic Au Deposit
Duff J, Hattori K, Schneider D, Cossette E, Jackson S & Biczok J

(2011) Quantitative Determination and Mapping of Trace Element Concentrations in Sulfide Minerals Using LA-ICP-MS
Jackson S, Shuttleworth S & Cabri L

(2009) Correction of Fractionation in LA-ICP-MS Elemental and U-Pb Analysis
Jackson S

(2008) Cu Isotopic Anomalies Around Porphyry Cu Deposits
Li W, Jackson S & Pearson N

(2007) Mass Bias: A Comparison of Solution and Laser Ablation MC-ICPMS
Pearson N, Griffin W, Kuhn H, Alard O, Grant K, Jackson S & O'Reilly S

(2007) Cu Isotope Signature of Granites
Li W, Jackson S, Chappell B, Alard O & Pearson N

(2006) Laser Ablation ICP-MS: particle size-dependent isotopic fractionation of copper in laser-generated aerosols
Kuhn H-R, Pearson N & Jackson SE

(2006) Evaluation of a Method for the Separation of Ni in Geological Samples
Wieland P, Beyer E, Jackson S, Pearson N & O'reilly S

(2006) Trace-element patterns of diamond: toward a unified genetic model
Griffin W, Rege S, O'Reilly S, Jackson S, Pearson N, Zedgenisov D & Kurat G

(2003) Metalliferous Stromatolites from New Zealand Hot Springs
Mountain B, Benning L & Jackson S

(2003) LA-ICP-MS: A Mature Technology?
Jackson S

(2002) In situ Cu and Fe Isotope Evidence for Inorganic and Organic Components in the HYC Pb-Zn Ores
Graham S, Griffin W, Jackson S, Walter M, Logan G & Pearson N

(2002) Studies of the Source of Laser-Induced Isotopic Bias in LA-MC-ICP-MS
Jackson SE & Gunther D

(2000) Progress in the Application of Laser Ablation Microprobe (LAM)-ICP-MS to in situ U-Pb Zircon Geochronology
Jackson S, Griffin W, Sharma A & Belousova E

(2000) LAM-MC-ICPMS Analysis of Mantle-Derived Sulfides: The Key to Re-Os Systematics of Mantle Peridotites
Pearson NJ, Alard O, Griffin WL, Graham S & Jackson SE

(2000) Tracking Magma Mixing: In situ Hf-Isotope Analysis of Zircons
Griffin WL, Wang X, Jackson SE, Pearson NJ, O'Reilly SY & Xu X

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