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All abstracts by Anastasia Ilgen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Sr Isotopic Fractionation during Calcite Precipitation and Crystal Growth
Knight A, Harvey J & Ilgen A

(2019) Interfacial Chemistry of Lanthanides Under Nano-Scale Confinement
Ilgen A, Loera L, Knight A, Ilani-Kashkouli P, Leung K & Kabengi N

(2019) Microfluidics Applications for Calcium Carbonate Precipitation and Dissolution and Sr Isotopic Fractionation
Yoon H, Martinez M, Ilgen A, Knight A & Choens C

(2018) Interfacial Chemistry Under Nanoconfinement
Criscenti L, Greathouse J, Ilgen A, Leung K, Harvey J, Ho T & Knight A

(2015) “Switching on” Fe(III) in the Octahedral Sheet of Fe-Phyllosilicate
Ilgen A, Kruichak J, Cerrato J, Artyushkova K, Argo J & Washington R

(2014) Reactivity of Structural Iron in Natural Nontronite NAu-1 and Synthetic Fe Phyllosilicate
Ilgen A & Kruichak J

(2012) Identity of Oxidation Products on Surface of Metallic Antimony
Majs F, Ilgen AG, Barker AJ, Douglas TA & Trainor TP

(2010) As(III) Oxidation in the Presence of Reduced and Oxidized Nontronite NAu-1 Under O2 and N2 Atmosphere
Ilgen A & Trainor T

(2008) Controls on Antimony and Arsenic Speciation via Sorption and Redox Chemistry at the Clay Mineral – Water Interface
Ilgen A, Newville M & Trainor T

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