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All abstracts by Joel Hurowitz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Clumped Isotope Geochemistry of Fe-Carbonates from the Gunflint Formation
Holme E, Henkes G, Rasbury T, Fralick P, Tosca N & Hurowitz J

(2020) Rapid Release of Molecular Hydrogen during Anaerobic Weathering of Basaltic Glass
Gong J, Cannon K, Hurowitz J, Stack K, Weiss B & Bosak T

(2019) X-Ray Spectromicroscopy on Rocks Relevant to Mars Return Samples
Thieme J, Trewhella C, Hurowitz J & Schoonen M

(2017) X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging and Spectroscopy with Sub-µm and Sub-100nm Spatial Resolution for Mineralogy and Geochemistry
Thieme J, Williams G, Chen-Wiegart Y-C, Bowerman B, Hurowitz J, Glotch T, Legett C, Schoonen M & Coates J

(2016) Sedimentary Petrology of the Murray Mudstone, Gale Crater, Mars
Siebach K, Grotzinger J, Hurowitz J, McLennan S, Fischer W & Gellert R

(2014) Dating Mars with ID-Kard: Further Advances for a Future Mission
Cartwright J, Farley K, Hurowitz J, Asimow P, Simcic J, Madzunkov S & Papanastassiou D

(2014) Magnetite Authigenesis and the Ancient Martian Atmosphere
Tosca N & Hurowitz J

(2013) Geochemical Diversity and K-Rich Compositions found by the MSL APXS in Gale Crater, Mars
Schmidt M, King P, Gellert R, Elliott B, Thompson L, Berger J, Bridges J, Campbell JL, Ehlmann B, Hurowitz J, Leshin L, Lewis K, McLennan S, Ming D, Perrett G, Pradler I, Stolper E, Squyres S & Treiman A

(2013) Si Isotope Systematics of Acidic Alteration of Fresh Kilauean Basalts
Chemtob S, Rossman G, Young E, Ziegler K, Eiler J & Hurowitz J

(2011) Silica Coatings on Young Hawaiian Basalts: Constraints on Formation Mechanism from Silicon Isotopes
Chemtob S, Hurowitz J, Guan Y, Ziegler K, Eiler J & Rossman G

(2010) Fe-Redox, Aridification, and Acidic Surface Waters on Early Mars
Hurowitz J, Fischer W, Tosca N & Milliken R

(2008) A ~3.5By Record of Water-Limited, Acidic Weathering on Mars
Hurowitz J

(2007) A View of Martian Weathering from Microns to Hundreds of Kilometers
Taylor GJ, Stopar J, Hurowitz J, McLennan S, Boynton W, Wyatt M & Baloga S

(2006) Surficial Processes on Mars: A Planet on Acid
McLennan S, Hurowitz JA, Tosca NJ & Arlauckas SM

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