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All abstracts by Karen Hudson-Edwards in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Contamination Mechanisms and Hazards of Mine Waste-Affected Surface Waters on the Bolivian Altiplano
Guerrero Moreno E, Hudson-Edwards K, Edwards SJ, Zamora Echenique G & Alem N

(2017) Speciation of Vanadium in the Hazeltine Creek Catchment Following the 2014 Mount Polley Tailings Dam Spill, Canada
Hudson-Edwards K, Byrne P, Bird G, Jamieson H, Macklin M, Brewer P & Williams R

(2017) Global Environmental Impacts of Historic and Contemporary Mining
Hudson-Edwards K

(2015) Crystal Chemistry of the Alunite-Jarosite Solid Solution Series: Insights from Atomistic Modelling and XAS Experiments
Hudson-Edwards K, Wright K, Cibin G & Kossoff D

(2015) Effect of DFOB and SRFA on Fe(III) Release and Cr(III) Desorption from Goethite
Stewart A, Hudson-Edwards K & Dubbin W

(2015) Weathering of Pb-Zn-Bearing Minerals in a Neutral Mine Drainage Setting, Gunnerside Gill, Yorkshire, UK
Tame C, Hudson-Edwards K & Potter H

(2015) Speciation and Bonding Environment of Copper in Pyrite: Implications for Bioleaching
Kossoff D, Hudson-Edwards K, Santini J, Nwaobi B, Xydas C & Messios N

(2015) Alunite and Basaluminite Dissolution: Comparison and Insights from Batch Experiments and Atomistic Computer Simulations
Acero P & Hudson-Edwards K

(2015) Controls on Seasonal Elemental Variation in Tropical Rivers in Goa, India
Hibbert C, Hudson-Edwards K & Widdowson M

(2014) Redox Transformations of Mine Tailings in the Environment: Minerals, Metal(loid) Speciation and Microbes
Hudson-Edwards K & Kossoff D

(2014) Antimony in the As-Fe-O System: Size or Valence-Shell Chemistry?
Kossoff D, Hudson-Edwards K & Welch M

(2014) Mine Wastes: Mineralogical Treasures, Environmental Impacts
Hudson-Edwards K

(2013) In situ Immobilization of Pb Using a Natural Mn Oxide By-Product Amended to Contaminated Soil
Johnson K, McCann C, Tourney J, Davenport R, Robertson S, Finlay N, Grey N, Wade M & Hudson-Edwards K

(2010) Arsenic Pollution of Groundwater in Lahore City, Pakistan
Hudson-Edwards K, Cheema K, Abbas M & Raman A

(2010) The Structure of Hydronium Alunite: A First Principles Study
Wright K, Gale J & Hudson-Edwards K

(2010) Competitive Sorption of Pb and Anthracene to Natural and Synthetic Mn Oxides
Tourney J, Hudson-Edwards K & Johnson K

(2009) Hematite Contaminated by Heavy Metals
Canepa P, Kossoff D, Hudson-Edwards K, Dubbin W & Alfredsson M

(2008) Mechanisms of Cd, Cu and Zn Uptake in Jarosite Surfaces: A Computer Simulation Study
Hudson-Edwards K, Wright K & Gale J

(2006) Solid state speciation of Pb and Cu in road-deposited sediments
Barrett JE, Taylor KG, Hudson-Edwards KA & Charnock JM

(2005) Jarosites in Acid Mine Drainage Environments: Formation, Mineralogy, Stability
Hudson-Edwards K, Smith A, Dubbin W & Wright K

(2005) Isotopic Effects during Cu Sorption onto Goethite
Clayton R, Hudson-Edwards K & Houghton S

(2004) A Sedimentary Framework for Arsenic-Contaminated Groundwater in West Bengal
Hudson-Edwards K, Banerjee D, Ravenscroft P, McArthur J, Carter A, Mishra R & Pirohit R

(2002) Geochemical Controls on Metal Accumulation in Thames Estuary Eels
Miners JS & Hudson-Edwards KA

(2000) Geochemistry of Rio Guadiamar Sediments Following the April 1998 Spanish Aznalcollar Mine Tailings Dam Failure and Subsequent Clean-Up
Hudson-Edwards KA, Macklin MG, Brewer P, Coulthard TJ, Howard AJ, Nielsen MF, Turner J, Jamieson HE & Remenda VH

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