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All abstracts by Christopher House in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Searching for Mineralogical Evidence for the Clay-Sulfate Transition Region in Gale Crater, Mars Using the Sample Analysis at Mars-Evolved Gas Analyzer (SAM-Ega) Onboard the Curiosity Rover
Clark J, Sutter B, Wong G, Lewis J, McAdam A, Archer D, Mahaffy P, Franz H, Eigenbrode J, Freissinet C, Stern J, Glavin DP, Steele A, Knudson C, House C, Malespin C & Ming DW

(2018) The Plausibility of an Iron-Sulfur Linked pre-Rna
Rodriguez L & House C

(2009) Microbial Community Stratification in TOC-Depleted Marine Subsurface Sediments of the Pacific Ocean
Durbin A, Biddle J, Martino A, House C, Fischer J, Spivack A, Schrum H, D'Hondt S & Teske A

(2007) Nickel Stable Isotopes as Biogeochemical Tracers
Cameron V, Vance D, Archer C & House C

(2007) Metagenomics of Deeply Buried Marine Sediments
Biddle J, House C, Fitz-Gibbon S, Schuster S & Brenchley J

(2007) The Ties that Bind: Dynamics of Syntrophic Associations in Marine Methane Seeps
Orphan V, Pernthaler A, Dekas A, Gammon C & House C

(2002) Direct Phylogenetic and Isotopic Evidence for Multiple Groups of Archaea Involved in the Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
Orphan V, House C, Hinrichs K-U, McKeegan K & DeLong E

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