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All abstracts by Peter Hoppe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Calcium Isotope Investigation of Silicate Stardust
Leitner J, Hoppe P & Trieloff M

(2021) A Study of Nitride Inclusions in Chondrites: Tracers for Nebular Processes?
Leitner J, Vollmer C, Harries D, Kodolányi J, Ott U & Hoppe P

(2020) A New Isotopic Perspective on the Solar System’s Stardust Inventory
Leitner J, Hoppe P & Kodolányi J

(2017) Submicron Architecture of Bivalve Shells Revealed by Microbeam Techniques
Otter LM, Konsik MA, Kilburn MR, Sorowka A, Hoppe P, Williamson JE & Jacob DE

(2017) Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains from Supernovae: The Role of Carbon-14
Hoppe P, Pignatari M, Kodolányi J, Gröner E & Amari S

(2016) Reactive Ammonia in the Protoplanetary Disk
Harries D, Hoppe P & Langenhorst F

(2015) Lithium Distribution in Equilibrated Ordinary Chondrites: Implications for their Cooling History
Fujiya W, Metzler K & Hoppe P

(2014) Characterization of Presolar Stardust in Fine-Grained Chondrule Rims from Primitive Meteorites
Leitner J, Hoppe P, Metzler K, Vollmer C & Zipfel J

(2013) A Coordinated in situ NanoSIMS, HR SEM and TEM Search for Presolar Grains in an ALHA77307 Chondrule Rim
Stojic AN, Brenker FE, Hoppe P & Leitner J

(2011) Cloud Processing Measured with Sulfur Isotopes during HCCT 2010
Harris E, Sinha B, Hoppe P, Crowley J, Borrmann S, Foley S, Gnauk T, Van Pinxteren D & Herrmann H

(2011) Magnesium Isotope Composition of Presolar Silicate Grains
Kodolányi J & Hoppe P

(2011) Combined NanoSIMS and TEM in situ Analysis of Pristine Matrix Material of ALHA 77307 and Acfer 094
Stojic AN, Brenker FE & Hoppe P

(2009) Linking Microbial Activity to Cell Identity in the Environment Using NanoSIMS
Musat N, Halm H, Winterholler B, Hoppe P, Peduzzi S, Hillion F, Horreard F, Amann R, Jørgensen BB & Kuypers MMM

(2009) NanoSIMS Search for Interstellar Silicate Dust in Chondritic Samples
Vollmer C, Hoppe P & Stephan T

(2009) SiC Grains from Supernovae and the Solar Si-Isotopic Ratios
Hoppe P, Leitner J, Meyer B, The L-S, Lugaro M & Amari S

(2009) Assessing the Stardust Inventory of Comet 81P/Wild 2 by NanoSIMS
Leitner J, Hoppe P, Heck P & Huth J

(2008) The Effect of QSA on S, C, O and Si Isotopic Ratio Measurements
Hillion F, Kilburn M, Hoppe P, Messenger S & Weber P

(2007) The H-, C-, N-, and O-Isotopic Compositions of Cometary Matter Returned by STARDUST
Hoppe P

(2005) O- and S-Isotope Imaging of Primitive Solar System Materials with the Mainz NanoSIMS
Hoppe P, Mostefaoui S & Stephan T

(2002) The First Presolar Corundum in an Enstatite Chondrite: A NanoSIMS Study
Mostefaoui S, Besmehn A & Hoppe P

(2002) Extinct Radioactivities in Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains of Type x
Hoppe P

(2000) What Causes the Changes in Cathodoluminescence Intensity in Natural Zircons?
Poller U, Huth J & Hoppe P

(2000) TOF-SIMS Analysis of Presolar SiC x-Grains
Henkel T, Stephan T, Jessberger EK, Hoppe P & Strebel R

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