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All abstracts by Paul Martin Holm in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Compositional Constraints on the Mantle Below Part of the Andes SVZ
Holm PM, Søager N & Dyhr CT

(2012) Subduction Eroded Continental Crust and Sediment Derived Fluid in the Genesis of Arc Magmas in the SVZ, Andes
Holm PM, Soager N & Dyhr C

(2012) Sr, Nd, Pb and Hf Isotopic Constraints on Mantle Sources in the Payenia Backarc Basalts (Mendoza, Argentina)
Soager N, Holm PM & Thirlwall M

(2012) New U-Series Isotope Data from the Andean Backarc Indicate Shallow Melting in the Payun Matru Complex
Dyhr CT, Holm PM & Kokfelt TF

(2011) Mantle Lithologies from Minor Elements in Olivine: Cape Verde
Barker A, Holm PM & Troll V

(2009) The Pb-Nd-Sr-Hf-Isotopic Mantle Signature of the Kap Washington Group Volcanics, North Greenland
Duprat H, Holm PM, Thorarinsson S, Tegner C & Barfod G

(2009) Constraints on Deep Crustal Magma Differentiation by U-Series Disequilibria of Rocks from Southern Peru, Central Volcanic Zone
Huang F, Sørensen E, Holm P, Zhang Z, Lundstrom C & Glessner J

(2009) A New Trend for the Cape Verde Hotspot Magmas: Isotopic Evidence from Boa Vista
Holm PM, Peate DW, Dyhr CT & Schmith J

(2009) Geochemical Variations in the Erlend Volcano, Faroe-Shetland Channel
Árting U & Holm PM

(2007) Comparison of the Development in Melt Compositions in the Faroe Islands and East Greenland during Continental Breakup in the Paleogene
Holm PM & Søager N

(2007) Evidence for Correlation of Late CFBs from East Greenland and the Faeroe Islands (North Atlantic Igneous Province)
Soeager N & Holm PM

(2007) Chromite-Rich Cumulates in Mafic Xenoliths, São Vicente, Cape Verde
Hoejsteen B & Holm PM

(2006) The volcanic rocks of São Nicolau: Isotopic evidence for the inhomogeneity of the Cape Verde mantle plume
Holm PM & Sørensen RV

(2005) Temporal Variations of a Heterogeneous Mantle Plume Source; Santiago, Cape Verde
Barker A, Holm PM, Peate D & Baker J

(2004) Temporal Changes of Cape Verde Mantle Sources: The Evolution of Santo Antão
Holm P, Wilson J, Christensen B, Hansen L, Hansen S, Hein K & Mortensen A

(2004) Dykes from Bermuda: Melilitites and Nephelinites
Olsen S, Bernstein S, Holm P, Brooks C, Kokfeldt T, Peate D & Gunn B

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