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All abstracts by Nils G. Holm in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) The Chemical Utility of Serpentinization Products
Oze C & Holm N

(2014) Hydrogen Production Through Olivine Alteration
Neubeck A, Nguyen Thanh D, Hellevang H, Oze C, Bastviken D, Bacsik Z & Holm N

(2013) Fe(II) in Early Abiotic Processes
Holm N

(2013) Experimental Studies of Catalytic Properties of Iron II and III Modified Hydrothermal Zeolites
Iñiguez Pacheco JE, Hemminsson C & Holm NG

(2013) Contribution of Fungi and Bacteria to the Mg Biogeochemical Cycle in Podzolic Soils
Balland-Bolou-Bi C, Bolou-Bi EB, Holmström SJM & Holm NG

(2012) Impact of Fungi and Bacteria on the Mobility of Metals (Fe, Al) in Podzolic Soils
Balland-Bolou-Bi C, Holmstroem SJM & Holm NG

(2009) Nitrogen Dynamics in Oceanic Basement and its Implications for HCN and Abiotic Organic Synthesis
Holm N & Neubeck A

(2009) Organic Compounds in Hydrothermal Fluids from Ultramafic-Hosted Vents of the Mid Atlantic Ridge: An Update on Composition and Origin
Konn C, Holm N, Donval J-P & Charlou J-L

(2008) Phosphorylation Underneath the Ocean Floor?
Holm N

(2007) Fossilized Microorganisms from Emperor Seamounts: Evidence for a Deep Sub-Seafloor Biosphere
Ivarsson M & Holm N

(2007) Boron Influence on Biochemical Reactions in Natural Zeolites
Neubeck A, Ivarsson M & Holm N

(2006) Biogenic or abiogenic organics in hydrothermal fluids from ultramafic-hosted vents of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The first step of the origin of life?
Konn C, Holm NG, Charlou J-L, Donval J-P, Dehairs F & Bouillon S

(2006) Mn as a potential energy source for subseafloor chemoautotrophs
Ivarsson M & Holm N

(2006) Possible Reaction Pathways for the Formation of Organic Compounds in Volcanic Hydrothermal Systems
Dumont M, Holm N & Torssander P

(2002) Fate of Prebiotic Adenine
Hansson TK, Cohn C, Larsson H, Sowerby S & Holm N

(2002) Nitrogen and Carbon Isotopes, and Metals in Waste Work Sediments, Kovik, Sweden
Bohlin H, Mˆrth C-M & Holm NG

(2002) Microbial Activity in Deeply Buried Marine Sediments
D'Hondt S, Jørgensen BB, Blake R, Dickens G, Hinrichs K & Holm N

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