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All abstracts by David Hollander in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Benthic Production of an Anammox-Associated Biomarker, Bacteriohopanetetrol II, Under Oxic Gulf of Mexico Waters
Lincoln S, Matys E, Overholt W, Alpheus S, Bosman S, Hastings D, Chanton J, Hollander D, Kostka J, Summons R & Freeman K

(2017) The 1979 Ixtoc-I Oil Spill Revisited
Radovic J, Lincoln S, Silva R, Jaggi A, Romero I, Schwing P, Larson R, Brooks G, Freeman K, Hollander D, Larter S & Oldenburg T

(2009) Urban Socio-Economic Factors Affect the Isotopic Composition of Fish Muscle
Malkin E, Peebles E & Hollander D

(2009) Novel Application of Organic and Inorganic Geochemical Proxies for Exploring Ocean-Continent Linkages over the Last 1400 Years from Gulf of Mexico Sediment
Richey J, Hollander D, Eglinton T & Flower B

(2009) A Genomic, Stable Isotopic, and Organic Geochemical Analysis of Freshwater Microbialites
Nitti A, Breitbart M, Hollander D, Siefert J & Souza V

(2000) Anomalous Carbon Isotope Biogeochemistry in the Cariaco Upwelling System: Balancing the Effects of Biological and Oceanographic Processes
Werne JP & Hollander DJ

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