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All abstracts by Ann Holbourn in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Precession-Band Variance Missing from East Asian Monsoon Runoff
Clemens S, Holbourn A, Kubota Y, Lee K-E, Liu Z, Chen G, Nelson A & Fox-Kemper B

(2016) Variations in the East Asian Summer Monsoon during the Last 400 kyr Reconstructed Using Oxygen Isotope and Mg/Ca-Derived Sea Surface Temperatures at IODP Site U1429
Kubota Y, Wakisaka E, Clemens S, Holbourn A, Lee KE, Ziegler M, Kimoto K & Horikawa K

(2016) Dissolution Events vs. Recrystallisation: Insights from Laser Ablation Derived element/Ca Ratios in Planktonic Foraminifera
Voigt J, Hathorne EC, Fietzke J, Holbourn A, Kochhann KGD & Pälike H

(2013) A New Benthic Mg/Ca Temperature Calibration to Reconstruct Thermocline Temperature Variability in the Indonesian Archipelago
Lo Giudice Cappelli E, Holbourn A, Kuhnt W & Regenberg M

(2009) Pacific Intermediate and Deep Water Reorganisation during the Middle Miocene Onset of the “Icehouse”: Radiogenic Isotope Evidence
Frank M, Holbourn A, Haley BA & Kuhnt W

(2008) Changes in MOC Revealed by Chronostratigraphic Correlation of Ocean Sediment Cores via 14C Plateau Tuning
Grootes PM, Sarnthein M, Kennett JP, Holbourn A, Nadeau M-J & Kühn H

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