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All abstracts by Tori Hoehler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Formation of Mixed-Layer Sulfide-Hydroxide Minerals from the Tochilinite-Valleriite Group during Experimental Serpentinization of Olivine
McCollom T, Hoehler T, Fike DA & Houghton J

(2023) Investigating Controls on H2 Availability in Groundwaters during Active Serpentinization in the Samail Ophiolite
Templeton AS, Ellison ET, Nothaft DB, Boyd E, Colman D, Fones E, Spear J, Hoehler T, Kubo M & Glombitza C

(2023) Geochemical Challenges to Methanogenesis in Serpentinizing Systems: Implications for the Habitability of Ocean Worlds
Howells A, Price N, Batther H, Kashyap S, Som S, Kopf S, Templeton AS & Hoehler T

(2022) Sulfur Biomineralization of Peridotites Undergoing Low-Temperature Serpentinization
Templeton AS, Ellison ET, Glombitza C, Hoehler T, Rempfert K, Caro T, Kashyap S, Sepulveda J & Boyd E

(2021) What's for Lunch on Enceladus? How Oxidant Production Generates a Rich Metabolic Menu
Ray C, Glein C, Waite JH, Teolis B, Hoehler T, Huber JA, Lunine J & Postberg F

(2021) Sulfate Reduction and Formation of a Nickel-Rich Member of the Tochilinite Group during Experimental Serpentinization of Olivine
McCollom T, Hoehler T, Fike DA & Klein F

(2020) The Planetary Context for Life
Hoehler T

(2019) Biological and Biosignature Potential in Low Energy Flux Environments
Hoehler T & Som S

(2018) The Means of Production: Methylotrophy, Acetogenesis, and the Reverse Citric Acid Cycle in the Coast Range Ophiolite Microbial Observatory (CROMO)
Seyler L, Brazelton W, McLean C, Hoehler T, McCollom T, Kubo M & Schrenk M

(2018) Quantifying Subsurface Mixing of Groundwaters at the Coast Range Ophiolite Microbial Observatory
Cardace D, Anwar M, Schrenk M, McCollom T, Kubo M & Hoehler T

(2018) Microbial Sulfate Reduction Rates in Fluids from Low Temperature Serpentinizing Mantle Rocks
Glombitza C, Kubo M, Rempfert K, Templeton A & Hoehler T

(2018) Methane Cycling in the Serpentinizing Shallow-Sea Vents of the Prony Hydrothermal Field, New Caledonia
Price R, Sutcliffe C, Sherwood-Lollar B, Erauso G, Quéméneur M, Postec A, Monnin C, Wehrmann L, Gillikin D, Menez B, Pelletier B, Payri C & Hoehler T

(2015) Off-Axis Shallow-Sea Venting of Alkaline, H2 and CH4 Enriched Fluids: The Strýtan Hydrothermal Field (SHF), Eyjafjörður, Iceland
Price R, Hoehler T, Boyd E, Wehrmann L & Amend J

(2014) Evidence for Mixotrophy and Metabolic Switching in Chemotrophic Hot Spring Microbial Communities
Urschel M, Boyd E, Kubo M, Hoehler T & Peters J

(2014) Quantifying the Flux of Hydrogen from Serpentinzing Ultramafic Rocks
McCollom T, Klein F, Hoehler T & Templeton A

(2014) Hydrogen Production and Habitability in Non-Ultramafic Geologic Systems
Fristad K, Som S & Hoehler T

(2014) Variability in the Biological Potential of Serpentinizing Systems
Hoehler T, Som S, McCollom T, Cardace D, Schrenk M & Alperin M

(2013) Microbial Metabolism in Serpentinite Fluids
Crespo-Medina M, Brazelton W, Twing K, Kubo M, Hoehler T & Schrenk M

(2013) Rock-Hosted Serpentinite Microbiome
Twing K, Brazelton W, Cardace D, Hoehler T & Schrenk M

(2010) Hydrogen Generation for Microbial Activity in Ultramafic-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems
McCollom T, Bach W & Hoehler T

(2010) NanoSIP: Combining Stable Isotope Probing and High Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to Identify Diazotrophs in Stratified Marine Microbial Communities
Singer S, Woebken D, Burow L, Prufert-Bebout L, Bebout B, Hoehler T, Pett-Ridge J, Spormann A & Weber P

(2009) Bioenergetics in Archaea/Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Aggregates
Alperin M & Hoehler T

(2008) Habitability of Serpentinizng Systems for Methanogenic Microorganisms: An Energy Balance Model
Hoehler T, Alperin M, McCollom T & Rogers K

(2008) Micron-Scale Mapping of Sulfur Cycling Across the Oxycline of a Cyanobacterial Mat
Fike D, Gammon CL, Finke N, Hoehler T, Turk K & Orphan V

(2003) Methanogenesis from Methylamine and Methanol at Changing Hydrogen Concentrations
Finke N, Hoehler T & Jørgensen B

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