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All abstracts by David A. Hodell in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Pore Water Geochemistry from a Depth Transect of Cores Collected on the Iberian Margin
Greaves M, Hodell D, Skinner L, Misra S, Traynor M, Daunt C & Souanef-Ureta S

(2017) An Additional Wrinkle in the Elderfield Proxy Development Curve
Ausin B, Magill C, Wenk P, Haug G, McItyre C, Haghipour N, Hodell D & Eglinton T

(2017) Ancient Maya Land Use Reduced the Residence Time of Carbon in Tropical Forest Soils
Douglas P, Pagani M, Eglinton T, Brenner M, Curtis J, Hodell D, Breckenridge A & Johnston K

(2017) Coupled Measurement of Ca and Sr Isotopes in Evaporites from the Sorbas Basin, SE Spain
Evans N, Mailes J, Bauska T, Gázquez F, Chapman H, Bradbury H, Turchyn S & Hodell D

(2017) Hydrological History of the Altiplano over the Last Glacial Cycle from Gypsum Hydration Water and Halite Fluid Inclusions
Bauska TK, Gazquez F, Baker PA, Fritz SC & Hodell DA

(2017) Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes in Hydration Water of Lacustrine Gypsum for Quantitative Paleo-Humidity Estimates
Gazquez F, Morellon M, Bauska T, Herwartz D, Surma J, Moreno A, Staubwasser M, Valero-Garces B & Hodell DA

(2017) Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Analysis of Gypsum Hydration Water from the Evaporites of the Messinian Salinity Crisis
Hodell D, Evans N, Gázquez F, Bauska T, Chapman H & McKenzie J

(2017) Intensification of Antarctic Ocean Stratification at the End of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Hasenfratz AP, Jaccard SL, Martinez-Garcia A, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Kleiven H(F, Sigman DM & Haug GH

(2017) Past Dynamics of Atlantic Ocean Overturning: A Multi-Proxy View on Three Key Intervals
Gottschalk J, Skinner LC, Waelbroeck C, Hodell DA, Nehrbass-Ahles C & Jaccard SL

(2015) Grain Size-Specific Organic Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of Continental Margin Sediments
Wenk P, McIntyre C, Magill C, Martinez-Garcia A, Hodell D & Eglinton T

(2015) Porewater δ7Li Profile of IODP Expedition 339 – An Insight into Clay Dewatering
Misra S, Miller M, Hodell D & Elderfield H

(2015) Evolution of Export Production, SST and Seawater δ18O in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Across the MPT
Hasenfratz AP, Martinez-Garcia A, Jaccard SL, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Greaves M, Kleiven HF & Haug GH

(2015) Major Cation, Carbon System and Trace Element Chemistry in Pore Waters from the Iberian Margin: Implications for Paleoproxies
Greaves M, Elderfield H, Hodell D, Skinner L, Sevilgen D, Grauel A-L, de la Fuente M, Misra S & Daunt C

(2015) The Development of the Sulfate-Methane Transition Zone: A Case Study from the Portuguese Margin
Turchyn AV, Byrne D, Antler G, Miller M & Hodell DA

(2015) 17O-Excess and Deuterium-Excess in Gypsum Hydration Water
Gazquez F, Evans N, Mather I, Herwartz D, Staubwasser M & Hodell D

(2015) New Method for the On-Line Measurement of δD and δ18O of Mineral Hydration Waters Using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
Walters G, Mather I, Gazquez F & Hodell D

(2014) Plant-Wax Isotope Records of Drought and Ancient Societal Adaptation in the Maya Lowlands
Douglas P, Pagani M, Brenner M, Hodell D, Eglinton T, Curtis J & Canuto M

(2011) Palaeotemperature Estimation by Tandem δ18O Measurement of Calcium Carbonate and Gypsum Hydration Water
Hodell D, Turchyn A & Wiseman C

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