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All abstracts by Michael F. Hochella in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Discovery and Dangerous Human Health Ramifications of Incidental Magnéli Phase Generation and Release from Coal Burning Power Plants – C.C. Patterson Medal Lecture
Hochella MF, Yang Y & Allen IC

(2014) Mineral Surface-Processes on the Nanoscale in Contaminated Acid Soils
Schindler M & Hochella M

(2014) Stealth Excursions from Equilibrium Provide the Rules for Nanomineral Geochemistry
Hochella M

(2014) Comparison of Biogenic and Abiogenic Sphalerite (ZnS) Nanoparticles: Redox Reactivity and Surface Photocatalysis
Xu J, Veeramani H & Hochella M

(2014) Why Nanoscience Should Be Embraced by Earth and Environmental Scientists: How It Provides a Better Understanding of Earth, Space, Life, and Nearly Everything Else
Hochella M

(2013) Nano and Bulk-Scale Characterization of Biogeochemical Processes: A Case Study
Veeramani H & Hochella, Jr M

(2013) Structure and Fate of Zn-Bearing Green Rust Nanominerals in Slightly Acidic Mine Drainage Crossing a Steep Redox Boundary
Johnson C, Freyer G, Fabisch M, Murayama M, Küsel K & Hochella, Jr M

(2012) Weathering Phenomena Involving Mineral Nanoparticles, One of the Last Unexplored Geochemical Components in Soils and Sediments: A Tribute to Art White
Hochella M

(2012) The Role of Nano-Components in Contaminated Mine Water Outflow Crossing a Redox Boundary
Johnson C, Freyer G, Kusel K & Hochella Jr. M

(2012) Seasonal and Inter-Annual Variations in Emerging Groundwater Mine Pollution: Essential Background Information for Acid Mine Drainage Management and Remediation
Caraballo MA, Macaas F, Nieto JM, Ayora C & Hochella MF

(2012) Abiotic U(VI) Reduction by Biogenic Mackinawite
Veeramani H, Qafoku N, Kukkadapu R, Pruden A, Murayama M, Monsegue N & Hochella M

(2011) Discovering Environmentally-Critical Nanomineralogy: Highly Reactive Mn-Oxyhydroxide Nanofiber Nucleation and Growth Catalyzed by Nanohematite
Veeramani H, Dippon U, Murayama M, Henderson R, Kappler A & Hochella MF

(2011) Naturally Occurring Inorganic Nanoparticles: General Assessment and a Global Budget for One of Earth’s Last Unexplored Major Geochemical Components
Hochella M, Aruguete D, Kim B & Madden A

(2011) Bacterial Oxidation of Pyrrhotite and Troilite Under Acidic Conditions
Hopf J, Pollok K, Hochella MF & Langenhorst F

(2010) Nanoparticles in Biosolid Products as Revealed by Electron Microcopy
Kim B, Park C-S, Murayama M & Hochella M

(2010) Interactions between Bacteria and Silver Nanoparticles with Biodegradable Coatings
Aruguete D, Kim B, Cheng Y, Liu J & Hochella M

(2010) Investigating the Metastability and Nanomineral Properties of Synthetic and Natural Schwertmannite
French RA, Murayama M & Hochella MF

(2010) Reductive Dissolution of Hematite Nanoparticles with Ascorbic Acid
Echigo T, Aruguete D, Murayama M & Hochella M

(2010) Environmental Nanoparticles: Distribution and Behaviour of Main and Trace Elements at the Nanoscale
von der Kammer F, Hofmann T, Plathe K, Legros S, Neubauer E, Hochella M, Le Coustumer P & Hassellöv M

(2010) The Role Nanoparticulate Oxides as Transporters of Toxic Trace Metals in Riverbed Sediment
Plathe K, von der Kammer F, Hassellöv M, Moore J, Murayama M, Hofmann T & Hochella M

(2009) Determining Trace Metal-Nanoparticle Associations in Contaminated Sediment Using Analytical TEM and FFF Coupled to MALLS and HR-ICPMS
Haus K, von der Kammer F, Hassellov M, Moore J & Hochella M

(2008) Significance of Particle Size Distributions for Size-Dependent Hematite Nanomineral Reactivity
Madden A & Hochella M

(2008) Nanominerals, Mineral Nanoparticles, and Earth Systems
Hochella, Jr. M, Lower S, Maurice P, Penn L, Sahai N, Sparks D & Twining B

(2007) Determination of Trace Metal-Nanoparticle Associations in Contaminated Riverine Systems Using Analytical TEM
Haus K, Jinschek J, Moore J & Hochella M

(2007) How Nanoscience has Changed our Understanding of Environmental Geochemistry
Hochella M

(2007) Reduction of Hematite Nanoparticles by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Learman D, Bose S, Wigginton N, Brown S & Hochella M

(2007) Insights into Enzymatic Reduction of Hematite from Single-Molecule Tunneling Studies of Multiheme Cytochromes
Wigginton N, Rosso K, Shi L, Lower B & Hochella M

(2007) TEM Investigation of the Non-Oxidative Dissolution of Galena (PbS) Nanoparticles in a Hydrochloric Acid Solution
Liu J, Aruguete D, Hochella M & Jinschek J

(2005) Nanoscience Meets Geochemistry: Size-Dependent Reactivity of Hematite
Madden A & Hochella Jr. M

(2004) Environmentally Important Nanoparticles from a Massive Acid Mine Drainage Site
Hochella M, Madden A, Moore J, Kasama T, Putnis A & Putnis C

(2003) Mineral-Fluid Interfaces and Interactions: From Molecular to Local, Regional, and Global-Scale Processes
Hochella M, Tadanier C, Lower B, Lower S, Kendall T & Cail T

(2001) Nanoforce and Nanomechanical Measurements between Living Microorganisms and Mineral Surfaces: Evidence of Specific Biomolecule-Mineral Recognition
Lower SK & Hochella Jr. MF

(2001) The Proximity Effect on Semiconducting Mineral Surfaces
Becker U, Rosso KM & Hochella Jr. MF

(2001) Investigating the Mechanism of Siderophore Driven Fe Release from Mineral Surfaces Using Chemical Force and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Kendall TA & Hochella Jr. MF

(2001) Dynamic Processes Occurring at the Cr3+aq -Manganite (?-MnOOH)Interface: Simultaneous Adsorption, Microprecipitation, Oxidation/Reduction and Dissolution
Weaver RM & Hochella Jr. MF

(2000) Probing the Dynamic Nanoscale World at the Interface between Micro-Organism and Minerals
Lower S, Tadanier C & Hochella M

(2000) An Integrated Biogeochemical Approach for Studying Bio-Availability of Microbial Nutrients Sorbed on Mineral Surfaces
Tadanier CJ, Airey C, Berry DF, Potts M & Hochella MF

(2000) Surface Complexation Modeling of Pi-Goethite Adsorption Behavior: Integrating Adsorption Edge and Surface Charging Data
Tadanier CJ, Eick MJ & Hochella MF

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