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All abstracts by Holger Hintelmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Extraction of Methylmercury from Sediment for Species-Specific Isotope Ratio Analysis
Willsie A & Hintelmann H

(2023) Assessing Mercury Methylation and Methylmercury Demethylation in Thermokarst Lakes in a Sporadic Permafrost Region, Canadian Subarctic
Malcata Martins B, Hintelmann H, Pilote M, Cesário R, Dias R, Costa J, Magalhães C, Laberge-Carignan A, Couture R-M & Canário J

(2023) Mercury Methylation Potentials in Water and Sediments in the Wabigoon River System
Bento B & Hintelmann H

(2022) Recent Observations and Comprehension of Global even-Mif in Atmospheric Samples
Yuan S, Chen J & Hintelmann H

(2022) The Role of Volcanism as a Source of Trace-Elements to the Environment: The Case of Deception Island, Antartica
Canário J, Traver AG, Hintelmann H, Figueiredo D, Cabrita T & dos Santos MC

(2020) Mercury Methylation in Permafrost Thaw Ecosystems
Canário J, Jusek M, Hintelmann H, Pilote M, Hugelius G, Wagner J, Vieira G, Martin V, Ritcher A, Lodi R & Lantuit H

(2018) Mercury Isotopic Compositions in Water Column of Lake Systems
Chen J, Cai H, Liu Y, Hintelmann H & Zheng W

(2016) Mass-Independent Fractionation of Even Mercury Isotopes: An Enigma
Chen J, Cai H, Yuan S, Wang Z & Hintelmann H

(2016) Historical Deposition and Fluxes of Mercury (Hg) in Papua New Guinea
Schneider L, Haberle S, Cooke C, Maher W & Hintelmann H

(2012) Unusual Fractionation of Both odd and Even Hg Isotopes in Precipitation
Chen J, Hintelmann H, Feng X & Dimock B

(2012) Isotopic Evidence for Preindustrial Mercury Emissions to the Atmosphere
Cooke C, Hintelmann H, Biester H & Ague J

(2011) Mass-Dependent Fractionation and Mass-Independent Fractionation of Hg Isotopes in Aqueous Environment
Chen J-B, Hintelmann H & Feng X-B

(2010) Chromatographic Pre-Concentration of Hg from Dilute Aqueous Solutions for Isotopic Measurement by MC-ICP-MS
Chen JB, Hintelmann H & Dimock B

(2010) Mass Independent Isotope Fractionation of Mercury during its Photochemical Reduction by Low-Molecular-Weight Organic Compounds
Zheng W & Hintelmann H

(2010) Mercury and Its Isotope Composition in Lichens and Sediments from Particular Pollution Source
Ma J, Hintelmann H, Kirk J & Muir D

(2008) Isotope Fractionation of Hg during Volatilization and Photoreduction in Freshwater
Zheng W, Foucher D & Hintelmann H

(2008) Hg Isotope Fractionation in Sediment Cores
Hintelmann H, Foucher D, Telmer K, Zheng J & Yamada M

(2008) Mercury Isotopic Ratios of Soil and Sediment Samples Collected from Contaminated Areas in China
Feng X, Foucher D, Hintelmann H, Qiu G, Li G, Yan H & He T

(2008) A Novel Technique for Species-Specific Hg Isotope Ratio Measurements Using Hg-Thiourea Complex Ion Chromatography
Dzurko M & Hintelmann H

(2008) Analysis of Sr and Pb Isotope Ratios in Wine by MC-ICP-MS
Xie Q, Hassan N, Hintelmann H, Evans D & Dillon P

(2007) Mercury Stable Isotope Variations in a Bolivian Watershed: Evidence for Mass-Independent Fractionation
Laffont L, Sonke J, Foucher D, Hintelmann H, Behra P & Maurice-Bourgoin L

(2003) Measurement of Mercury Isotope Ratios Using Multicollector ICP-MS
Hintelmann H, Foucher D, Evans D & Dillon P

(2002) Pore Water Dissolved Organic Carbon Fluxes from Boreal Lake Sediments
Hintelmann H & Ogrinc N

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