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All abstracts by Claude Hillaire-Marcel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Holocene History of Pacific Water Flux Through Bering Strait Recorded by Smectite Abundance and ɛNd-Signature in a Southern Chukchi Sea Cored Sequence
Song T, Hillaire-Marcel C, de Vernal A, Liu Y & Stein R

(2019) Offshore Neodymium Isotope Recordings of Neoglacial Ice Advance over South Western Greenland
Madaj L, Hillaire-Marcel C, Lucassen F, Weiser J & Kasemann S

(2017) Radium 226 Evidence for Decreasing Hydrothermalism at Pamukkale- Hierapolis (Anatolia) Since Roman Time
Hillaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B & Özkul M

(2017) U-Series Isotope Systematics in the Pleistocene Travertine System of Antalya, Turkey
Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C, Koşun E & Barbecot F

(2015) Nd-, Pb-, Sr-Isotope Signatures in Arctic Sea-Ice and Marine Sediments Under Present Interglacial Boundary Conditions
Maccali J, Not C & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2015) Neodymium Isotopic Composition of Deep-Sea Corals from the Labrador Sea: Implications for NW Atlantic Deepwater Circulation during the Holocene, Bølling-Allerød, MIS 5c and 7a
Ménabréaz L, Maccali J, Blénet A, Ghaleb B, Poirier A, Edinger E & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2014) Radiogenic Isotope Signature (Nd, Sr, Pb) in Sea Ice and Marine Sediments from the Arctic Ocean Under the Present Boundary Conditions
Maccali J, Not C & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2013) U-Series Isotopes as Tracers of Particles Fluxes and Deposition Rates of Heinrich Layers H2 and H1 from a Core Raised off Hudson Strait
Nuttin L & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2013) A New Database for Nd Isotopes in Marine Environments
Lacan F, Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gherardi J, Gourlan A, Grousset F, Hillaire-Marcel C, Jeandel C, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Matthieu M & Waelbroeck C

(2013) 238U-234U-230Th -226Ra Systematics in Fossil Scleractinian Corals
Ghaleb B, Huot S & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2012) Magnetic, Mineralogical and Geochemical (muXRF) Properties of a Central Baffin Bay Sedimentary Sequence Spanning the Last 100 ka
Simon Q, St-Onge G, Hillaire-Marcel C & Francus P

(2012) Foraminiferal Isotopes in the Sea-Ice Environment
Hillaire-Marcel C & de Vernal A

(2012) Conservative Behavior of Uranium vs. Salinity in Sea Ice and Brine
Not C, Brown K, Ghaleb B & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2012) Epsilon Nd Signatures of NW North Atlantic Water Masses and their Recording in Deep Corals from Orphan Knoll
Poirier A, Retailleau S, Blenet A, Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C & Edinger E

(2012) Zooming on Heinrich Layers H2 to H0 Through Geochemical and Sedimentological Analysis of a Core Raised off Hudson Strait
Nuttin L & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2012) Isotopic and Mineralogical Properties of Surface Sediment from the Circum Arctic
Maccali J & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2012) Suitability of IAEA-603 as a Replacement of NBS19 for Small Sample Carbonate Analysis
Helie J-F, Hillaire-Marcel C & Groening M

(2012) Open-System Behavior of U-Series in Carbonates: What We can Learn from Old Limestones
Deschamps P, Hillaire-Marcel C, Hamelin B & Ghaleb B

(2012) Isotopic Evidence for Sea Ice and Brine Formation in the Northern Labrador Sea at the Terminations of Heinrich Events 1 and 2
Gibb O, Hillaire-Marcel C & de Vernal A

(2011) How Precisely can We Date Climate/Ocean Instabilities of the Last Interglacial?
Hillaire-Marcel C

(2011) Osmium Isotopes in Manganese Nodules from the Labrador Sea
Poirier A, Hillaire-Marcel C, Meredyk S & Edinger E

(2010) Relative Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheet Contributions to Sea Level during Marine Isotope Stage 5e
Colville E, Carlson A, Beard B, Stoner J & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2010) The AMOC during Pleistocene Interglacials: Clues from Foraminifer Isotope Records at IODP Sites 1305 and 1302/03 (Labrador Sea)
Hillaire-Marcel C, de Vernal A & McKay J

(2009) Dissolved Carbon in Large Boral Catchment Basins and Hydroelectric Reservoirs: Isotopic Clues
Helie J-F, Rosa E, Lalonde A & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2009) Isotopic Clues (U-Series, 14C, 13C, 18O) on Growth Process and Age of Arctic Fissure Calcretes (Endostromatolites) from Northern Canada
Hillaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B, Deschamps P & Lauriol B

(2009) Radiogenic Isotopes Investigation of Cenozoic Environmental Changes in the Arctic Ocean
Poirier A, Veron A & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2009) U-Series Stratigraphy of Late Quaternary Sediments from Mendeleev Ridge and Glacial vs. Interglacial 231Pa-230Th Budgets in the Central Arctic
Not C & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2008) Ventilation of the Arctic Ocean Since the Miocene: Osmium Evidence
Poirier A & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2008) Nd and Pb Isotopic Signatures of Detrital Fractions from Labrador Sea and Iceland Basin Sediments: Deep Oceanic Circulation Changes over the Holocene
Fagel N, Brasseur R, Mattielli N, Stevenson R & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2007) Age and Variability of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the St. Lawrence River
Moingt M, Hillaire-Marcel C, Dever L, Gélinas Y & Barbecot F

(2007) Mineralogy and Nd and Pb Isotope Signatures of Clay-Size Fraction of Northern North Atlantic Sediments during the Holocene and Late Glacial: Implications for the Inception of Modern Deep Circulation Pattern
Fagel N, Brasseur R, Mattielli N, Stevenson R & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2006) Ra-excess Dating: Hopes and Limitations
Hillaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B & Pons-Branchu E

(2006) Mechanisms of equilibrium and kinetic oxygen isotope effects in synthetic aragonite at 25ºC
Kim S-T, Hillaire-Marcel C & Mucci A

(2003) Sm-Nd Isotopic Changes in Sediments from the Upper Continental Slope off Southeastern Canada vs Laurentide Ice Sheet Meltwater Routing
Meng X, Stevenson R & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2003) Improved Method for Radium Extraction from Environmental Samples for Determination by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Ghaleb B, Pons E, Deschamps P & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2002) Evidence for Micro-Scale U-Mobility along Sedimentary Discontinuities in a Deep Limestone Formation as Inferred by 234U/238U Disequilibria
Deschamps P, Doucelance R, Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C & Michelot J-L

(2002) Monitoring Sources and Fluxes of CO2 with High Precision Atmospheric Stable Isotopic Measurements
Davis S, Fourel F, Stott A, Torn M, Hillaire-Marcel C & Bilodeau G

(2002) Isotopic Insights into Carbon Metabolism in a Boreal Forest Hydroelectric Reservoir of the James Bay Area (Canada)
Helie J-F, Hillaire-Marcel C & Varfalvy L

(2001) Insight into Carbon Fluxes and Carbon Metabolism in an Hydroelectric Reservoir of the James Bay Area (Canada) Using Concentrations and Isotopic Compositions of Dissolved Oxygen and Carbon (Organic and Inorganic)
Hélie J-F, Hillaire-Marcel C, Luther L & Varfalvy L

(2000) Western Boundary Undercurrent Control of Th-Isotope Fluxes in the Labrador Sea Based on MC-ICP-MS Measurements of Total 230Th and 232Th in 5-Litre Water Samples
Hillaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B, Simonetti A & Griepy C

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