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All abstracts by John A. Higgins in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Discontinuous Ice from the 40 k World in the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area, Antarctica
Yan Y, Kurbatov A, Bender M, Mayewski P, Severinghaus J, Brook E & Higgins J

(2019) A Geochemists Guide to Stratigraphic Variability in Shallow-Water Carbonate Sediments
Higgins J, Blattler C, Ahm A-S & Murphy J

(2019) The Cryogenian Carbon Isotope Record of Death Valley, California
Nelson LL, Ahm A-SC, Macdonald FA, Higgins JA & Smith EF

(2019) A Record of Seawater Li Isotopes in Well-Preserved Fossil Corals Since the Mesozoic
Murphy J, Gothmann A, Stolarski J, Bender M & Higgins J

(2016) The Isotopic Mass Balance of Calcium
Blättler CL & Higgins JA

(2016) Ca, Mg, and Li Isotope Records Leading into the Sturtian Glaciation
Crockford PW, Kunzmann M, Blättler CL, Planavsky NJ, Higgins JA, Halverson GP & Wing BA

(2015) Meteoric Diagenesis of Platform Carbonates during the Mid-Carboniferous
Dyer B, Maloof AC & Higgins JA

(2015) Ca and Mg Isotope Stratigraphy of the Trezona C Isotope Excursion – Geochemical Record of the Descent into a Snowball?
Ahm A-S, Bjerrum C, Hoffman P, Macdonald F, Maloof A, Rose C & Higgins J

(2015) Secular Decline of Seawater Calcium Increases Seawater Buffering and pH
Hain MP, Sigman DM, Higgins JA & Haug GH

(2015) The Remarkable Stability of Atmospheric O2/N2 Since the Mid Pleistocene
Higgins J, Yan Y, Stolper D & Bender M

(2014) Evaluating the Leverage to Alter Seawater Chemistry: The Effects of Diagenesis and Dolomitization on Ca and Mg Isotopes in Shallow Marine Carbonates
Fantle M & Higgins J

(2014) δ26Mg Fractionation during High Temperature Synthesis of Dolomite
Bialik OM & Higgins JA

(2014) Mg and Ca Isotope Signatures of Authigenic Dolomite
Blättler C, Miller N & Higgins J

(2014) Global Importance of Diffusive Cation Fluxes in Deep-Sea Sediments for the Biogeochemical Cycles of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium
Sun X, Higgins J & Turchyn A

(2014) Potassium Isotope Geochemistry and Magmatic Processes
Morgan L, Higgins J, Davidheiser-Kroll B, Lloyd N, Faithfull J & Ellam R

(2014) Authigenic Carbonate and the History of the Global Carbon Cycle: Why Diagenesis Matters Even More
Schrag D, Higgins J, Macdonald F & Johnston D

(2013) The Mesozoic Dolomites of the Levant Margin – Evaluating Dolomitization Style and Mechanism from Configuration and Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Bialik OM, Halevy I & Higgins JA

(2013) Calcium Isotopes in Evaporites Constrain Sulfate- vs Calcite-Rich Seawater Chemistry
Blättler C & Higgins J

(2013) Magnesium Isotope Evidence for a Link between Low-Temperature Clays, Seawater Mg/Ca, and Climate
Higgins J & Schrag D

(2013) Carbon Isotope Gradients in the Eocene as a Constraint on the Biological Pump, Atmospheric CO2 and the Ocean’s Major Ion Composition
Hain M, Sigman D, Higgins J & Haug G

(2012) Cenozoic Seawater Chemistry -Insights from Mg Isotopes in Pelagic Carbonate Sediments and Pore-Fluids
Higgins J & Schrag D

(2011) On the Radiogenic 40Ca Anomaly in Seawater and Limestone
Bender M & Higgins J

(2009) A Dynamic Magnesium Cycle during the Cenozoic? Insights from the Magnesium Isotopic Composition of Pelagic Carbonates
Higgins J & Schrag D

(2008) Magnesium Isotope Profiles in Deep-Sea Sediments
Higgins J & Schrag D

(2002) Modeling the Carbon Cycle in the Aftermath of a Snowball Earth
Higgins J & Schrag DP

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