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All abstracts by Richard L. Hervig in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Experimental Constraints on Lithium Diffusion and Isotope Fractionation in Water-Bearing Magmatic Systems
Cichy SB, Hervig RL, Roggensack K, Till CB & Clarke AB

(2015) Crustal Recycling of Nitrogen to the Atmosphere: Preliminary Melt Inclusion Results
Regier M & Hervig R

(2014) Analyzing Nitrogen in Cordierites and Other Phases by SIMS
Hervig R, Fudge C & Navrotsky A

(2011) Methane Solubility Under Reduced Conditions in a Haplobasaltic Liquid, Applicable to Degassing of Magma Ocean
Ardia P, Withers AC, Hirschmann MM & Hervig RL

(2010) Calibrating Ti Concentrations in Quartz on the SIMS Using NIST Silicate Glasses with Applications to the TitaniQ Geothermobarometer
Behr W, Thomas J & Hervig R

(2010) Ex situ Studies of Nanominerals by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Williams L, Hervig R & Srodon J

(2009) Two-Stage Growth Evolution of Hydrothermal Quartz: Impurities Quantify the Story
Ihinger P, Kawatski D, Steltz D & Hervig R

(2009) 1000 Years of Magmatic Volatiles Recorded in Apatite from Arenal Volcano
Boyce J, Hervig R, Alvarado G, Newton R & Manning C

(2008) Tracing Natural Gas Migration Using Boron and Lithium Isotopes
Williams L, Elliott C & Hervig R

(2007) Li Isotope Studies of Mantle-Derived Olivine by SIMS
Bell D, Hervig R & Buseck P

(2007) A High Resolution Time-Sequential Record of Magmatic Volatiles from Apatite Phenocrysts
Boyce J & Hervig R

(2006) SIMS Microanalyses of Li and B Isotopes: Quantification and Applications to the Earth's Crust.
Hervig R, Williams L & Bell D

(2005) Probing Crystal Growth Mechanisms with Non-Traditional Isotopes
Williams L & Hervig R

(2005) SIMS Depth-Profiling of Igneous Phenocrysts: Examining Trace Element Variations on the Edge
Genareau K, Roggensack K & Hervig R

(2005) Useful Ion Yields and Limits of SIMS Analysis
Hervig R

(2002) High P and T Partitioning of Au: Constraints on Core Formation
Danielson L, Sharp T & Hervig R

(2002) Solution-Reprecipitation Responsible for Altered Near-Surface Zones during Feldspar Dissolution: Do Leached Layers Really Exist?
Hellmann R, Penisson J-M, Hervig R, Thomassin J-H & Abrioux M-F

(2001) Isotopic and Elemental Partitioning of Boron between Hydrous Fluid and Melt
Hervig RL, Moore G, Holloway JR & Williams LB

(2001) Partitioning of Transition Metals and Platinum Group Elements (Ni, Cr, Ru and Rh) between Spinel-Structured Oxides and Silicate Melts
Righter K, Hervig RL & Leeman WP

(2001) Partitioning of Gold in Sulfide-Silicate Melts at High Pressures: Implications for Core Formation of the Earth
Danielson LR, Sharp TG & Hervig RL

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