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All abstracts by Janet M. Hergt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) High-Resolution 3D Imaging Strategies for Bio-Materials by LA-ICP-MS
Paul B, Hare D, Paton C, Hergt J & Woodhead J

(2014) Carbonate Metasomatism at the Continental Scale: Insights from Kimberlite-Hosted Zircon Megacrysts
Woodhead J, Hergt J & Phillips D

(2014) Laser-Ablation U-Pb Geochronology in common-Pb Rich Minerals
Paton C, Paul B, Woodhead J, Hergt J & Bizzarro M

(2013) Annual Rainfall Proxy Records from Soda-Straw Stalactites
Paul B, Green H, Drysdale R, Woodhead J, Hergt J, Hellstrom J & Desmarchelier J

(2013) Pilbara Greenstones Revisited: A Multi-Proxy Geochemical Perspective on Archean Crust-Mantle Interaction
Tympel JF, Hergt JM, Woodhead JD, Maas R & Greig A

(2013) 206Pb/238U Matrix Induced Bias in LA-ICP-MS: A Multivariate Study
Marillo Sialer E, Woodhead J & Hergt J

(2013) Multiple Controls on the Geochemistry of Early Cenozoic Volcanism in Victoria, Australia
Chang T-J, Hergt J, Holdgate G & Phillips D

(2013) Element Outgassing in BABB: An Example from the Havre Trough
Hergt J

(2011) Melt Inclusion Pb-Isotope Analysis by LA-MC-ICPMS: Assessment of Analytical Performance and Application to OIB Genesis
Paul B, Woodhead J, Hergt J & Danyushevsky L

(2010) 230Th/U Dating of Pedogenic Carbonate by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Hellstrom J, Sharp W, Ludwig K, Hergt J, Woodhead J, Amundson R & Chadwick O

(2009) Volatility in BABB: Implications for Nb/Ta in the Mantle Source Region
Hergt J, Woodhead J, Greig A, Wysoczanski R, Leybourne M, Todd E & Wright I

(2009) Isotopic and Elemental Imaging by Laser Ablation ICPMS
Woodhead J, Hellstrom J, Hergt J, Paton C, Greig A & Maas R

(2008) Palaeoclimate Records from >500 ka Speleothems: New Chronology and Imaging Methods
Woodhead J, Hellstrom J, Drysdale R, Greig A, Hergt J & Maas R

(2008) African Kimberlites Revisited: In situ Sr-Isotope Analysis of Groundmass Perovskite
Woodhead J, Phillips D, Hergt J & Paton C

(2006) The NSW leucitites: lithospheric melts or hot-spot magmas?
Hergt J, De Leon A & Woodhead J

(2006) The Relationship between Gabbros and I-type Granites: An Example from the Lachlan Fold Belt, South-Eastern Australia
Whelan J, Hergt J & Woodhead J

(2006) Garove Island: degree of melting and melt modification processes in the New Britain Arc
Edwards L, Hergt J & Woodhead J

(2006) Possible Pb isotopic heterogeniety in chalcopyrite & magnetite-implications for Pb-Pb step-leaching
Bassano K, Hergt J, Maas R & Woodhead J

(2006) Pre-1.8 Ga Crustal Evolution of the Mount Isa Fault Region, Northeastern Australia - Insights from SHRIMP U-Pb and In-situ Lu-Hf Analysis of Zircons
Bierlein F, Black L, Hergt J & Mark G

(2006) Laser ablation analysis of Sr isotopes in kimberlitic perovskite
Paton C, Hergt JM, Woodhead JD & Phillips D

(2006) The case for crust-mantle interaction during silicic magma genesis: the zircon testimony
Kemp AIS, Hawkesworth CJ, Paterson BA, Foster GL, Woodhead JD, Hergt JM & Wormald RJ

(2005) Magmatic Evolution in the Lau-Tonga Arc-Backarc Basin System
Hergt J & Woodhead J

(2003) Geological Applications of the HelEx 193nm Laser Ablation System Coupled to a Nu Plasma MC-ICPMS
Woodhead J, Hellstrom J, Maas R, Hergt J, Shelley M & Eggins S

(2003) The Cause of Potassium Variation in Arc Magmas: Evidence from Bougainville
Hergt J, Woodhead J, Johnson W & Pharoah A

(2003) The Geochemistry of the Euroa Mafic Volcanics: Implications for Small-Scale Mantle Heterogeneities beneath Victoria, Australia
Paul B, Hergt J, Woodhead J & Phillips N

(2003) Application of the PbSL Technique to Garnets from High-Grade Metamorphic Terranes
Tonelli M, Hergt J & Woodhead J

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