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All abstracts by Louis Hennet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Carbon in the Deep Earth: The Fate of Magnesite in the Lower Mantle
Libon L, Spiekermann G, Sieber MJ, Kaa J, Dominijanni S, Albers C, Morgenroth W, Biedermann N, Appel K, McCammon C, Roddatis V, Husband R, Glazyrin K, Hennet L & Wilke M

(2021) Melting Properties of Pyrolite: Implication for Chemical Segregation in the Primitive Earth’s Mantle
Pierru R, Andrault D, Manthilake G, Guignot N, Itie J-P, King A & Hennet L

(2017) Density and Structure of Amorphous Silicate at High Pressure Conditions
Petitgirard S, Malfait W, Kupenko I, Sahle C, Spiekermann G, Weis C, Sternemann C, Sinmyo R, Hennet L, Wilke M & Rubie D

(2016) Amorphous MgSiO3 and SiO2 Densities at Core-Mantle Boundary Conditions
Petitgirard S, Malfait W, Sinmyo R, Kupenko I, Journaux B, Collings I, Kantor I, Hennet L, Harries D, Dane T, Burghamer M & Rubie D

(2015) Structure and Properties of SrO-Al2O3-SiO2 Melts
Novikov A, Neuville D & Hennet L

(2011) Structure of CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 Melts Studied by Molecular Dynamics and Diffraction Experiments
Jahn S, Haigis V, Drewitt J, Kozaily J, Bytchkov A & Hennet L

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