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All abstracts by Friedhelm Henjes-Kunst in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Early Paleozoic I- and S-Type Granitic Magmatism at the Pacific Margin of the Transantarctic Mountains (TAM): Dominantly a Crustal Recycling Process?
Henjes-Kunst F, Gerdes A, Menneken M, Tribuzio R, Schüssler U & Zeh A

(2015) Rb-Sr Dating of Sphalerite from Poly-Metallic Sulfide Veins of the Freiberg Ore District, Erzgebirge (Germany)
Ostendorf J, Henjes-Kunst F, Seifert T & Gutzmer J

(2013) Boninite-Derived Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusives from Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): Implications for Mantle Source Metasomatism
Tribuzio R, Henjes-Kunst F, Braga R & Tiepolo M

(2012) Development of (U-Th)/He Geochronology of Columbite Ores
Dunkl I, Melcher F, Henjes-Kunst F & von Eynatten H

(2012) Strontium-, Magnesium-, Sulfur- and Bromine-Isotopes as Indicators for Brine Origin and Migration
Stadler S, Henjes-Kunst F, Shoukar-Stash O & Buhl D

(2011) Mid and Heavy REE in Carbonatites at Lofdal, Namibia
Do Cabo V, Wall F, Sitnikova M, Ellmies R, Henjes-Kunst F, Gerdes A & Downes H

(2008) Application of the Sm-Nd Isochron Method to Dating of Evaporitic and Hydrothermal Carbonates
Henjes-Kunst F, Prochaska W & Schramm M

(2008) Inclusion Fluid Chemistry of Sparry Magnesite Mineralizations in the Eastern Alps
Prochaska W & Henjes-Kunst F

(2007) "Blood Coltan": Fingerprinting of Columbite-Tantalite Ores
Sitnikova M, Melcher F, Oberthür T, Henjes-Kunst F, Gerdes A, Brätz H & Davis D

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