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All abstracts by Gideon Mark Henderson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Timing and Amplitude of the MIS5a and MIS5c Highstands in the Western North Atlantic-Caribbean
Wainer K, Rowe M, Mason A, Thomas A, Williams B, Dustherus A, Tamisiea M & Henderson G

(2015) Calcium Isotope Systematics of Caves: Implications for Speleothem Palaeoclimatology
Owen RA, Day CC, Hu C, Liu Y & Henderson G

(2015) O and C Isotopes in Calcite Grown Under Cave-Analogue Conditions – Response to Changing Saturation State
Day CC & Henderson GM

(2015) Trace Elements and Oxygen Isotopes in Caves Across Southern India
Kaushal N, Henderson G, Yadava M & Ramesh R

(2015) The Distribution of 236U/238U and 129I/236U in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans
Christl M, Casacuberta N, Vockenhuber C, Masque P, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Henderson GM & Synal H-A

(2015) Barium Stable Isotope Fractionation in Seawater
Hsieh Y-T & Henderson GM

(2015) Highlights from the GEOTRACES International Programme
Masferrer Dodas E, Bull A, Jeandel C, Henderson GM & Geotraces G

(2015) The Iron Isotope Signature of Shallow Pore Waters Spanning the Depth of the South Atlantic Ocean
Homoky W, Conway T, John S, Hsieh Y-T, Woodward M, Henderson G & Mills R

(2015) Quantifying Oceanic Trace-Element Fluxes with U-Series Isotopes
Henderson G, Deng F, Hsieh Y-T & Yves P

(2014) Quantifying Non-Conservative Behavior of the Rare Earth Elements in the South Atlantic
Scott P, Zheng X, Plancherel Y, Hembury D, Pointing M, Woodward M & Henderson G

(2014) Glacial-Interglacial Weathering Variations: Evidence from Speleothem Li Isotopes
Pogge von Strandmann P, Vaks A, Bar-Matthews M & Henderson G

(2013) Reconstructing Past Hydrology from Annual Cycles in Trace Elements in a Moroccan Stalagmite
Barrott J, Day C & Henderson G

(2013) Stalagmite Trace-Element Reconstruction of Terrestrial Hydrology: Results from Cave-Analogue Studies
Day CC & Henderson GM

(2013) Altitudinal δ18O Gradients from Chinese Stalagmites Provide Records of Holocene Humidity Variation
Hu C, Henderson GM, Liao J, Ruan J, Li C, Xie S & Johnson K

(2013) Modelling Scavenged Ocean Tracers: Rare Earth Element Transport and Fractionation
Plancherel Y, Zheng X, Scott P, Khatiwala S & Henderson GM

(2013) Lead Isotopes and Concentrations in the South Atlantic from the UK GEOTRACES Transect along 40°S
Paul M, van de Flierdt T, Rehkamper M, Weiss D, Lohan M & Henderson G

(2013) Rare Earth Element Distributions as Tracers of Micronutrient Input and Nd Cycling in the South Atlantic
Hembury D, Cheng X, Holdship P, Scott P, Pointing M & Henderson G

(2013) Iron Availability Controls Phytoplankton Ecophysiology in the South Atlantic Subtropical Convergence Zone
Browning TJ, Bouman HA, Henderson GM, Moore CM, Schlosser C, Tarran GA & Woodward EMS

(2013) Comparison of 228Ra and Microstructure Derived Ocean Mixing Rates and Chemical Fluxes in the Cape Basin
Hsieh Y-T, Geibert W, Palmer MR, Woodward EMS & Henderson GM

(2013) The Role of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge for Chemical Fluxes in the Atlantic: Clues from Ra and Ac Isotopes
Geibert W, Hsieh Y-T & Henderson GM

(2013) Trace Metal Inputs from River-Fed and River-Starved Margin Sediments of the South Atlantic Ocean
Homoky WB, Mills RA, Hsieh Y-T, Hembury DJ, Woodward EMS & Henderson GM

(2013) Speleothem Reconstruction of Sea Level at Bermuda over the Last Climatic Cycles
Wainer KAI, Henderson GM, Mason AJ, Thomas AL, Rowe M, Williams B, van Hengstum PJ & Chandler R

(2013) Suboxic Sediments as an Oceanic Sink of Isotopically-Light Cadmium
Horner TJ, Homoky WB, Georgiev SV, Stein HJ, Hannah JL, Mills RA, Rehkämper M & Henderson GM

(2013) Assessing the Dissolution of Marine Sediment with 230Th, and the Impact of Dissolution on Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th
Deng F, Henderson G, Thomas A, Homoky W & Mills R

(2012) Using 228Ra to Assess Ocean Mixing and Nutrient Fluxes in the Cape Basin
Hsieh Y-T, Geibert W, Woodward EMS & Henderson GM

(2012) Controls on Seawater Pa_231, Th_230 and Th_232 Concentrations along the Flow Paths of Major Deep-Water Masses in the Southwest Atlantic
Deng F, Thomas A, Henderson G & Rijkenberg M

(2012) Saturation State of CaCO3 Precipitation from Seawater at Raised Alkalinity
Renforth P, Henderson G, Kruger T & Darton R

(2012) 236U in Seawater – Contaminant and Tracer
Henderson G, Belshaw N, Neely R, Thomas A, Holdship P & Buesseler K

(2012) Uranium Series Rate Meters for Ocean Processes
Henderson G, Hsieh Y-T, Bourne M, Geibert W, Deng F & Thomas A

(2012) Tracing Metal Inputs and Cycles in the South Atlantic with Rare Earth Elements
Zheng X, Noble A, Saito M, Pointing M, Holdship P & Henderson G

(2012) Reconstructing Deep-Ocean Nutrients with Paired Cd/Ca and Cd Isotopes in Deep-Sea Corals
Horner TJ, Henderson GM, Rickaby REM & Adkins JF

(2011) Speleothem Record of Permafrost in Siberia and Aridity in Mongolia during the Last 450 kyr
Vaks A, Gutareva O, Breitenbach S, Avirmed E, Kononov A, Osinzev A & Henderson G

(2011) Isotopic Fractionation of Cadmium into Calcite
Horner T, Rickaby R & Henderson G

(2011) Synthetic ‘Age Solutions’, Reference Materials for U-Th Geochronology
Condon D, Henderson G, Richards D & Woodhead J

(2011) Did the Glacial Atlantic Overturning Circulation run Backwards?
Zahn R, Hall I, Henderson G, Masque P & Thomas A

(2011) A Depth Transect of Four 25 kyr 231Pa/230Th Records from the Argentine Basin: Assessing Southern Component Flow Rates
Hickey B, Henderson G, Thomas A, Rae J, Chiessi C & Mulitza S

(2011) Changes in Global Weathering Indicated by the Ca-Isotope Record of Oceanic Anoxic Events 1a and 2
Blättler CL, Jenkyns HC, Reynard LM & Henderson GM

(2011) Sea-Water 231Pa and 230Th Measurements, Understanding the Proxy in the S.E. Atlantic?
Thomas AL & Henderson GM

(2011) Nd-Isotope Evolution in the Cretaceous Gault and Chalk Seas (Albian–Maastrichtian)
Zheng X, Jenkyns H, Henderson G, Ward D & Gale A

(2011) Separating the Sources of 228Ra to the Open Ocean with 223, 224, 226, 228Ra Measurements in Loch Etive and the South-East Atlantic
Hsieh Y-T, Geibert W, van Beek P & Henderson G

(2011) O and Ca Isotopes in Calcite Grown Under Cave-Analogue Conditions
Day CC, Reynard LM, Pointing MD, Blättler CL & Henderson GM

(2011) Stalagmite Reconstruction of Moroccan Climate from Geographically Spaced Records
Barrott JJ, Day CC, Barton RNE, Bouzouggar A & Henderson GM

(2011) Quantifying Fluxes of Metals to Surface Waters of the South-East Atlantic
Henderson GM, Achterberg E, Baker A, Chance R, Geibert W, Homoky W, Hwieh Y-T, Klunder M, Lohan M, Martin P, Mills R, Milne A, Palmer M, Sanders R, Thomas A, Wake B & Woodward M

(2011) 227Ac in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean: New Results from Bonus-Goodhope and UK GEOTRACES
Geibert W, Hsieh A, Hanfland C, Verdeny E, Masque P & Henderson G

(2011) 17O Anomaly of Dissolved O2 in the Deep Atlantic Ocean
Luz B, Barkan E, Henderson G & Smethie W

(2010) New Sea-Level Constraints from IODP Sampling on Tahiti, and Clues to the Process of Deglaciation
Thomas A, Henderson G, Deschamps P, Yokoyama Y, Mason A, Bard E, Hamelin B & Camoin G

(2010) In Search of a Common Reference Material for Cadmium Isotope Studies
Abouchami W, Rehkämper M, Galer SJG, Horner TJ, Xue Z, Henderson GM, Wombacher F, Schonbachler M, Gault-Ringold M & Stirling C

(2009) Investigating Soil Processes Across the Hawaiian Islands Using U-Series Nuclides
Pett-Ridge J, Henderson G & Chadwick O

(2009) Tracing Sources of Fe to the Central and Eastern Equatorial Pacific with Rare Earth Elements and Aluminium
Yang J, Henderson G, de Hoog JCM & Measures C

(2009) 231Pa/230Th as a Paleocirculation Proxy Outside the North Atlantic
Henderson GM, Hickey BJ, Rae JW, Thomas AL, Mueller SA & Edwards N

(2009) Calcium Isotope Fractionation in Cave-Analogue Conditions
Reynard L, Day C & Henderson G

(2008) Calibrating U-Series Tools for Weathering Rate and Duration on a Soil Sequence of Known Ages
Keech A, Pett-Ridge J, West J & Henderson G

(2008) 231Pa/230Th in the Argentine Basin as a Tracer of Past Southern-Source Water-Mass Flow
Hickey B, Thomas A, Rae J, Mulitza S, Chiessi C & Henderson G

(2008) Lithium Isotope Geochemistry in a Polar Desert, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Witherow R, Henderson G & Lyons WB

(2008) The Timings of Sea Level Change during the Last Glacial Cycle, from U/Th Dating of Submerged Corals: Results from IODP Expedition 310 “Tahiti Sea Level”
Thomas A, Henderson G, Deschamps P, Yokoyama Y, Bard E, Hamelin B, Durand N & Camoin G

(2008) Stable Calcium Isotope Ratios (δ44/42Ca) in Bones and Teeth for the Detection of Dairying by Ancient Humans
Reynard L, Hedges R & Henderson G

(2008) Coral Li/Ca in Micro-Structural Domains as a Temperature Proxy
Montagna P, Lopez Correa M, Ruggeberg A, McCulloch M, Rodolfo-Metalpa R, Dullo W-C, Ferrier-Pagès C, Freiwald A, Henderson GM & Mazzoli C

(2008) Holocene Antarctic Seasonality Reconstructions from Barnacles
Burgess S, Henderson G & Hall B

(2008) A Record of Seasonality in the Western Mediterranean from the LGM to Recent Using Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements in Limpet Shells
Ferguson J, Fa D, Finlayson J & Henderson G

(2008) Controls on Trace Elements in Stalagmites Derived from in situ Growth in a Chinese Cave
Henderson G, Hu C & Johnson K

(2008) Cave-Analogue Calcite Growth in the Laboratory: Calibrating Stalagmite Palaeoproxies
Day C, Henderson G & Johnson KR

(2008) Comparison of Seasonal Geochemical Variability in Chinese Speleothems Under Different Climatic States
Johnson KR, Hu C, Stewart J & Henderson G

(2007) U-Th Stratigraphy of a Cold Seep Carbonate Crust
Bayon G, Henderson G, Bohn M, Gontharet S & Pierre C

(2006) δ44/42Ca in gas hydrates, porewaters and authigenic carbonates from Niger Delta sediments
Henderson G, Bayon G, Benoit M & Chu N-C

(2006) Li isotopes as a probe for continental weathering and mineral growth processes
Henderson G, Mason A & Taylor P

(2006) Constant flow of AABW into the Indian Ocean over the past 140 ka? Conflict between 231Pa/230Th and sortable silt records
Thomas A, Henderson G & McCave N

(2006) The impact of growth rate on trace-element and Li-isotope composition of inorganically precipitated calcium carbonates
Mason A & Henderson G

(2006) Testing Seasonal Resolution Trace Element and Stable Isotope Proxies of East Asian Monsoon Rainfall
Johnson K, Hu C & Henderson G

(2006) High-resolution records of 10Be production rates during the Iceland Basin excursion
Knudsen MF, Henderson GM, Frank M, Mac Niocaill C & Kubik P

(2006) Constraints on the dynamic of gas hydrates in Niger Delta sediments from U/Th dating of cold-seep carbonates
Bayon G, Henderson GM, Pierre C, Caprais J-C & Voisset M

(2006) Controls On Trace Element Incorporation Into Carbonates Grown In Cave-Analogue Conditions In The Laboratory
Day C, Johnson KR & Henderson GM

(2006) High resolution climate records from stable isotopes and trace metals in mollusc shells from Gibraltar
Ferguson J, Fa DA, Atkinson TC, Barton RNE, Ditchfield P, Henderson GM & Finlayson JC

(2004) Cu and Zn Isotope Fractionation during Sorption Experiments
Rousset D, Henderson G & Shaw S

(2004) 231Pa/230Th as a Tracer of Ocean Circulation in the Indian Ocean?
Thomas A, Henderson G & Robinson L

(2003) In situ Measurements of Quartz Solubility Using the Hydrothermal Diamond Anvil Cell
Wang H, Henderson G & Brenan J

(2002) Osmium Isotope Variations in the Oceans: Past and Present
Burton K, Gannoun A & Henderson G

(2002) Determining the Mechanisms of Lithium Isotope Fractionation during Weathering
Pistiner JS & Henderson GM

(2002) Weathering Control of River and Ocean (234U/238U)
Henderson G, Robinson LF, Smith A, Matthews I, Barker D & Hall B

(2002) Ross Sea 226Ra and Ba Profiles Measured by MC-ICP-MS
Foster DA, Staubwasser M & Henderson G

(2002) U-Th-Pb Chronology in Pleistocene Carbonates Using MC-ICP-MS
Becker ML, Henderson GM & Belshaw NS

(2002) U-Series Dating of Archaeological Bone Material by Laser Ablation Multiple-Ion-Counter ICP-MS
Belshaw NS, Pike AWG & Henderson GM

(2002) Nd in Sedimentary Planktic Foraminifera Located in a Phase that Records the Nd Isotopic Composition of Surface Seawater
Beney P, Vance D, Staubwasser M, Henderson G & Slowey N

(2002) Seasonal Trace Element and Isotope Variations in Freshwater Tufas: Potentials and Limitations for Climate Reconstruction
Ihlenfeld C, Maas R, Gagan M, Norman M & Henderson G

(2002) Lithium and Calcium Isotope Fractionation in Inorganically Precipitated Calcite: Assessing their Potential as a Paleothermometer
Marriott C, Belshaw N & Henderson G

(2002) Th, Pa and U Isotopes in Bahamas Seawater by MC-ICP-MS
Robinson LF & Henderson GM

(2002) 238, 234U, 232, 230Th, 226Ra, and Ba in Holocene Marine Carbonate and its Potential for Age-Dating
Staubwasser M & Henderson GM

(2001) Trace Element and Inclusion Chemistry of Gem Corundum: Extrapolating the Source for the Montana Alluvial Sapphires
Garland MI, Henderson GS & Wicks FJ

(2000) Investigation of 226Ra/Ba Dating of Marine Carbonate by TIMS
Staubwasser M & Henderson GM

(2000) Tracing Holocene Sources of North Atlantic Deep-Waters Using Nd-Isotopes in Bahamas Slope Sediments
Reynolds B, Henderson G & Burton K

(2000) Neodymium in Sedimentary Foraminifera Records the Isotopic Composition of Surface Seawater
Vance D, Henderson GM, Burton KW & Slowey NC

(2000) U-Th Dating of Marine Isotope Stage Seven in Bahaman Slope Sediments
Robinson LF, Henderson GM & Slowey NC

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