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All abstracts by Helge Hellevang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) How to Bridge between Different Time and Length Scales Using a New Probabilistic Approach for Mineral Nucleation and Growth
Masoudi M, Nooraiepour M, Berntsen A & Hellevang H

(2020) Experiences from the ICO2P Project Applied to Migration Monitoring of Injected CO2
Weber UW, Sundal A, Hellevang H & Kipfer R

(2018) CO2-H2O-Basalt Interactions – Reactive Transport Experiments and Simulations
Hellevang H, Nooraiepour M & Fazeli H

(2014) On the Use of Zn2+ to Trace the Reaction Progress of Forsterite Hydration
Hellevang H & Neubeck A

(2014) Hydrogen Production Through Olivine Alteration
Neubeck A, Nguyen Thanh D, Hellevang H, Oze C, Bastviken D, Bacsik Z & Holm N

(2011) On the Potential for CO2 Mineral Storage in Continental Flood Basalts
Pham V, Hellevang H & Aagaard P

(2011) Effect of Temperature and Mineralogical Composition on the Reactivity of Shale: A Comparison Study of Potential Caprock from Two Potential CO2 Storage Sites
Alemu B, Aagaard P & Hellevang H

(2011) Potential for Mineral Trapping during CO2 Storage in Sedimentary Basins
Aagaard P, Hellevang H, Alemu BL, Pham VTH & Sundal A

(2011) Albite Precipitation in Mudstones – Comparison of Natural and Synthetic Systems
Hellevang H, Thyberg B & Jahren J

(2011) Hydrogen Production from Low Temperature Olivine Alteration
Huang S, Hellevang H & Thorseth IH

(2010) Can Carbonate Precipitation Rates be Derived from Dissolution Rate Data?
Hellevang H & Aagaard P

(2009) Hydration of Forsterite at 1 Atm PCO2 and 80 to 120℃ – Comparisons of Numerical Simulations and Laboratory Experiments to Understand the Factors that Govern the Overall Mineral Transformation Rate
Hellevang H, Sokalska E & Aagaard P

(2009) Burial Diagenesis of Siliciclastic Reservoirs and Control on Formation Water Chemistry
Aagaard P, Hellevang H & Jahren J

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