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All abstracts by Wilhelm Heinrich in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Jeremejevite as a Precursor for the Formation of Olenitic Tourmaline: An Experimental and B Isotope Study
Kutzschbach M, Wunder B, Meixner A, Wirth R, Heinrich W & Franz G

(2015) Tetrahedrally Coordinated Boron in Synthetic High-Pressure Olenite: Towards Raman Spectroscopy as a Chemical Probe for Tourmaline
Kutzschbach M, Wunder B, Rhede D, Koch-Müller M, Ertl A, Giester G, Heinrich W & Franz G

(2015) Multi-Method Characterization of Synthetic Tourmaline: Rossmanite, Magnesio-Foitite, Dravite, and Maruyamaite
Wunder B, Berryman E, Kutzschbach M, Koch-Müller M, Ertl A & Heinrich W

(2014) CO2 in Boiling Ore Systems – a Fundamental Control on Metal Fractionation Factors?
Rempel K, Liebscher A, Heinrich W, Dulski P & Schettler G

(2013) Dolomite Reaction Rim Growth Under Non-Isostatic Stress
Helpa V, Rybacki E, Dresen G, Heinrich W, Abart R & Morales L

(2013) The Vapour-Brine Partitioning of Uranium in Boiling Ore Systems
Rempel K, Heinrich W, Liebscher A & Dulski P

(2013) Experimental Characterization of Replacement Symplectites: The Influence of Temperature and Small Amounts of Water on Microstructure Evolution
Remmert P, Wunder B, Morales L, Heinrich W & Abart R

(2012) Segregation Processes in Metamorphism: The Role of Nucleation
Yardley B, Schettler G & Heinrich W

(2011) An Experimental Study of Brine-CO2 Metal Fractionation: Applications to the Geological Storage of CO2
Rempel K, Liebscher A, Heinrich W & Schettler G

(2011) Rates and Mechanisms of Hydration in Crystalline Crust
Yardley B, Nabein H-P & Heinrich W

(2009) Ammonium-Bearing Clinopyroxene: A Potential Nitrogen Reservoir in the Earth’s Mantle
Watenphul A, Wunder B & Heinrich W

(2008) Synthesis and Characterization of the High-Pressure Phases NH4-hollandite, NH4-wadeite, NH4-cymrite and NH4-phengite
Watenphul A, Wunder B & Heinrich W

(2007) Experimental Study on the B-Isotope Fractionation between Tourmaline and Fluid: A Re-investigation
Meyer C, Wunder B, Meixner A, Romer R & Heinrich W

(2007) Vapor-Liquid Fractionation of B, Li, and Cl Stable Isotopes: Experimental Constraints at 400 and 450℃, 20 to 42 MPa
Liebscher A, Barnes J, Heinrich W, Meixner A, Romer RL & Sharp Z

(2005) Experimental Determination of the Geochemical Cycle of Boron and its Isotopes from the Slab to the Surface
Liebscher A, Wunder B, Schmidt C, Romer R & Heinrich W

(2004) Liquid–vapor Fractionation of B and Br in the H-Na-B-O-Cl-Br System: An Experimental Study and its Application to Nature
Liebscher A, Heinrich W, Lüders V & Schettler G

(2004) The Chemical Evolution of a Magmatic-Hydrothermal System Related to a Sn-W Mineralisation
Rickers K, Thomas R & Heinrich W

(2004) The Geochemical Cycle of Boron: Experiments on Boron Isotope Partitioning between Micas and Fluids
Wunder B, Meixner A, Romer R & Heinrich W

(2001) The Synthesis of Boron-Rich Aqueous Melt and Implications for Element Partitioning in Pegmatites
Veksler IV, Thomas R, Schmidt C & Heinrich W

(2001) Strong Enrichment of H2O, B, F, P, Rb, and Cs in Pegmatite-Forming Melts
Thomas R, Heinrich W & Webster JD

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