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All abstracts by Christoph A. Heinrich in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Optimal Pathways Leading to Earthquake-Enhanced Gold Precipitation in the Epithermal Environment
Sanchez-Alfaro P, Reich M, Driesner T, Arancibia G, Perez-Flores P, Cembrano J, Rowland J & Heinrich C

(2015) Using Zircon Petrochronology to Constrain Timescales of Porphyry Cu Formation: An Example from Bajo de la Alumbrera, NW Argentina
Buret Y, von Quadt A, Heinrich C & Peytcheva I

(2015) Determination of Low Concentrations of Calcium and Iron in Fluid Inclusions by Laser Ablation Dynamic Reaction Cell or Medium Resolution ICP-MS
Wälle M & Heinrich C

(2015) Internally Consistent Thermodynamic Data for Aqueous Species in the Na-K-Al-Si-O-H-Cl System
Miron GD, Wagner T, Kulik DA & Heinrich CA

(2014) From Magma to Mudpool: Linking Arc Volatiles and Active Geothermal Systems
Chambefort I, Bégué F, Heinrich C, Walle M & Dilles JH

(2014) Geochemical Characteristics of Tin-Tungsten Mineralizing Fluids at Panasqueira, Portugal
Lecumberri-Sanchez P, Heinrich CA, Wälle M, Vieira R & Pinto F

(2014) Fluid Evolution in an Andean Geothermal System: Coupling Fluid Inclusions Thermometry, LA-ICP-MS and Geochemical Modeling
Sanchez-Alfaro P, Driesner T, Heinrich C, Reich M, Perez P, Arancibia G & Cembrano J

(2013) The Potential of Using a Sector Field ICP-MS for Analysis of Fluid Inclusions by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Wälle M & Heinrich CA

(2013) CA-U-Pb Zircon Dating Obtained by the LA-ICP-MS System: Impact for their Interpretations
von Quadt A, Gallhofer D, Waelle M, Heinrich C & Peytcheva I

(2013) Why so Much Gold in the Archean? Some Thoughts Linking the Witwatersrand Gold Endowment to Hydrothermal Processes
Heinrich CA

(2013) Subduction-Related to Post-Arc Magmatism and Cu-Au-Te Metallogeny in the Carpathian Orogen, Romania
Gallhofer D, von Quadt A, Peytcheva I, Seghedi I & Heinrich CA

(2013) B-Isotope Variations in Tourmaline in the Varuträsk Rare-Element Pegmatite: The Role of Mica
Wagner T, Trumbull R, Siegel K, Jonson E & Heinrich C

(2012) Copper Partitioning during Magmatic-Hydrothermal Phase Separation – Revisited: Fluid Inclusions in Coeval Quartz, Topaz and Garnet
Heinrich CA & Seo JH

(2012) Fluid Evolution along a Cross Section Through the Central Alps, Switzerland
Martinek K, Wagner T, Waelle M & Heinrich C

(2012) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of the Varutraesk Rare-Element Pegmatite (Northern Sweden)
Siegel K, Wagner T, Trumbull R, Jonsson E & Heinrich CA

(2011) Molybdenite Deposition in Bingham Canyon Deposit: Role of Sulfur, Redox and pH Chemistry in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids
Seo JH, Guillong M & Heinrich CA

(2011) Hydrothermal Processes beneath the Merensky Reef and UG2 Chromitite, Bushveld Complex, RSA
Adlakha E, Hanley J & Heinrich C

(2011) Fluid Inclusion Study of a Sediment-Hosted Copper Ore Deposit in the Lubin Area (Poland)
Kostylew J & Heinrich C

(2010) The Effect of Magma Composition on the Genesis of Hydrothermal Gold and Copper Ore Deposits
Zajacz Z, Seo JH, Candela P, Piccoli P & Heinrich C

(2010) Multi-Phase Fluid Flow Simulations of Brothers Volcano: Application of Realistic Constraints
Gruen G, Driesner T, de Ronde CEJ & Heinrich CA

(2010) Zircon Crystallization and the Life-Times of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Systems
Heinrich C, Martinek K, Erni M, von Quadt A & Peytcheva I

(2009) Primitive High-K Ankaramites and the Evolution of the Eastern Srednogorie Arc in SE Europe
Georgiev S, Marchev P, von Quadt A, Heinrich C & Peytcheva I

(2009) The Source of Copper, Gold and Molybdenum in Giant Porphyry-Type Ore Deposits from Western North America
Pettke T, Oberli F & Heinrich CA

(2009) Towards a Numerical Reconstruction of the Bingham Canyon Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore System
Steinberger I, Driesner T, Weis P & Heinrich C

(2009) A Missing Link in the Formation of the Porphyry-Cu Belt in Eastern Europe: New U/Pb Zircon Ages in the Timok Magmatic Complex (E-Serbia)
Moll M, von Quadt A, Peytcheva I & Heinrich C

(2009) Constraining Timescales of Ore-Formation by Numerical Simulations of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Weis P, Coumou D, Driesner T, Geiger S, Steinberger I, Grün G & Heinrich CA

(2009) Controls on Hydrothermal System Styles in Submarine Arc Volcanoes
Gruen G, Driesner T, de Ronde CEJ & Heinrich CA

(2009) Gold Content of Fluids and Quartz in the Hishikari Epithermal Deposit
Murakami H, Guillong M & Heinrich CA

(2009) Diffusive Reequilibration of Quartz Hosted Silicate Melt and Fluid Inclusions: Are all Metal Concentrations Unmodified?
Zajacz Z, Hanley J, Heinrich C, Halter W & Guillong M

(2009) Role of Sulfur in Hydrothermal Metal Fractionation and the Formation of Porphyry-Type Ore Deposits
Seo JH, Guillong M & Heinrich CA

(2009) Gold-Rich Epithermal Liquid by Contraction of Magmatic Vapor
Heinrich CA, Pudack C & Pettke T

(2009) Accuracy and Application of Sulfur Quantification in Fluid Inclusions by LA-ICPMS
Guillong M, Seo JH, Aerts M, Zajacz Z & Heinrich CA

(2009) Uranium Precipitation and Fluid Composition at Maureen U-Mo-F Deposit, Australia
Hurtig NC, Heinrich CA, Driesner T, Wall V, Mathison I & Herrmann W

(2009) REE, HFSE, LILE, and Transition Metal Exchange between Basaltic Melt and Supercritical Cl-Bearing Aqueous Fluid
Bell A, Simon A, Guillong M & Heinrich C

(2008) Geochemistry and Isotope Tracing of the Subduction Related Volcanism in the Timok Magmatik Complex, East Serbia
Moll M, von Quadt A, Peytcheva I & Heinrich CA

(2008) In situ Hf Isotope Analyses within Individual Zircon Growth Zones
von Quadt A, Peytcheva I, Reynolds B & Heinrich C

(2008) Single-Grain and/Or in situ U-Pb and Hf-Isotope Study to Unravel Long-Lived Calc-Alkaline Magma Complex
Peytcheva I, von Quadt A, Schaltegger U, Tacheva E & Heinrich C

(2008) The Influence of Phase Separation on the Flow Patterns of Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Systems
Coumou D, Driesner T & Heinrich CA

(2008) Adakite-Like Magmas and Cu-Au Porphyry Deposits Derived from an Inherited Subduction Component, Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Harris C, Pettke T, Kleine T, Heinrich C, Rosu E & Woodland S

(2008) Precise and Accurate Lead Isotopic Analysis of Fast Transient Signals by Laser-Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Pettke T, Oberli F, Audetat A, Wiechert U, Harris C & Heinrich C

(2007) Using Pb Isotopic Analyses of Fluid and Melt Inclusions to Trace Sources of Cu-Au Porphyry Deposits
Harris C, Pettke T, Heinrich C & Kleine T

(2007) The Role of Fluid Immiscibility in the Formation of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Audétat A, Pettke T & Heinrich C

(2007) Synthetic Melt Inclusion and Quartz-Trap Methods for Determining Pt Solubility in a Mafic Mineral – Halide Melt System at 750C, 400 Bar
Hanley J & Heinrich C

(2007) Resolving the Evolution of a Subduction Zone: Eastern Srednogorie, SE Europe
Georgiev S, Von Quadt A, Marchev P, Heinrich C & Peytcheva I

(2006) In-situ measurements (U-Pb, Lu-Hf, trace elements) in zircons to unravel the record of magmatic evolution within a Cretaceous ABTS belt
Von Quadt A, Peytcheva I & Heinrich C

(2006) Modeling multiphase flow of H2O-NaCl fluids by combining CSP5.0 with SoWat2.0
Driesner T, Geiger S & Heinrich C

(2006) Sources And Magma Evolution Of Eastern Srednogorie, SE Europe: Conventional And In Situ Isotope Data
Georgiev S, Von Quadt A, Heinrich C & Peytcheva I

(2006) Timing and magma evolution in Medet Cu-porphyry deposit, SE Europe: controversial or coinciding isotope data?
Peytcheva I, Von Quadt A, Nedyalkov R, Heinrich C & Frank M

(2006) Gold and Arsenic Partitioning at Magmatic Conditions.
Simon A, Pettke T, Candela P, Piccoli P & Heinrich C

(2006) Pb, Sr, and Nd isotopes and geochemistry of Miocene magmas in the Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Harris C, Rosu E, Pettke T, Kleine T, Woodland S, Heinrich C & Seghedi I

(2005) Hydrodynamic and Thermodynamic Modelling of the Formation of the Yuzhna Petrovitsa Hydrothermal Pb-Zn Ore Deposit, Madan, Bulgaria
Driesner T, Kostova B & Heinrich CA

(2005) How Gabbro Zircons Contain More U Than Zircons from the Co-mingled Granodiorite – Lessons from U-Pb and Hf-Zircon Isotope Investigations
Peytcheva I, von Quadt A, Frank M, Georgiev N, Ivanov Z & Heinrich C

(2005) Magma Genesis and Cu-Au Ore Formation (Apuseni Mountains, Romania) in Light of Pb, Sr and Nd Isotopic and Chemical Trends
Harris C, Pettke T, Rosu E, Seghedi I & Heinrich C

(2005) Cretaceous Magmatism and Cu-Au Mineralization in the Region of the Apuseni – Banat – Timok – Sredno-Gorie Belt – Constrains from U-Pb Zircon and Re-Os Molybdenite Dating
von Quadt A, Peytcheva I, Bolz V & Heinrich C

(2005) The Effect of Volatile Sulfur on Metal Partitioning at Magmatic Conditions
Simon A, Pettke T, Candela P, Piccoli P & Heinrich C

(2005) Coupled Heat and Salt Transport Around Cooling Magmatic Intrusions
Geiger S, Driesner T, Heinrich C & Matthai S

(2005) Bingham: A Mesothermal Cu-Au Deposit Dominated by Vapor Transport of Metals?
Landtwing M, Heinrich C, Pettke T & Halter W

(2005) Vapor as a Medium for the Transport of Metals: Implications for Ore Deposit Modeling
Williams-Jones A, Heinrich C & Migdisov A

(2005) Isotopic Investigations on the Magmatism in Eastern Srednogorie
Georgiev S, von Quadt A, Peytcheva I & Heinrich C

(2004) Does Zircon Trace Element Chemistry Monitor the Magmatic-Tohydrothermal Crystallization History?
Pettke T, Audétat A, Schaltegger U & Heinrich C

(2004) Boiling, Condensation and Vapour Contraction in Magmatichydrothermal Cu-Au Ore Systems
Heinrich C, Driesner T & Landtwing M

(2004) U-Pb Dating of Zircon and Monazite from Granitoids and Migmatites in the Core and Eastern Periphery of the Central Rhodopean Dome, Bulgaria
Ovtcharova M, Von Quadt A, Cherneva Z, Sarov S, Heinrich C & Peytcheva I

(2004) Thermodynamics of Hydrothermal Two-Phase Flow of H2O-NaCl Fluids
Driesner T, Geiger S & Heinrich C

(2004) The Subcontinental Lithosphere beneath Central Srednogorie (Bulgaria): U-Pb and Hf-Zircon, Nd and Sr Whole Rock Constraints
Peytcheva I, Von quadt A, Frank M, Kamenov B & Heinrich C

(2004) Subduction Related Rocks in Medet Cu-Porphyry Deposit: Sources and Magma Evolution
von Quadt A, Peytcheva I, Frank M, Nedialkov R, Kamenov B & Heinrich C

(2003) Can Accurate Pb Isotopic Compositions be Determined on Single Fluid Inclusions?
Pettke T, Wiechert U, Audétat A, Günther D & Heinrich C

(2003) The Relationship between Late-Orogenic Extension and Hydrothermal Ore Formation – New Age Constraints from the Central Rhodopes, South Bulgaria
Kaiser-Rohrmeier M, von Quadt A, Handler R, Ovtcharova M & Heinrich C

(2002) Combining Control Volume Finite Element Methods with Realistic Fluid Properties for High-Resolution Simulations of Multiphase Flow in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Geiger S, Driesner T, Matthai S & Heinrich C

(2002) PTX Properties of a Natural Au-Bearing Hydrothermal Fluid from a Multidisciplinary Study of Fluid Inclusions (Sigma Deposit – Canada)
Garofalo PS, Heinrich CA, G¸nther D & Pettke T

(2002) The Geodynamic Evolution of Hydrothermal Vein Deposits in the Madan Metamorphic Core Complex, Bulgaria
Rohrmeier M, V.QUADT A, Handler R, Ovtcharova M, Ivanov Z & Heinrich C

(2002) Metamorphic Pb-Ag Mineralization at Albrunpass (Central Alps)
Klemm L, Graeser S, Mullis J, Pettke T & Heinrich C

(2002) Fluid Evolution at the Bingham Cu-Au-Mo-Ag Porphyry Deposit
Landtwing MR, Heinrich CA, Halter WE, Pettke T, Redmond PB & Einaudi MT

(2002) Sulfide Melts and the Origin of Cu/Au Ratios in Porphyry Deposits
Halter WE, Pettke T & Heinrich CA

(2002) Revised Critical Curve for the System H2O-NaCl
Driesner T & Heinrich CA

(2002) Life Span of a Cu-(Au-Pge) Porphyry Deposit Using High-Precise U-Pb Single Zircon Dating, Example: Elatsite, Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
von Quadt A, Peytcheva I & Heinrich C

(2002) Advantages and Limitations of Quantifying Melt Inclusion Chemistry by LA-ICPMS, EMP and SIMS
Pettke T, Webster J, Halter W, Heinrich C, Aigner-Torres M & De Vivo B

(2001) U/Pb-, Hf-Zircon and Isotopic Investigations for Timing and Ore Genesis of “Elatsite” PGE Porphyry Copper Deposit, Srednogorie Zone, Bulgaria
Von Quadt A, Peycheva I, Kamenov B, Fanger L, Driesner T, Heinrich CA & Frank M

(2001) Laser-Ablation ICP-MS Analysis of Melt Inclusions: Applications to Various Host Minerals
Halter WE, Pettke T & Heinrich CA

(2001) Six Fluids in Ore-Forming Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Heinrich CA, Halter WE, Pettke T, Audétat A, Ulrich T, Landtwing M & ̧nther DG

(2001) The Porphyry to Epithermal Link: Preliminary Fluid Chemical Results from the Apuseni Mountains, Romania, and Famatina, Argentinian Andes
Pettke T, Halter WE, Driesner T, Von Quadt A & Heinrich CA

(2000) Geologic Complexity in Fluid-Flow Models for Ore-Forming Hydrothermal Systems
Heinrich CA, Matthai SK & Driesner T

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