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All abstracts by Erik H. Hauri in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Highly Volatile Element (H, C, F, Cl, S) Abundances and H Isotopic Compositions in Chondrules from Carbonaceous and Ordinary Chondrites
Shimizu K, Alexander CMO, Hauri EH, Sarafian AR, Nittler LR, Wang J, Jacobsen SD & Mendybaev RA

(2021) The Origins of the Mantle's Carbon and the Bulk Carbon Content of the Earth
Fischer RA, Cottrell L, Hauri EH, Lee K & Le Voyer M

(2021) The Peridotite Deformation Cycle and the Deep Impact of Subduction beneath the Wyoming Craton
Chin E, Chilson-Parks B, Boneh Y, Hirth G, Saal A, Hearn BC & Hauri EH

(2021) Experimental Investigation of the Genesis of Volatile-Bearing Melts at the Bottom of the Earth’s Upper Mantle
Novella D, Frost D, Bureau H, Raepsaet C, Khodja H & Hauri EH

(2014) Water Content of Stishovite, Majorite, and Perovskite Inclusions in Juina Superdeep Diamonds
Shirey S, Hauri E, Thomson A, Bulanova G, Smith C, Kohn S & Walter M

(2014) Ion Microprobe Analyses of Carbon Isotopes Ratios in MORB
Le Voyer M, Deloule E, Kelley KA, Cartigny P, Cottrell E & Hauri EH

(2014) Slab Dehydration beneath the Southern Cascade Arc Inferred from B and H Isotopes
Walowski K, Wallace P, Hauri E, Clynne M & Wada I

(2014) Variable Carbon Degassing from MORB Assessed Using CO2/Nb
Le Voyer M, Kelley KA, Cottrell E & Hauri EH

(2014) Sulfur Recycling in Subduction Zones
Brandon A, Farquhar J & Hauri E

(2013) Water Content of Inclusions in Superdeep Diamonds
Shirey SB, Hauri EH, Thomson AR, Bulanova GP, Smith CB, Kohn SC & Walter MJ

(2013) Volatile Element Content of the Mid-Ocean Ridge Mantle
Shimizu K, Saal A, Hauri E, Kamenetsky V & Hékinian R

(2013) The Formation of Low Degree Hydrous Melts in the Earth’s Upper Mantle
Novella D, Frost DJ & Hauri EH

(2013) Volatile Budget of the Galapagos Plume
Peterson M, Saal A, Hauri E, Kurz M, Werner R, Hauff F, Geist D & Harpp K

(2013) Crystal/Melt Partitioning of Volatiles during the Near-Solidus Melting of Peridotite
Adam J, Turner M, Hauri E & Turner S

(2013) Investigating the Link between Magmatic Volatiles and Mantle Source Lithology in the Hawaiian Plume: A View from Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions, Glasses, and Osmium Isotopes
Marske J, Hauri E, Garcia M & Pietruszka A

(2013) Simultaneous Measurements of C and N Isotopic Composition and N Abundance in Diamonds by NanoSIMS
Wang J, Shirey S & Hauri E

(2013) Sulfur Isotopic Evidence for Sources of Volatiles in Siberian Traps Magmas
Black B, Hauri E, Brown S & Elkins-Tanton L

(2013) Reduced C-O-H Volatiles Dissolved in Lunar Picritic Glasses
Wetzel DT, Rutherford MJ, Jacobsen SD, Hauri EH, Saal AE & Thomas S-M

(2013) The Competing Roles of Sulfide Saturation, Magma Mixing and Degassing during the Petrogenesis of Convergent Margin Magmas
Jenner F, Hauri E, Arculus R, Mavrogenes J, O'Neill H & Whan T

(2013) δD in Lunar Volcanic Glasses and Melt Inclusions: A Carbonaceous Chondrite Heritage Revealed
Saal A, Hauri E, Van Orman J & Rutherford M

(2013) Mass Independently Fractionated Sulfur Isotopes in HIMU Lavas Reveal Archean Crust in their Mantle Source
Cabral R, Jackson M, Rose-Koga E, Koga K, Whitehouse M, Antonelli M, Farquhar J, Day J & Hauri E

(2013) Short Timescales of Magma Ascent Recorded in Melt Inclusion Diffusion Profiles
Plank T, Lloyd A, Ruprecht P, Hauri E & Zhang Y

(2012) Calibration of Thermobarometry (T-P) Estimates with H2O and fO2 Data from Melt Inclusions: Results from the Big Pine Volcanic Field, Western USA
Gazel E, Plank T, Forsyth DW, Bendersky C, Lee C-T & Hauri E

(2012) Water Loss from Melt Inclusions in Pyroclasts of Differing Sizes
Plank T, Lloyd A, Ruprecht P, Hauri E & Rose W

(2011) The Volatile Content of Primitive Lunar Volcanic Glasses
Hauri E, Saal A, Rutherford M & Van Orman J

(2011) C-Solubility in Magmas at Low fO2
Wetzel D, Rutherford M, Jacobsen S, Hauri E & Saal A

(2011) Tracing Deep Slab Recycling via Study of Boron Isotopes of Volcanic Rocks from Hotspot (OIB) Settings
Savov IP, Shirey S, Tonarini S, Ryan J & Hauri E

(2011) Slow Mantle Upwelling on the Margin of the Hawaiian Plume Based on 230Th-238U Disequilibria at Loihi Seamount
Pietruszka A, Hauri E, Carlson R & Garcia M

(2011) Why do Mafic Arc Magmas Contain 4 wt% Water on Average?
Plank T, Kelley K, Zimmer M, Hauri E & Wallace P

(2011) Isotopically Heavy Sulfur in Banded Iron Formations from the Eoarchean Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt
Papineau D & Hauri E

(2010) Isotopic Constraints on Heterogeneous Accretion of the Earth
Schönbächler M, Carlson R, Horan M, Mock T & Hauri E

(2010) Re-Os Reveals Ancient Mantle Components in Xenoliths from the Cook-Australs and Samoan Hotspots
Jackson M, Hauri E & Shirey S

(2010) Quantitative SIMS Analysis of OH in Lunar Apatite: Implications for Water in the Lunar Interior
McCubbin F, Steele A, Hauri E & Nekvasil H

(2010) Generation of Mantle Heterogeneity by Ocean Crust Recycling: Geophysical and Geochemical Constraints
van Keken P, Hauri E, Brandenburg J & Ballentine C

(2009) Volatile Contents of Belingewe Komatiites: Mantle Volatile Contents and the Effects of Degassing
Kent A, Hauri E, Woodhead J & Janet H

(2009) Deciphering the Roles of H2O and fO2 during Calc-Alkaline Differentiation
Zimmer M, Plank T, Hauri E, Larsen J & Nye C

(2009) O-H Absorption Coefficients of Four Common Mechanisms for Water Substitution in Olivine
Kovacs I, O'Neill H, Hermann J & Hauri E

(2009) B and B Isotopic Composition of Mariana Trough Basalt Glasses: Implications for Mantle Sources
Savov I, Shirey S, Hauri E & Shaw A

(2009) Subduction-Related B and H Isotope Fractionations Across the Mariana Arc – Consequences for Recycling
Shaw A, Hauri E, Stern R, Hawkins J & Gurenko A

(2009) The Volatile Contents of the Apollo 15 Lunar Volcanic Glasses
Saal A, Hauri E, Van Orman J & Rutherford M

(2009) Stable Isotope Systematics of Volatiles in Apollo 15 Lunar Volcanic Glasses
Hauri E, Saal A, Van Orman J & Rutherford M

(2009) A Multiple-System Study of the Geochemical Evolution of the Mantle with Force-Balanced Plates and Thermo-Chemical Effects
Brandenburg J, Hauri E, van Keken P & Ballentine C

(2009) Volatile Element Variability in MORB: Origins and Consequences
Hauri E & Saal A

(2008) Controls on the Volatile Systematics of the Lau Basin
Hahm D, Hilton D, Castillo P, Hawkins J, Hanan B, Pietruszka A & Hauri E

(2008) Diffusion-Modified Volatile Contents in Melt Inclusions: Evidence for Open System Behavior
Nagle AN, Koleszar AM, Saal AE, Liang Y, Hauri EH & Kurz MD

(2008) Light Elements in Subduction Zones: Perspective from Volatiles
Fischer T, Hilton D, Shaw A, Sharp Z, Barnes J & Hauri E

(2008) The Timing of the Earth’s Accretion and Volatile Loss: The Pd-Ag View
Schonbachler M, Carlson R, Horan M, Mock T & Hauri E

(2008) Crustal Contamination of Mantle-Derived Magmas within the Edifice of Piton de la Fournaise Volcano
Pietruszka A, Hauri E, Blichert-Toft J & Albarède F

(2008) The Hawaiian PLUME Experiment and its Initial Data Assessment
Laske G, Markee A, Orcutt JA, Wolfe CJ, Solomon SC, Collins JA, Detrick RS, Bercovici DA & Hauri EH

(2008) The Influence of Aluminum on the Partitioning of Water between Clinopyroxene and Basaltic Melt
O'Leary J, Gaetani G & Hauri E

(2007) Hydrogen Isotope Geochemistry of Basalts from Samoa
O'Leary J, Hauri E, Hart S & Staudigel H

(2007) How Well do Trace Element Proxies Predict Slab Fluid Behavior?
Shaw A, Hauri E, Stern R & Hawkins J

(2007) Li-Sr-Lu-Hf Isotope and Trace Element Systematics of Eclogites from Bulgaria
Savov I, Bizimis M, Halama R, Shirey S, Hauri E & Haydoutov I

(2007) What Comes Around Goes Around: Mantle Convection and the Meaning of Mantle Isochrons
Hauri E, Brandenburg J & Van Keken P

(2007) High-Precision Isotope Acquisition with the NanoSIMS 50L
Alexander C, Hauri E, Wang J & Hillion F

(2007) Melt Inclusions from the Galápagos Plume: Mirrors and Mirages of the Deep
Koleszar A, Saal A, Hauri E & Kurz M

(2007) Giant Impacts, Late Veneers and the Gradual Hydration of the Earth's Mantle by Subduction
Hauri E, Shaw A & Saal A

(2007) The Timescale of the Earth's Accretion and Volatile Loss: New Constraints from Pd-Ag Systematics
Schönbächler M, Carlson R, Horan M & Hauri E

(2007) Geochemistry of Basalts from Intra-Transform Spreading Centers: Implications for Melt Migration Models
Nagle A, Pickle R, Saal A, Hauri E & Forsyth D

(2006) New calculations for water storage in the upper mantle, and implications for mantle melting.
Green T, Hauri E, Gaetani G & Adam J

(2006) H isotopes of Manus Basin glasses: a unique perspective on mantle plumes and recycling processes
Shaw A, Hauri E, Hilton D, Macpherson C & Sinton J

(2006) Controls on the He-C systematics of the Izu-Bonin-Marianas (IBM) subduction zone
Hilton D, Fischer T, Hauri E & Shaw A

(2006) Water in clinopyroxene phenocrysts: faithful recorders of magmatic water contents
Plank T, Wade J, Hauri E, Roggensack K & Kelley K

(2005) Water, Decompression, and Mantle Melting at Galunggung, Indonesia
Kelley K, Hauri E & Sisson T

(2005) The <+>226<$>Ra Chronology and Magma Residence Time of Young Lavas from Loihi Seamount, Hawaii
Pietruszka A, Hauri E, Carlson R & Garcia M

(2005) Boron Isotope Compositions of South Atlantic MORB and Mantle Sources
le Roux P, Dixon J, Shirey S & Hauri E

(2005) Depth of Andesitic Magma Storage beneath Mt. Mazama from Melt Inclusions and Experimental Petrology
Mandeville C, Webster J, Tappen C, Rutherford M, Hauri E & Bacon C

(2005) Ag Isotope Variations in the Earth
Schönbächler M, Hauri E, Carlson R & Horan M

(2005) Hydrogen Isotope Variations in Mariana Arc Melt Inclusions
Shaw A, Hauri E, Kelley K, Fischer T, Hilton D, Stern R, Hawkins J & Plank T

(2004) Partitioning of H2O between Mantle Minerals and Silicate Melts
Hauri E, Gaetani G & Green T

(2004) Carbon Isotopic Evidence for Two-Component Mixing in the Iceland Mantle Source
Kelley K, Hauri E, Gronvold K & McKenzie D

(2004) Coupled Boron and Oxygen Isotope Variations in Subglacial Basaltic Glasses from Northern Iceland
le Roux P, Baker J, Hauri E & Shirey S

(2004) Insights into Arc Fluid Budgets from Mariana Melt Inclusions
Shaw A, Hauri E, Hilton D, Fischer T, Stern R, Wade J & Plank T

(2004) Brine and Carbonatitic Melts in a Diamond from Diavik– Implications for Mantle Fluid Evolution
Klein-BenDavid O, Wirth R, Izraeli E, Hauri E & Navon O

(2004) Sulfur Isotope Signatures of Sulfides from Boriskino CM Chondrite
Boctor N, Wang J, Alexander C, Hauri E, Kurat G & Nazarov M

(2004) Water Partition Coefficients between Nominally Anhydrous Minerals and Basaltic Melts
Aubaud C, Hauri E & Hirschmann M

(2003) Volatile Species Heterogeneity in Basaltic Glasses Determined by SIMS and Imaging FTIR
Wysoczanski R & Hauri E

(2002) The Mantle Zero Paradox Noble Gas Concentration
Ballentine CJ, Van Keken PE, Porcelli D & Hauri EH

(2002) Vapor Undersaturation in Primitive Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt and the Volatile Content of the Earth‚s Upper Mantle. ("Invited")
Saal AE, Hauri EH, Langmuir CH & Perfit MR

(2002) H Isotope Signatures of Minerals, Melt Inclusions, and Impact Glasses in SNC Meteorites
Boctor N, Alexander C, Wang J & Hauri E

(2002) D/H and H2O in Mantle-Derived Basaltic Melt Inclusions
Hauri E

(2002) Volatile Elements in Pillow Lava Glasses from the Kermadec Arc &#8211; Havre Trough and Offshore Taupo Volcanic Zone, Southwest Pacific
Wysoczanski R, Hauri E, Gamble J, Luhr J, Eggins S & Wright I

(2002) Degassing & Preliminary Assimilation Histories of Selected on- and Off-Axis EPR MORB Glasses (8-10ºN, 12-14ºN, & 15-16ºN)
le Roux P, Shirey SB, Hauri EH, Perfit MR & Mock T

(2002) An Alternative Hypothesis for the Origin of the High 226Ra Excess in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts ("Invited")
Saal AE, Van Orman JA, Hauri EH, Langmuir CH & Perfit MR

(2002) Carbon in the Icelandic Mantle: Constraints from Melt Inclusions
Hauri E, Grönvold K, McKenzie D & Shimizu N

(2001) The Source of Extraterrestrial Water in Martian Meteorites: Clues from Hydrogen Isotope Composition of Impact-Melted Glasses and Magmatic Melt-Inclusion Glasses
Boctor NZ, Alexander CMO, Wang J & Hauri E

(2001) Precise Iron Isotope Measurements Using Cold Plasma ICP-MS
Kehm K & Hauri EH

(2001) U-Series Isotope Geochemistry of Young Lavas Collected from Loihi Seamount Using the Alvin and Shinkai 6500 Submersibles
Pietruszka AJ, Hauri EH & Garcia MO

(2001) Constraints on Melt/Lithosphere and Melt/Hydrosphere Interaction from the Volatile Budgets of Melt Inclusions from the Austral Islands
Lassiter JC & Hauri EH

(2001) Silver Isotope Variations in the Earth as Measured by Multicollector ICP-MS
Hauri EH & Carlson RW

(2001) High-Precision Ag Isotopic Analysis by MC-ICPMS and the Time Scale of Metal-Silicate Fractionation in the Early Solar System
Carlson RW & Hauri EH

(2001) Hydrogen Analyses of H2O-Saturated Mantle Minerals Using SIMS and FTIR
Koga KT, Hauri EH & Hirschmann MM

(2000) Mantle Components and Mantle Reservoirs: Bridging the Disconnect
Hauri E

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