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All abstracts by Keiko Hattori in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Consistent Magma Conditions at Mt Pinatubo, Philippines, over 2.5 m.y
Midea W & Hattori K

(2017) Redox Transfer by Iron- and Sulfur-Bearing Serpentinite Dehydration in Subduction Zones
Merkulova M, Munoz M, Brunet F, Vidal O, Hattori K, Vantelon D, Trcera N & Huthwelker T

(2017) Halogens and Other Volatiles in the UHP Tso Morari Unit, NW Himalaya
Pagé L, Hattori K & Guillot S

(2016) Multivariate Statistical Analysis to Identify Pathfinders in Sandstones for Deeply Seated Uranium Deposits in Wheeler River Property, Athabasca Basin, Canada
Chen S & Hattori K

(2015) Halogens, B & Li in Lawsonite Blueschists
Pagé L, Hattori K, De Hoog JCM & Okay A

(2014) Metamorphic Olivine: A Vehicle to Transfer Volatiles to the Deep Mantle
Hattori K & De Hoog J

(2014) Serpentinites, a Transient Reservoir of Fluid-Mobile Elements in the Mantle: Clue to Creation of Metal-Fertile Belts
Hattori K

(2013) Anomalous Abundances of He and Mobile Metals in Surface Media over the Deeply Buried Millennium U Deposit, Athabasca Basin, Canada
Power M, Hattori K, Pinti D & Potter E

(2013) Ancient Fragments in the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
Aradi LE, Szabó C, Gonzalez-Jimenez JM, Griffin W, O'Reilly SY & Hattori K

(2013) Fluorine, Cl, Br & I in Serpentinites
Page L & Hattori K

(2013) Heavy Boron Isotopes in Secondary Olivine from the HP Voltri Massif: Implications for the Boron Cycle in Subduction Zones
De Hoog J & Hattori K

(2013) Fluid Evolution Recorded by Alteration Minerals along the P2 Reverse Fault and Associated with the McArthur River U-Deposit
Adlakha E, Hattori K & Potter E

(2012) PGE Abundances in Upper Mantle Xenoliths from the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
Szabo C, Hattori K, Griffin W, O'Reilly S & Aradi LE

(2012) Using Garnet to Record Mineralization in a BIF Hosted Orogenic Au Deposit
Duff J, Hattori K, Schneider D, Cossette E, Jackson S & Biczok J

(2010) Higashi-Akaishi Peridotite Body from a Hanging Wall of an Oceanic Subduction Zone at the East Eurasian Margin – An Introduction
Mizukami T, Wallis S, Hattori K & Enami M

(2003) Sorption of Rare Earth Elements by Bacillus subtilis
Tanaka T, Takahashi Y, Chatellier X, Hattori K & Fortin D

(2003) Transfer of S from the Oxidized Sub-Arc Mantle to the Atmosphere: Evidence from Mount Pinatubo, Philippines
DeHoog J & Hattori K

(2003) Fore-Arc Mantle Serpentinites as a Reservoir of Fluid-Soluble Elements Released from Subducting Slabs
Hattori K, Guillot S & Ishii T

(2002) Unusually Depleted Hf Isotopic Signatures in Late Archean Carbonatite: A Result of Carbonate Metasomatism
Lassen B, Hattori K, Percival J & Waight T

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