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All abstracts by Edmund Hathorne in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) How Important is the Suspended Particulate Pool for Controlling Seawater Rare Earth Element Distributions?
Hathorne E & Frank M

(2020) Congo River Influence on the Atlantic’s Rare Earth Element and Nd/Hf Isotope Distributions
Rahlf P, Laukert G, Hathorne EC & Frank M

(2020) Geochemical Behavior of Hafnium in the Amazon River Estuary and its Flux to the Atlantic
Xu A, Hathorne E & Frank M

(2019) Formation and Export of the Modern Weddell Sea-Sourced Antarctic Bottom Water Nd Isotope Signature
Gutjahr M, Huang H, Hathorne E, Kuhn G & Eisenhauer A

(2019) Rare Earth Elements in Biogenic Carbonate as Proxies for the Marine Carbonate System?
Crocket K, Baer T, Abell R, Beveridge C, Hughes D, Hathorne E & Schijf J

(2019) Constraining Diagenetic Barium Cycling with Pore-Water Stable Barium Isotopes
Cao Z, Rao X, Hong Q, Hathorne E, Siebert C, Ehlert C, Kasten S & Frank M

(2019) Inconsistencies between Fram Strait Water Mass Budget Assessments Based on Radiogenic Neodymium Isotopes and Nutrients
Laukert G, Bauch D, Frank M, Hathorne EC, Dreyer J, Meulenbroek K, Schaffer J, Rabe B, Paffrath R, Pahnke K, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Meyer H & Graeve M

(2019) Inter-Annual Variability of Hf-Nd Isotope Compositions and ree Distributions in the Labrador Sea
Filippova A, Frank M, Hathorne E, Tietjens A, Patton G & Schneider R

(2019) The Rare Earth Element Distribution of Porites Corals
Hathorne E, Yu Y, Allison N, Felis T & Frank M

(2017) Can Stable Ba Isotopes in Corals be Used to Reconstruct Riverine Runoff?
Yu Y, Hathorne E, Siebert C, Felis T, Rajendran CP & Frank M

(2017) Geochemical Composition of Baltic Benthic Foraminifera Collected and Cultured over a Large Salinity Gradient
Filipsson HL, Groeneveld J, Austin W, Darling K, Quintana Krupinski N, Bird C, McCarthy D, Hathorne E & Schweizer M

(2017) Are Barium Isotopic Signals in Planktic Foraminifera a Proxy for Palaeosalinity?
Meulenbroek K, Siebert C, Hathorne E & Frank M

(2017) Testing the Reliability of Fossil Foraminifer Shell Geochemistry with Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Hathorne E, Voigt J, Fietzke J, Paelike H & Frank M

(2017) Complex Astronomical Forcing of South Asian Monsoon Precipitation over the Past ~1 Million Years
Gebregiorgis D, Hathorne EC, Giosan L, Clemens S, Nürnberg D & Frank M

(2017) Water Mass Provenance and Mixing in the Angola Basin Inferred from Neodymium Isotopes
Rahlf P, Frank M & Hathorne EC

(2017) Persistent South Asian Monsoon Induced Erosion over the Past 26 Million Years
Ali S, Hathorne E & Frank M

(2017) Tracing the Origin of Arctic Sea Ice and Freshwater by Neodymium Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements
Laukert G, Frank M, Hathorne EC, Krumpen T, Werner K & Peeken I

(2017) Stable Barium Isotope Geochemistry of Large River Estuaries
Cao Z, Hathorne E, Siebert C, Dai M, Zhai W, Kuhnert H & Frank M

(2015) Water Mass Formation in the Labrador Sea Based on Coupled Hf-Nd Isotope and Rare Earth Element Distributions
Filippova A, Frank M, Rickli J, Hathorne E & Yashayaev I

(2015) Do Dissolved Barium Isotopes in Seawater Trace Water Mass Mixing and Nutrient Cycling?
Cao Z, Siebert C, Hathorne E, Dai M & Frank M

(2015) How Comparable are Carbonate Elemental Laser Ablation ICP-MS Data between Laboratories?
Hathorne E

(2013) Factors Controlling the Distribution of Neodymium Isotopes and REEs in Tropical Atlantic Seawater
Zieringer M, Frank M & Hathorne E

(2013) Rare Earth Elements in the Surface Ocean Under the Saharan Dust Belt
Hathorne E, Frank M, Rutgers van de Loeff M, Roeske T & Rickli J

(2013) Rare Earth Elements as Indicators of Hydrothermal Processes within the East Scotia Subduction System
Cole C, James R, Connelly D & Hathorne E

(2012) Carbonate Diagenesis in the Pacific Equatorial Age Transect (PEAT) and the Preservation of Geochemical Signals in Foraminifera
Voigt J, Hathorne E & Frank M

(2012) Rare Earth Elements in Andaman Island Surface Seawater: Geochemical Tracers for the Monsoon
Hathorne E, Frank M & Mohan PM

(2012) The Distribution of Neodymium Isotopes and REE Patterns in the Water Column of the Tropical Atlantic Ocean
Zieringer M, Frank M & Hathorne E

(2012) Past Changes in Riverine Input and Ocean Circulation in the Gulf of Guinea
Kraft S, Weldeab S, Hathorne E & Frank M

(2011) The Strontium Stable Isotope Composition of Seawater during Glacial Intervals
Stevenson E, Burton K, Parkinson I, Anand P, Hathorne E & Mokadem F

(2011) Sources and Input Mechanisms of Hafnium and Neodymium in Surface Waters of the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean
Stichel T, Frank M, Rickli J, Hathorne E, Haley B, Jeandel C & Pradoux C

(2011) Influence of Different Cleaning Methods on Seawater εNd Extracted from Planktonic Foraminifera
Kraft S, Hathorne E, Frank M & Weldeab S

(2011) Online Preconcentration ICP-MS Analysis of Rare Earth Elements in Seawater
Hathorne E, Stichel T, Grasse P & Frank M

(2010) Magnesium in Biogenic Aragonite
Finch A, Allison N, Foster L, Wilson L & Hathorne E

(2009) Flow Through Cleaning and Sequential Dissolution of Planktonic Foraminifera for Mg/Ca Analyses
Groeneveld J, Hathorne EC, Haarmann T, Mohtadi M, Steinke S & Kölling M

(2007) Intra-Test Variation in the Trace Element Composition of Planktonic Foraminifera: Implications for Biomineralization Processes
Hathorne E, James R & Lampitt R

(2007) Glacial-Interglacial Variations in the 87Sr/86Sr Composition of Seawater
Mokadem F, Burton K, Parkinson I, Charlier B & Hathorne E

(2006) Utility of Li and Li Isotopes as Tracers of Silicate Weathering
James R, Kisakurek B, Pogge Von Strandmann P & Hathorne E

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