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All abstracts by Patrick G. Hatcher in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Phototransformation of Dissolved Organic Matter to Ammonium and New Forms of Nitrogen-Containing Organic Compounds: The Biogeochemical Implications
Chen H & Hatcher PG

(2018) Role of Minerals in Organic Carbon Retention in the Soil Critical Zone
Myneni S, Atkinson W, Sleighter R, Hatcher P & Regier T

(2015) Source and Formation of Soil Humic Colloids and their Functional Groups Responsible for Metal Binding
DiDonato N, Chen H, Waggoner D, Myneni S & Hatcher P

(2014) Hydroxamate Siderophores in Soil Mineral-Organic Matter Matrix Responsible for Binding 239,240Pu in the Far-Field of the Savannah River Site, USA
Xu C, Zhang S, Ho Y-F, Athon M, Johnston I, Schwehr KA, Kaplan DI, Didonato N, Hatcher PG & Santschi PH

(2014) Changes in The Chemical Compositions of Porewater Dissolved Organic Matter Across The Sulfate Methane Transition Region
Abdulla H, Komada T, Hatcher P & Burdige D

(2013) Influence of Depth on Soil Organic Matter Characteristics: An Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry Study
Ohno T, Fernandez I, Sleighter R & Hatcher P

(2013) Plutonium Immobilization and Re-mobilization by Soil Mineral-Organic Matter Matrix Compounds in the Far-Field of the Savannah River Site (SRS), USA
Xu C, Athon M, Ho Y-F, Schwehr KA, Kaplan DI, Roberts KA, Dinato N, Hatcher PG & Santschi PH

(2012) Composition of SOM in the Canadian High Arctic
Sanders R, Sleighter R, Onstott T, Whyte L, Hatcher P & Myneni S

(2012) Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) from Diverse Oceanic Environments by Reverse Osmosis and Electrodialysis
Mopper K, Helms J, Chen H, Green N, Stubbins A, Perdue M, Hatcher P & Mao J

(2011) Decarboxylation of Fatty Acids during Petrogenesis; Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of Bitumen NSOs by FTICR-MS
Behar F, Salmon E, Kamga A & Hatcher P

(2010) Identification of Amides Involved in Nitrogen Sequestration in Dissolved Organic Matter and Sediments by ESI-FTICR-MS
Hatcher PG, Mesfioui R & McKee G

(2010) Molecular Characterization of Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomacromolecules that Contribute to Soil and Sediment Carbon Burial
Hatcher PG, Sleighter RL, Salmon E, Turner JW & Ruhl ID

(2009) Molecular Characterization of Atmospheric Particulates Using Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Hatcher P, Sleighter R, Willoughby A, Mazzer P, Wozniak A & Bauer J

(2005) A New Understanding of Reactivity and Composition of Humic Substances Using Modern NMR and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Hatcher P, Hockaday W, Grannas A & Caccamise S

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