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All abstracts by Richard Harrison in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Correlative Microanalysis of a Unique, Chondritic, Precambrian Impactor
Ball M, Taylor R, Einsle J, Audinot J-N, Johnson T & Harrison R

(2019) Unveiling Hidden Processes in Archean Rocks with Petrochronology
Taylor R, Johnson T, Clark C & Harrison R

(2017) Microstructural Insight into the Impact History of the IAB Parent Body
Nichols C, Krakow R, Herrero-Albillos J, Kronast F, Northwood-Smith G & Harrison R

(2013) Nanomagnetism of Iron Meteorites Identified by X-Ray Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy
Bryson J, Herrero Albillos J, Kronast F, van der Laan G, Redfern S & Harrison R

(2013) Magnetic Nanostructures in Meteorites: A Window on the Early Solar System
Harrison R, Bryson J, Church N, Kasama T & Herrero Albillos J

(2011) Interfaces and Exchange Coupling
McEnroe S, Robinson P, Fabian K, Harrison R, Miyajima N & Langenhorst F

(2005) Contrasting Rift-Margin Volcanism in the St. Francois Terrane of Missouri at 1.47<!s><$>Ga
Lowell G, Harrison R & Unruh D

(2004) Magnetic and Chemical Ordering in the Ilmenite-Hematite Solid Solution: From Lamellar Magnetism to Self Reversals
Harrison R & Becker U

(2004) Phase Relations in the Hematite-Ilmenite Series: Crucial in Acquiring and Preserving Crustal Magnetism
Robinson P, Harrison R, McEnroe S, Langenhorst F & Heidelbach F

(2004) Transformation Twinning in Minerals: A Credible Source of Anelasticity in Crustal and Mantle Rocks?
Harrison R, Redfern S & Salje E

(2004) Exploring Effects of Nanoscale Exsolution on Magnetic Properties in the Hematite-Ilmenite Series
McEnroe S, Harrison R, Langenhort F, Robinson P, Jackson M, Kasama T & Brown L

(2004) Phase Transitions and Anelasticity in LaxNd1-xGaO3 Perovskites
Jakeways C, Redfern S, Harrison R & Whittle K

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