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All abstracts by Richard Harrison in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Quest for Primary Magnetisation in Earth’s Oldest Materials
Harrison R, Taylor R, Tang F, Kuppili C, Ball M, Einsle J, Borlina C, Fu R, Weiss B, Rickard W, Saxey D & Reddy S

(2020) Parting the Clouds: Machine Learning Guided Microanalysis of the Meteoritic Cloudy Zone
Einsle JF, Daly L, MacLaren I, Eggeman A & Harrison R

(2019) Unveiling Hidden Processes in Archean Rocks with Petrochronology
Taylor R, Johnson T, Clark C & Harrison R

(2019) Correlative Microanalysis of a Unique, Chondritic, Precambrian Impactor
Ball M, Taylor R, Einsle J, Audinot J-N, Johnson T & Harrison R

(2017) Microstructural Insight into the Impact History of the IAB Parent Body
Nichols C, Krakow R, Herrero-Albillos J, Kronast F, Northwood-Smith G & Harrison R

(2013) Nanomagnetism of Iron Meteorites Identified by X-Ray Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy
Bryson J, Herrero Albillos J, Kronast F, van der Laan G, Redfern S & Harrison R

(2013) Magnetic Nanostructures in Meteorites: A Window on the Early Solar System
Harrison R, Bryson J, Church N, Kasama T & Herrero Albillos J

(2011) Interfaces and Exchange Coupling
McEnroe S, Robinson P, Fabian K, Harrison R, Miyajima N & Langenhorst F

(2005) Contrasting Rift-Margin Volcanism in the St. Francois Terrane of Missouri at 1.47<!s><$>Ga
Lowell G, Harrison R & Unruh D

(2004) Magnetic and Chemical Ordering in the Ilmenite-Hematite Solid Solution: From Lamellar Magnetism to Self Reversals
Harrison R & Becker U

(2004) Phase Relations in the Hematite-Ilmenite Series: Crucial in Acquiring and Preserving Crustal Magnetism
Robinson P, Harrison R, McEnroe S, Langenhorst F & Heidelbach F

(2004) Transformation Twinning in Minerals: A Credible Source of Anelasticity in Crustal and Mantle Rocks?
Harrison R, Redfern S & Salje E

(2004) Exploring Effects of Nanoscale Exsolution on Magnetic Properties in the Hematite-Ilmenite Series
McEnroe S, Harrison R, Langenhort F, Robinson P, Jackson M, Kasama T & Brown L

(2004) Phase Transitions and Anelasticity in LaxNd1-xGaO3 Perovskites
Jakeways C, Redfern S, Harrison R & Whittle K

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