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All abstracts by Naomi Harada in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Mapping of Small-Scale Seamounts off Southern Chile
Abe N, Fujiwara T & Harada N

(2020) Genomic and Geochemical Identification of the Long-Chain Alkenone Producers in Lake Takahoko Estuarine in Japan: Implications for Temperature Reconstructions
Kajita H, Nakamura H, Ohkouchi N, Harada N, Sato M, Tokioka S & Kawahata H

(2016) Biogeochemical Characteristics of Vertical Profiles of Organic and Inorganic Elements in Tidal Flat Sediments at Urban Estuarine
Yamamoto M, Harada N, Sato M & Sugitani K

(2016) Nitrogen Isotope of Chloropigments in the Nitrogen Cycle in the Ocean
Ogawa NO, Yoshikawa C, Suga H, Makabe A, Matsui Y, Yoshida O, Kawagucci S, Fujiki T, Harada N & Ohkouchi N

(2016) Seasonal Variations in Nitrogen Isotope Ratios of Amino Acid of Settling Particles in the Western Subarctic North Pacific
Yoshikawa C, Ogawa N, Chikaraishi Y, Fujiki T, Harada N, Honda M & Ohkouchi N

(2016) Paleoceanographic Changes Inferred from Organic Matter Sedimentary Record in the Northeastern Arabian Sea over the Past 110, 000 Years
Murayama M, Yamashita K & Harada N

(2016) A Combined Chemical and Sr-Nd Isotopic Study on Terrigenous Supply to the Western Arctic Ocean
Takeuchi S, Asahara Y, Harada N, Onodera J & Nagashima K

(2014) Chemical Structure and Isotopic Distribution of Insoluble Organic Matter from Murchison and Allende Meteorites Revealed by Pyrolyses
Okumura F, Harada N & Mimura K

(2013) Alkenone Record of the 19 Years Long Time-Series Sediment Trap Samples Collected at Central Subarctic North Pacific and Bering Sea
Harada N, Takahashi K, Sato M, Onodera J & Onishi H

(2013) Changes in Biological Pump by 230Th-Normalized Flux of Biogenic Components Recorded in the Chilean Margin Sediment during the Past 22kyr
Fukuda M, Harada N, Sato M, Lange CB, Kawakami H, Pantoja S, Matsumoto T & Motoyama I

(2012) High-Precision Temperature Change at the Western Japan during the Past 10, 000 Years and its Effect on the Human Activity
Kawahata H, Matsuoka M, Togami A & Harada N

(2012) 230Th-Normalized Fluxes of Biogenic Components from the Central-Southernmost Chilean Margin during the Last Deglaciation and the Holocene
Fukuda M, Harada N, Sato M, Lange C, Kawakami H, Pantoja S, Matsumoto T & Motoyama I

(2008) Water Mass Structure along 47┬░N In The North Pacific: Rare Earth Elements Influenced By Marginal Seas
Zhang J, Bai L-L, Nahar MS, Honda M & Harada N

(2003) Millennium Scale Paleoceanographic Changes in High Sedimentation IMAGES Core MD01-2412 in the Southwestern Part of the Sea of Okhotsk
Sakamoto T, Ikehara M, Uchida M, Aoki K, Harada N & Kanamatsu T

(2003) Fluctuation of Alkenone Temperature in the Okhotsk Sea over the Last 20 ka
Harada N, Ahagon N, Uchida M, Sakamoto T & Ikehara M

(2003) Amino Acid Chronology of Molluscan Shell Fossils in Raised Beach Deposits along the East Coast of Lu?tzow Holm Bay, Antarctica
Arai M, Harada N, Takada M, Miura H & Kimura J

(2003) Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Sedimentary Chronology for a High Resolution IMAGES Core (MD012412) in the Sea of Okhotsk
Uchida M, Shibata Y, Ikehara M, Harada N, Sakamaoto T & Aoki K

(2002) Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Ages of Biomarkers in the Western North Pacific Marginal Sea Sediments
Uchida M, Shibata Y, Harada N, Ahagon N & Yoneda M

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