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All abstracts by Takeshi Hanyu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Metal Stable Isotopic Perspective on Genetic Relationship between HIMU and EM1 Component
Zhang X, Chen L, Wang X, Hanyu T, Hofmann AW, Zeng G & Li W

(2022) Halogens (F, Cl, Br, I) in Submarine Glasses from Around Hawai‘i
Kendrick MA, Garcia MO, Nebel O, Hanyu T & Williams I

(2021) Highly Enriched and Depleted Melt Sources in Mantle Plumes Recorded in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions in Raivavae Ocean Island Basalts
Hanyu T, Shimizu K, Ushikubo T, Kimura J-I, Chang Q & Hamada M

(2021) Sampling Source Heterogeneities that Bind the Ontong Java Nui Puzzle Together
Tejada MLG, Sano T, Hanyu T, Koppers A, Nakanishi M, Ishikawa A, Miyazaki T, Tani K, Shimizu S, Chang Q & Vaglarov B

(2020) Volatiles in the HIMU Mantle Component and the Efficiency of Dehydration during Subduction
Nichols A, Hanyu T, Shimizu K & Dosso L

(2019) Total Carbon Dioxide in Melt Inclusions with Shrinkage Bubbles
Hanyu T, Yamamoto J, Kimoto K, Nakamura Y, Shimizu K & Ushikubo T

(2017) The Oxidation State of Fe in Glasses from the Austral Islands: Limits on Effects of the HIMU Mantle End-Member on Oxygen Fugacity
Peterson M, Brounce M, Stolper E, Eiler J, Hanyu T, Nichols A & Jackson M

(2017) Thallium Isotope Systematics in Volcanics from St. Helena Island. Constraints on the Origin of the HIMU Reservoir
Blusztajn J, Nielsen S, Marschall H, Shu Y & Hanyu T

(2016) Experimental Presentation of Plate Tectonics Using Paraffin Wax
Vaglarov B, Ueki K, Sakuyama T, Hanyu T, Nichols A & Iwamori H

(2016) Possible Carbonated Melts from a Mantle Plume; A Study of Raivavae
Hanyu T, Kawabata H, Kimura J-I, Miyazaki T, Senda R, Chang Q, Hirahara Y, Takahashi T, Vaglarov B & Tatsumi Y

(2016) PGE Signature of an EM-1 Mantle Source, Evidence from Pitcairn Basalts
Senda R, Ishikawa A, Hanyu T, Kawabata H, Takahashi T & Suzuki K

(2015) Remelting of Ontong Java Plateau Lithosphere
Hanyu T, Tejada M, Shimizu K, Ishikawa A, Kimura J-I, Chang Q, Senda R, Miyazaki T, Goto K & Ishizuka O

(2015) Multistage Evolution of HIMU Sources with its Main Stage in the Continental Lithospheric Mantle
Weiss Y, Class C, Goldstein S & Hanyu T

(2014) Uranium Isotope in Ferromanganese Crusts: Implications for the Marine 238U/235U Isotope System
Goto K, Anbar A, Gordon G, Romaniello S, Shimoda G, Takaya Y, Tokumaru A, Nozaki T, Suzuki K, Machida S, Hanyu T & Usui A

(2013) Re-Os Isotope and Platinum Group Element Composition of Louisville Seamounts Chain, Pacific Ocean
Tejada ML, Hanyu T, Ishikawa A, Senda R & Suzuki K

(2013) The Source Mantle and Magma Genesis of Basalts from Pitcairn Island: Implication from Highly Siderophile Elements and Os Isotope Ratios
Senda R, Hanyu T, Ishikawa A, Kawabata H, Takahashi T & Suzuki K

(2013) Large Geochemical Variations in Submarine HIMU Basalts
Hanyu T, Dosso L, Ishizuka O, Tani K, Hanan B, Adam C, Nakai S, Senda R, Chang Q & Tatsumi Y

(2012) He-Ne-Ar Isotope Systematics of the HIMU Reservoir; Implications to K and U Budget in the Mantle
Hanyu T, Tatsumi Y & Kimura J-I

(2011) A Possible Mantle Plume Source in the Lower Mantle; Evidence from Polynesian HIMU
Hanyu T, Tatsumi Y, Senda R, Miyazaki T, Chang Q, Hirahara Y, Takahashi T, Kawabata H, Suzuki K, Kimura J-I & Nakai S

(2009) Are Ontong Java Plateau and Lyra Basin Related?
Tejada ML, Shimizu K, Suzuki K, Hanyu T, Sano T & Nakanishi M

(2008) W Isotopic Composition and Concentration of Oceanic Island Basalts
Takamasa A, Sahoo YV, Nakai S, Hanyu T, Kawabata H & Tatsumi Y

(2008) Various Source Compositions in the Early Stage of Kilauea, Hawaii
Hanyu T, Kimura J-I & Katakuse M

(2007) Tungsten Isotopic Compositions of South Polynesia Islands and Ontong Java Plateau
Takamasa A, Nakai S, Sahoo Y, Hanyu T & Tejada MLG

(2007) Lower Crustal Material in the Source of the Ontong Java Plateau?
Tejada ML, Suzuki K, Hanyu T, Mahoney J, Tatsumi Y & Nakai S

(2007) Petrological and Geochemical Constraints on Origin of St. Helena HIMU Basalts
Kawabata H, Hanyu T, Chang Q & Tatsumi Y

(2006) Contiribution of slab melting and slab dehydration to magmatism in the Japanese arc
Hanyu T, Tatsumi Y, Nakai S, Chang Q, Miyazaki T, Sato K, Tani K, Shibata T & Yoshida T

(2006) Os and Hf isotopes in rare K-rich basalts from the southern Kermadec Arc volcanic front.
Handler M, Suzuki K, Gamble J, Wright I, Wysoczanski R, Hanyu T & Nakai S

(2005) Isotopic and Geochemical Characteristics of the Réunion Hotspot; Evidence from the Lavas of Mauritius
Nohda S, Kaneoka I & Hanyu T

(2004) Subduction Processes Associated with Back-Arc Opening; Hf Isotope Study of Tertiary NE Japan Arc
Hanyu T, Tatsumi Y, Nakai S, Shibata T, Yoshikawa M, Chang Q, Sato K & Yoshida T

(2003) Noble Gas Study of on- and Off-Axis Alkali Volcanism at the Hawaiian Hotspot
Hanyu T, Clague D, Kaneoka I, Dunai T & Davies G

(2003) Slab-Melting for High-Mg Andesite Magma Formation in the Setouchi Volcanic Belt, SW Japan: Contribution from Hafnium Isotope Geochemistry
Hanyu T & Tatsumi Y

(2002) Rare Gas and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotope Systematics of Deccan Flood Basalts
Hanyu T, Dunai TJ, Davies GR, Nakai S, Kaneoka I & Fujii T

(2001) Noble Gases in the Hawaiian Plume: Primary and Secondary Signatures Reflecting Magmatic Processes
Kaneoka I, Hanyu T, Yamamoto J & Miura YN

(2000) Sr and Nd Isotopic Systematics of HIMU by Analyses of Clinopyroxene Phenocrysts
Hanyu T & Nakamura E

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