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All abstracts by Brendan Hanger in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Diffusion of Major and Minor Elements within Zoned Garnet from the Kaapvaal Craton, as Determined Using NanoSIMS and EPMA
Hanger B, Jollands M, Yaxley G & Hermann J

(2013) Xenoliths, XANES and Redox-Related Processes in the Cratonic Lithosphere
Yaxley G, Berry A, Woodland A, Hanger B & Kamenetsky V

(2013) Oxygen Fugacity in the Kaapvaal Cratonic Lithosphere – Evidence from Fe XANES Measurements of Fe3+ in Garnet from the Kimberley Pipe
Hanger B, Yaxley G, Berry A, Kamenetsky V, Paterson D & Howard D

(2012) Redox Conditions and Metasomatic Activity beneath the Wesselton Kimberlite, South Africa
Hanger B, Yaxley G, Berry A & Kamenetsky V

(2011) Quantitative Mapping of the Oxidation State of Iron in Mantle Garnet
Berry A, Yaxley G, Hanger B, Woodland A, de Jonge M, Howard D & Paterson D

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